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What kind of exercises should an underweight person do?
I tried running 20 min 3 times a week, but I think it's too much for my fast metabolism. So what other exercises can I do that aren't as intense and don't require a gym or someone else to play with? Just trying to stay healthy. Does walking count?
Additional Details
Are ppl that stupid? Of course I eat, but my fast metabolism gets rid of it quickly. It's genetics.

Opening and closing the refrigerator lol, but just do yoga,.

do some reading :


i thought i was a 'hardgainer' when i started lifting at 16, i was 5'9" and 135 lbs(sad i know) and i couldnt put on mass...2 years later i picked up lifting again and had some guidance from a friend who was a bodybuilder and owned a supplement shop.

with 6 months I had gone from 145lbs bodyweight to 175lbs and cut my bodyfat down by eating a sensible clean diet(eat 6x a day) for me it took around 3500 +/- cals a day, 500 +/- g of carbs and around 200+ g of protein...

you just have eat clean(unprocessed foods), sleep 8-9 hrs a day, and hit the gym hard 3-4 times a week for 45min-1hr...if you dont gain weight- it means you are not eating enough. bump up the carbs, bump up the protein

its gonna take alot of effort on your part if you really want to make it happen...if youre the lazy type, i wouldnt even bother

Why dont you try to lift up wights with both arms and legs or join a sport. Get some muscle in that bod!!

Grant G
Try not to eat junkfood. If you're having trouble getting up the stairs and you're skinny, I'm assuming that you're trying to build muscle.

I would do strength training, maybe some calisthenics (pushups, crunches etc.)

Try to eat lots of red meat, and snack on high protein foods (almonds for example) as often as you can.

I'm a skinny guy too, that's what I do.

running will burn too many calories, stick with weight training and/or calisthenics.

pushups, squats and the like can excercise your muscles and get you out of breath, but won't burn as many calories.

well if you your looking at putting on a little bit to make your weight start with eating . not crazy eating but mainly pasta and high protein foods like beans and peanut butter. lots of bananas for the potasium. dont gocrazy lifting weights lift minimal weight more reps gradually increase the weight dont concentrate on all the aerobic exercise so much. you'll see improvement in physique. heavy weight to fast will stunt growth.

Thats great you have a fast metabolic rate why worry .What until your 40.

Try weight training, especially free weights, to build muscle mass. Include lots of proteins in your diet to feed your muscles during your workouts.

For general health, include stretching and cardio in your workouts.

Enjoy your fast metabolism - I miss mine.

[email protected]
Any kind of hard work and chocolate malts

Go to a fitness spot!!!

You could try walking to stay in condition. And try eating more protien and high-calorie stuff.

I sure would like to have your metabolism! There was a time when I couldn't gain weight to save my soul. Not now!

I understand what you're going through. I'm 5'10" and weigh 120 lbs. It's really frustrating when people think you starve yourself when you have a fast metabolism. Both of my parents are rather tall and fairly thin so genetics is on my side as well. I also was cursed with IBS and I'm lactose intollerant so I have to watch what I eat as well. One thing I would definitly recommend (if you would be into it) would be yoga. It helps with balance, strength, and it's very relaxing as well. It doesn't burn intense calories like a full-blown workout at the gym but also is great for toning your muscles and even gaining some flexibility! Great question!

weight lifting should help you to gain some mass, plus muscle weighs more than fat. I would stay away from cardio exercising, unless it's light. And if you lift weights hire a trainer for a couple of sessions who can show you what to do. Also be prepared to eat before and immediately afterwards so that your body can build new muscle for you. If you build muscle that will help with being out of breath when you do other things. If you want to avoid the gym, weight bearing exercises (using your own body weight - like push ups, squats ets) are a good alternative. A trainer can help you with those as well. Good luck

Exercise to build muscle.

Check out the Hammock Survival Guide at http://www.hammocksurvivalguide.com/

It's got loads of good articles on muscle building under the 'build muscle' category.

you need a high carb high protien diet... lots of eggs and pasta dairy (also fruit and veg of course..) then a lot of lifting weights you will bulk up in no time... a few beers a day will help then run and ride your bike regularly

Focus on building muscle strength with weight training, pilates, etc. You should still do some cardio/build up endurance if you're running out of breath... For me, alternating between running/walking (in one session) and gradually extending time will help with endurance. Since you have a fast metabolism, I'm sure you'll fuel up when you start getting hungry. Ignore people's misconceptions about weight and who you are as a person.

Hmmm . . . running uses a lot of energy. So if you aren't eating a LOT, that will cause an energy deficit for you. I have kind of the same problem. Keep in mind that 20 minutes of real running is a very strenuous exercise for anyone. Good luck!

well what you are doing is a cardio exercise which doesnt build muscle mass. if you want to build muscle then i suggest you get some weights or do push/pull ups. sit ups or crunches are good for your abs. if youre just looking to gain weight then i suggest you drink slim fast as a beverage with a few meals a day, or have a protein shake in the evening. slim fasts are meant as substitutes for meals and have a lot of calories so if you have slim fast with an actual meal it will help you gain weight. protein shakes in the evening give your body the chemicals it needs to build muscle.

you should do more weight building excercizes, and not so much cardio- dont completely stop cardio, because it is good for you, but you want to build some muscle, slowly, so that you fill out a little without bulking up. try starting with light weights for your arms and upper body, and maybe try some sqats or something like that, which use your own body as weight- you cant bulk up that way, but you will develop your muscles, maybe get some definition! and make sure you eat enough protien to feed your muscles so they can do their thing! you can find lots of excercizes that you dont need equiptment or a gym for - look online (i saw some websites recommended in other answers here). good luck!

David W
first of all how old are you as your metabolism should slow with age. i have one that is quite fast as well but in my mid 20's started filling my frame. either way, it is great that you have a fast metabolism but you're right even though you are thin you should exercise or work out. personally i would recommend weight training and don't be discouraged if other guys in the gym are much bigger and lifting much more weight as you will get there with time. i would think about taking in as much protein as you possibly can and eat a small meal of lean protein (i.e. turkey, tuna, salmon, chicken, hell if you have a high metabolism beef too as you could probably use some fat and you'll burn it anyway) with a cup of veggies and half cup of good carbs 5 to 6 times a day. also drink two to three protein shakes or weight gain shakes a day as well. expensive yes but if you want to gain weight you're going to have to take in more protein and fat than you burn. i suggest lifting b/c with little fat on your body you could gain some good muscle and probably look pretty good eventually while at the same time being in shape. also stick with the walking 20 min on top of the lifting for cardio and warmup. when you get to the point you can maintain weight, cut back to 5 the 5 meals a day with 1 to 2 of them being a protein shake. i'm no expert but do have some experience with fast metabolism.

In order to build muscle mass, you need good sources of protein. Walking with small hand weights is good. Lunges with weights, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups will help strengthen and build some muscle. Yoga would help with flexibility and stress relief.

Well if u r underweight you can lift some weights u will gain muscle weight but not fat, if u don't want to go to a gym by some weights and to it on ur home. Or just try swimming its really a complete exercise. Yes, walking count. Try a balance diet too. Don't eat a lot of junk food. Go to http://www.mypyramid.gov

What you need to understand is that your metabolism can be manipulated to an extent. If you snack less then your metabolism will slow down.
Personally though I think you're in the prime position to start some real training!! I spend a lot of my time lifting weights, they make me bigger and stronger but I don't expect you to lift tons; forget running and any other cardio vascular work, they have no use for you if you want to gain weight. Stomach crunches will tone what you have, free weight sessions and eating more substantial food rather than healthy food less often will make the rest come true (I weigh in as half a sone lighter than I did when I joined the gym, the difference is that - then I was fat! Now I am not! Why did I only lose half a stone?? Because the the work I did piled muscle on instead.
You need to eat healthy but if it isn't doing your body any good then defy it as it isn't what your body craves.

Weight training is good. You can buy weights for home use at any sports store. I've done this.

Any weight bearing exercise should help increase muscle mass, i.e., bulk you up a little.

hairy headache
Jog up and down stairs for 5 minute intervals. Lift weights on the machines at the gym. That's what U do for track and I've already grown about 3 pounds in the past week. Lunges are good, and do excercises on a balance ball.

Jade D.
It's probably a good idea for you to do weight lifting as your form of exercise because that way you can build muscle mass and still get your exercise in but you won't be losing muscle or more weight

im sorta under weight but i dont do anything about it but i do lift weights when i have time
(i really dont know if that will help...)

Samari's Dad
Push-ups, sit ups, any type of exercise that improves conditioning and strength. When your metabolism is high, the only way to build bulk is to build muscle, and eat high protein foods like rice, chicken, eggs, ect...

Ryan T
lifting weights

push-ups, squats, arm circles, dumbell workouts, play with a energetic dog

Try working your upper body. weight lifting pushups free weights, and take some protein. This worked for me.

Former US Marine

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