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Angel Eyes
Whats the most effective diet for weight loss?

The most effective diet for weight loss and cardiovascular health is a high carbohydrate plan based on low glycaemic index (GI) foods, especially for women


try this site it has a lot of info on it

little and often. eat a calorie controlled diet. try eating natural foods that have lived and grown and try eating as much raw food as possible as cooking decreases nutrients and its harder for our bodies to break down when its not mushy (e.g. carrots... why bother cooking them? they taste great raw!) and drink Green Tea to boost metabolism. and lots of water to flush out toxins. basically its a detox diet, but calorie controlled. i eat 1000kcal a day for the last 3 weeks and have lost 9lbs... along with 30mins of cardio 4/5 times a week. lift weights too in order to boost metabolism as muscle burns more calories than fat and carries on burning when youre not even exercising WOO!

sarah m
Lay off the chocolate

There is no such thing as going on a diet, it's CHANGING your diet. Eat proper food, with fresh ingredients. I find cutting out on potatatos, bread and pasta helps me. You don't need to cut out totally, just have them every now and again. Oh - and exercise helps.

Everyone is different though, it's just finding what suits your body.

Have the occasional treat as well, a lot of diets fail because people get bored and miserable with them.

Here is a fat-free dressing - blend tomatoes, honey and a touch of Garlic together. It is delicicious hot with chicken, or can be used a a dip. No calories either!

Hi there,

I would suggest having a good, nutritious breakfast, such as baked beans on toast (no butter), with a piece of fruit and water. No more juice or soft drinks. Have snacks such as fruit and veg (carrots and Celery) between main meals. This is where people get it wrong: have a good, healthy lunch. Plan ahead - make it the night before. I started to bring a container with things like chick peas and other legumes, with heaps of veggies etc and some protein, like low fat cottage cheese (or pasta with tomato sauce, but you get the idea). It will fill you up and you'll feel great. Have a small snack, such as yogurt around 3pm with some fruit. Your dinner should have as few carbs as possible. Make sure to exercise at least 5 times a week too! Drink 2 litters of water a day and you'll notice the benefit all-round!

Hope this helps!!


i have been on a diet for the last year, very low carb (not adkins) try to eat no more than 10g carbs a day, as much as you like but not over 10g of carbs.
it def works ive lost 10 stone in the last year.

Try to eat 5-6 times a day, light meals and snacks. Breakfast should be your biggest meal, and dinner, your smallest. Be sure to snack on fruits and veggies between your meals, to keep your metabolism up.

Also, try and drink one glass of water before you eat. This will help curb your hunger and fill you up, so you're less apt to over-eat.

DO NOT CUT CARBS. You need everything, even fats. You shouldnt 'cut' anything from your diet. Just moderation.

Try to keep your meals 1 part carb/2 parts protein (Say, potato with meat and vegetable). If you're going to have a busy day, or plan on working out within the next few hours, switch it to 2 parts carb/1 part protein, for that energy boost. Plan your meals based on your activities for the day.

One thing I've picked up from my trainer, and it's a great hint: For breakfast, add 1 - 1.5 cups of RAW oatmeal to yogurt or applesauce or something of that texture. It has tons of nutrients, will help with cholesterol, and helps fill you up for the remainder of the morning.

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Bertie D
i lost weight not by dieting but by going to the gym three times a week and i made sure my last meal of the day was no later than seven thirty

SELF CONTROL!!!! Get busy, get away from computer, television, video games, etc. and exercise. For starters, moving around and not being idle, is a simple weight loss plan in itself.

The most effective diet, is to change your eating habits.
It has to be a life change, not a diet, not a temporary eating change.
Dr. Phill has some interesting books out there that could help you in deciding what will work for you and your life style.
Good Luck.

NO DIETS just eating sensibly and healthy and stop eating when you're not hungry anymore.

Here is a place that reviews a bunch of weight loss programs, dieting aides, supplements and so on. Even has categories like diabetes, low fat and hypnosis. Pretty cool site.


Many of the programs listed have consumer reviews, so you can read what others think of the different programs.

Hope this helps!

The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off (which is more important) is not to diet at all. The trouble with a "diet" is eventually you stop dieting and go back to what you were doing before and then all the weight goes back on. Instead you need to change your lifestyle, not necessarily dramatically, to change your weight.

There are loads of eating plans out there and all of them are effective if you follow them, even those stupid 1 meal a day things but the problem is you can't do that forever and stay healthy. By far the easiest eating plan to stick to whilst you are losing weight and adapt for long term weight maintenance is Weight Watchers without a doubt. The only reason people ever fail with it is they give up, or fail to understand the principles.

You have to understand that you are making life choices and they must be one you can live with forever. So the food you choose to eat, the exercise you do, must be enjoyable. Put simply losing and maintaining a healthy weight must become more fun for you than putting it on. It can be a slow process. You need to analyse what your are currently doing. Discover what is causing you to have excess weight and change those things. Keeping a diary can be very helpful with this. Only you can decide what will work for you.

Good luck

Eat Muslie 3 times a day for one week. Chinese tea , no milk or sugar, and look at your vitamin needs. Drink lots of water.

eating healthily and exercising


well its eating the right foods plenty of exorcising, and being realistic and have a long term plan.
i always say to people depending how over weight they are, you as looking at a long tern life changing plan of anything from 2-3 years.
its not going to happen over night, you don't put weight on over night so you wont loose it that fast.
you have to re-educate your self on how to eat what to eat and how you deal with it.
hope this does not put you off start today, good luck..xx

There is a system/therapy in South Africa whereby they take your blood and analyse it and check you out and then tell you what YOUR best options are - everyone is different - they work out an exact plan that will work for you and tell you what you should/shouldn't eat. I know people who did it and the weight just fell off them, but it costs a fortune. I don't know if it is available here.
For me it was a matter of cutting out potatoes, rice, bread and pasta for a few months - but not religiously. I still ate the occasional bithere and there. I lost about 15 kg's in around 18 months. I pigged out on veggies and meat, yummy!
It's got to take a little while otherwise it won't last!
Good luck.

Just be strict, only eat when your hungry, You need to step up exercise and cut down the quantity of food you eat, have small light meals throughout the day!
Never eat after 6pm and avoid white bread and potatoes... That works for me, but everyone is different... Trial and error is the best thing... Be strong and use willpower,
Measure yourself, IE around the tops of your arms, thighs, knee, stomach, waist etc.. Give it 4 weeks being strict then weigh and measure yourself..
If it Hasn't worked try another method!

Essex Ron
The answer to this is easy. If you put IN more calories than you take OUT, you will put on weight. Take out more than you put in and you lose it.

There are a few variables to this, such as your own metabolism - we all know a fat person who eats little, or a thin one who eats a lot - but in general terms the IN/OUT theory is correct.

Don't believe those who say "it's my genes" - the only defective gene they normally have is the "don't eat doughnuts" gene.

De S
I use an all natural cleansing system that is all natural and has no side affects. It has been featured in the news 4 times and is now featured on Health Journal TV.

I have lost 20 lbs and gone from a size 18-10.

If you would like to find out more please email me directly at [email protected]

or visit http://diamondd.infoseekdirect.com...

lovely food, any food you like. just do exercise where you burn more calories you've eaten

Im on the slimming world plan and have lost 2stone.
Its based on eating lots of fruit vegetables which you can have as much of as you like as there free food on the plan, i have friut as snacks in between meals
there is 4 different plans to choose from
original based on meat as your free food (potatoes are a healthy extra)
green based on pasta rice potatoes are free (meat is a healthy extra)
mix 2 max is based on meals so you can have green meal breakfast then red meal lunch and green meal for your evening meal
success express is the final plan which is based on 3 meals a day and filling your plate with 3 parts superfree foods and 1 part food that is free on green or original
dairy and fibre are allowed but in measured amounts. you can have 2 dairy choices and 2 fibre choices a day these are called your healthy extras
you can also have small amounts of the bad stuff ie chocolate this are called syns which you can have up to 15 syns a day
also drink plenty of water and do some Gentle exercise

Eat normally and get out and exercise! All diets are based on starving your body to some degree..they never work...just eat sensibly and exercise

healthy eating and exercise dont bother with the atkins gi etc

The most effective is the one that you will stick too. No fancy secrets here. Portion control. Lose a lot of the fat and processed sugar. Eat as many raw foods or home cooked as possible.And drink plenty of water.Steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, baked or brolied meats. Cut the butter and oil way down. Avoid soft drinks and high sugar items. Nothing fancy, just be mindful. You will be fine.

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