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rianna s
What the best and fastest way to become anorexic?

That is not funny. There are a lot of genuine anorexics on this forum who would love not to have anorexia. It ruins lives, not just yours, but those of the people you love. Don't even go there.

Stope enjoying life, stop being loved, stop thinking of your future, stop having friends, become afraid of food, numbers on scales / nutrtion information labels / BMI charts, etc will consume every waking hour (you won`t sleep much, most anorexics don`t . Why? Most anorexics do, and it has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder (why do you want to become mentally ill????Anorexia is NOT like it is implied to be in celeb-land). Oh, hope you enjoy it.
Check out http://www.anorexicweb.com for the reality of eating disorders.

Florence P
Are you serious? Are you asking for a death warrant? What is your problem? No one actually ask to become anorexic! I think you might need some help ot either looking for attention that is the bad attention. You WILL: regret this! Talk to someone and get help. You don't want to die. Just lose weight.

Dana B
what?? *shrugs sholders*. . . . . moron

You cant just decide to become anorexic. it is a serious health problem, not just a fad diet. people are anorexic due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and due to body dysmorphia, not because they want to drop a few pounds. if you want to wreck your body, become infertile, get brittle bone disease ad lose your hair then starve yourself, but believe me it is not a good look

Eat 5 small meals a day and work out.

insert_ nickname_ here!
Hang about with other 'Anna's' and brain wash yourself by reading and watching the relevant paraphernalia.
EDIT: Though please do not think this is healthy. You are how God made you. By all means be healthy and exercise but please do not take it too an extreme.
Certainly most boys prefer the 'fuller' figure anyhow..

Mummy 2B DEC 10th !
i recently received an email about skinny models and ive never seen anything so un-attractive in my life !!!!!!!
im a size 12 to 14 and im curvy..my partners loves me this way i wouldnt want to be all skin and bone !!!
why do u think skinny is nice ???
u would look ill and no1 would want to see u that way

I like towels
hardly eat anything and exercise a lot... A LOT.
anorexia isnt something you can decide you want to be.. its like one day waking up and deciding you want to become mexican... you cant do that.
anorexia is a mental problem, and normally in the genes.
my mom was anorexic... and its now happening to me....
dont do it.

that silly. do you want to die?

Mr Mills
only drink Senacot

You know that this is really bad for you right? It can make your body slowly shut down on its self and you can die if it becomes too serious. And most people say that they just want to lose some weight and then they will stop, but if you are really thinking about doing this then I really don't think you will be able to stop.

anorexia is pyschological disorder...i'm not sure you can just become it like that...yes you can stop eating but you would have be pyschologically disturbed to continue with it....your question is ridiculous actually...sounds to me that you dont really understand the disorder at all and you just want to lose weight..to do that you need to eat a healthy diet not starve yourself.

Kerry K
oh p1ss off and stop wasting our time by asking stupid questions. Clearly you are either a troll looking for a reaction, or you are serious and want to waste yourself away to nothing and either irreversibly damage your health, or even kill yourself through starvation to look like a stick insect.

don't eat easy as fu*k and brush ur teeth cause ur breath will stink...

get my missus to cook for you ;-)

don't eat!!

stop eating - but you would be a fool

now why would you wanna go and do a thing like that?

Wow.. this is an immature question.. people dont just become anorexic.. its a mental disorder that makes you feel like no matter how much you weigh really you always see yourself as a fat.. I used to be anorexic and I still struggle with my weight.. It messed up my body and honestly ''anorexia is a disease not a fashion statment''

well I would say just flat out don't eat anything...so then, your hair, skin and nails will look like ****, all your friends will talk about how awful you look. Your organs will soon start shutting down and you'll die. GREAT IDEA!

Are you serious? Do you really know how serious this is?
It is a serious mental disease, and one that you can not control.
It's a death sentence.

More info: http://www.1000topics.com/human-diseases/anorexia-nervosa/

Carimel due w/#2 01/30/09
stop eating. i don't know why you would choose to be anorexic. don't you care about your health?

Eeek! I wouldn't aim to be an anorexic, that's a pretty scary question!

be bolemic

dont eat but dont do that. anorexia is a serious illness so dont just play around w/ it and you cant becaome anorexic. you just do it. And it's usually ppl who arent even fat. it's cuz they have problems in there life.

I'd never date a chick who's anorexic

I'm actually going to give you a USEFUL and mature answer rather than putting you down such as everyone else has done...... this question deserves some thought.

Go to this website: www.bluedragonfly.com

Not only is it informative, but its also a website that has many other ana's that will help you decide why you're asking this question. You can read others thoughts, see pictures, go to links for other websites, and most importantly, get educated on the subject.

Anorexia is not just a word. Its a disease. Dis-Ease. Meaning, very uncomfortable. But, people telling you how stupid you are and asking if this is a joke aren't going to help. What you need is to be informed. So, check it out and do your research before you wish yourself away. Once you're gone, you can't come back so easily......

Good luck.

Anorexia is a slow suicide and it is not attractive….do not do it!

I hope this question is a joke but if you are genuinely worried about being over weight then go to the doctors and are if your BMI is healthy and then see if you need to go on a healthy diet of eating more or less.

Anorexia is not a diet or a quick weight loss solution. It's a serious, deadly eating disorder. If you are considering Anorexia or Bulimia, or know someone that is, please speak with your parents or a trusted adult immediately.
Here are some links and hotlines that may be helpful:

National Teen Emergency Hotline: 1-800-448-3000

National Eating Disorder Hotline:1-800-248-3285

Girls' and Boys' Town National Hotline:1-800-448-3000
The Girls' and Boys' Town National Hotline is a 24-hour resource and referral service available to anyone. Operators are available in English and Spanish, and a TDD line (1-800-448-1833) provides assistance to the deaf and hearing-impaired.



BEST. Like the best way to get into a car accident. Anorexic is a mind set. OCD helps but girl you just want to be skinny and that not anorexic.

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