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What is the healthiest breakfast to have?
Only have 15 minutes to prepare and eat. (Before school in the morning)

High fibre cerial, no sugar. add a sliced banana and a drizel of honey and low fat milk. together with a glass of pure orange juice

My best breakfast is porridge with goji berries ,raisins,and a sprinkling of Cinnamon delicious and very good for you

slice up fresh fruit getting your 5 a day like apple banana pear kiwi clementine grapes if you like easy and healthy and winter time museli or porridge done in the microwave.

Wholegrain cereal and fruit to follow.

The only decent one is a Champagne breakfast.

U must make more time! Find your nutritional type and do whatever is THEN recommended for you BUT, do not eat any breakfast cereals - they are mostly filled with sugars - of so many different types - and have too many supplements that are 'unbalanced', causing digestive problems. Find your metabolic type before you take any advice - its in YOUR interest to do this for whatever you eat & drink, not just breakfast, ok?

Ralph B
fresh grapefruit,toast and mar mite tomato juice

Bran flakes with semi skimmed milk and maybe some fruit if you are still hungry. Take's 5 minutes to make and eat and is full of fibre, Calcium and energy for the day with no fat :o)

It usually depends on your caloric intake.
for most of my female clients, meals are usually 300 calories. so, if you are on a 30/40/30 ratio split, a good healthy breakfast would be:
1 whole eggs + 2 egg whites, green peppers, mushrooms, onions (make an omelet with a slice of fat free cheese, and use a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to oil up the pan)
1 small glass of skimmed milk
1 piece of fruit

takes about 5 minutes to make

hope that helps,

Paul D
weetabix with a banana on top also a muller lite,,

One packet of Oat-so-simply 150ml skimmed milk and nuke for 2min 30sec a teaspoon of honey if required last u till lunch

small bowl of soup at lunch

bowl of soup/stew and fruit
lose weight and nice way of doing it if still feel like a snack have a cup-r-soup good luck

get up earlier and spend time eating. Cereal will fill you up and maybe some toast if its cold. You shouldn't rush any meal as you will get indigestion.

Weetabix or shreddred wheat with skimmed milk. Stay clear of the surgary ones, i.e. frosties etc.

Fresh fruit (2-3 peices), dollop of cottage cheese (for protein - this will prevent you craving unhealthy snacks mid-morning), and 1 lightly spread wholemeal toast, for energy.

You could just have fruit, but this can leave you prone to snacking as it doesn't provide protein or energy.

Angela C

Michael S
Pie. MMMMmmmm pie....

Muesli .. It has Fibre, fruit, protein and Carbs. These give the energy and strength to get through the best part of the day, and it assists good bowel movement.

This is the best breakfast for your needs.

Sugar Puffs.

Variety is the spice of live and gives a balanced diet, alternate different breakfasts say boiled egg with toast , porridge , yoghurt with banana and honey, cereal, fruit smoothies, toasted bagel with lightcream cheese,

Chaz D
A quick healthy breakfast to have is beans on wholemeal toast.Takes under 10 minutes to do. easy.

peter w
Cup of tea and 2 toast. Followed at around 10 to 10.30am by brunch - on the road - at a good transport cafe.
Here follows: Bacon, Sausages (2) Eggs (2) baked beans, mushrooms (if they have any) black pudding is good, and a fried slice. This was my dads breakfast for years every day. Yes, it may have killed him, but he was 89. I like the same routine and breakfast and I intend to have it. I'm 64 now and I don't give a **** for your Yahoo breakfast comments. Your early death (if this applies to you) depends more on your personal metabolism and genetic inheritance. What harms one may not harm another. Don't listen to these creeps and wimps and count calories etc. Get stuck in to whatever food you fancy - it's all bollocks.
PS: Worriers die first but usually from a Cancer.

Jay R
I thought eating eggs was a recipe for disaster according to today's news......

ian w
leftover kebab and pizza from last night is great.If you leave the half eaten kebab on the radiator when you stagger in from a night out it is nice and hot the next morning.
This is a quick breakfast with your kebab salad, you cant get healthier than that!

Lisa M
Weetabix with chopped banana and skimmed milk

Maybe not the Best....Depending how you qualify, what is the Best.......However porridge/bran flakes and a sliced banana is a healthy one to enjoy!!!
This takes less than 5 minutes to prepare...therefore gives you an extra ten minutes to eat it and relax,prior to school!!

Sultana Bran Flakes, One Banana, Coffee/Juice and that should take you through to Lunch time. That's what I have daily.

Dj' s
Simple. Stick to the high fibre... low fat..rule.. Done!

One healthy breakfast : )

I recommend porridge. If your really good the night before, soak the oats in water - this softens the oats and releases all the goodness in them, it also speeds up the cooking process by heaps which means your porridge will be ready in an instant! Add LSA mix (a mix of crushed linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds available at health food shops and very, very, very good for you), grated apple or banana, sultanas, manuka honey, Cinnamon - anything you like for extra nutrients and yumminess. If you dont like porridge try a hardboiled egg with a spread of Avocado on wholegrain toast or all natural, sugar free, biodynamic yoghurt with fresh fruit salad which you can prepare the night before. Having a hot drink in the morning such as herbal or green teas is also a great way to kick start your metabolism and to get your digestive system going.

i dont agree with SubJ at all. most people are hungry in the morning. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. it gets your metabolism going and will help prevent you from binging throught out the day or the second u get to school! snacks are good too as long as theyre healthy.

porridge, weetabix, bran flakes and fruit are all good and quick options for breakfast. herbal tea like Dandelion tea is good to as it helps start your metabolism.

Alan B
The best breakfast is one that includes complex carbohydrates and protein that will stop you from getting hungry mid morning and all the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy growth. You get all of this in a protein shake that contains twice the fibre than whole grain pasta! Mix with soya milk (no lactose) and throw in some fruit ...delish and the whole process takes 2 mins ...plus eating, and it's 2-300 calories depending on how much fruit you add ...enjoy

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