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What to eat when you're craving ice cream?
I am craving ice cream SO BAD! But I am trying not to eat anything too sugary. What could I eat as a healthy substitute?

Frozen yogurt is good, but I usually go for some fresh fruit. Naturally sweet and I feel better for having that.

good luck to you with the craving!!

Christy SD Nurse
It;s ok to have a small amount of ice cream, everything in moderation.You could try frozen yogurt or light ice cream.

~qween of narnia~
chocolate frozen yogert:) the chocolate makes it seem richer and more like ice cream, and it's low in calories and fat.

Tabitha L
if it is the cold feeling you want munch on ice. if it is the sweetness you want munch on fruit or get the no sugar ice cream.

Amy D
Frozen grapes. It might sound weird but trust me it's really good . Or some cherries.

[email protected]
make a fruit smoothie with nonfat yogurt (vinila) straw berrys banana's and blueberrys and a little orange juice sorry but this is as close to ice cream as your gonna get

Get a frozen yogurt. If you don't eat something fairly close to ice cream it's not going to satisfy your craving. Better to get a small ice cream cone and enjoy it than keep eating things that don't quite cut it trying to satisfy the craving.

Baton Twirler
Buy CarbSmart ice cream. It's much healthier and i PROMISE it tastes the exact same as real ice cream! My mom sometimes make sugar-free jello and mixes it with light cool whip, thats good too. Put some cool whip on some strawberries or melt some dark sugar free chocolate and dip strawberries/bananas/pineapple in it.

Frozen yogurt!
it has little to no fat but tastes just like ice cream!

Yoplait yogurt. They have amazing flavors. Get chocolate and put some strawberries on top! Or fat free pudding:)

PS) That sugar free t-i-h-s is just as bad for you as regular sugar and maybe worse. It is not a natural form of sugar! BAD

yogurt is fine as well as drinking a cup of milk

| just me |

u can eat ice cream low fat ice cream

Shay Shay
Just eat it! You're gonna be unsatisfied until you do :)

Or you can have raspberry sorbet (mmmmm) or frozen yogurt or sugarfree ice cream. All are great alternatives! And frozen bananas (I know it sounds weird, but they're delicious)....

Good luck

Ambie SIZZ!
Frozen yogurt
Ice (helps, alot!!)
Drink something

low sugar Ice cream

Phyllidia Featherbottom
I'd make some fruit smoothies - just use frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, and some milk. The sugar is more natural that way, and it's considerably healthier.

Usually when I'm craving ice cream, it's the texture that I'm craving, not the flavor. So anything that's icy and creamy would be good.

Asad T
Mango (any fruit) smoothie with lotsa crushed ice!

Ice Cream...trust me, eating something else will not stop your craving for ice cream. Go ahead and eat and get on with your life.

a protein shake.

Miss Random
i crunch on ice....

sorry... :0)

Maybe frozen yogurt, or a low calorie chocolate popsicle type thing.

Or you could buy Dibz and just have a few of them.

try fruits they are sweet but not unhealthy


frozen yogurt!!

Fat thoughts create a fat image! don't worry about what you eat!

you could freeze milk in the fridge.
like milk pops.
thats very delicious. just add a LITTLE bit sugar.

Adriana V
Strawberries with whip cream

Frozen yogurt, check the calories but a lot of them are tasty and low fat

sorbet. Not nearly as bad as ice cream, but you get the frozen treat feeling.

If you freeze a banana and then blend it with a little milk it goes really like ice cream, you can put some honey in it to sweeten it too. It's pretty fool proof but here is a video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/330419/how_to_make_cool_banana_ice_cream/

Miss Texas
Fruit/ fruit salad OR non-fat yogurt.

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