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What is the best way to motivate yourself for morning exercise?
I can plan for morning exercise, but I never seem to have enough motivation! It's so much easier to just hit snooze and roll over. Any tips? Please help!

Ralph Johnson
It's hard, I teach both early AM and PM spinning classes, I use the potential gain as motivation. If you do intense cardio work, on an empty stomach, shortly after you rise you will see an extraordiary fat loss as our bodies are in a gylcogen deprived state when we awake.

Be sure to eat shortly afterwards and drink lots of water the entire time.

Other benefits will be better sleep, increased metabolic rate for hours afterwards, more energy and decreased appetite.

Your best motivation will be results. Go, work HARD for two weeks, if you don't see any improvement go back to the snooze button...

Mobidus Lee has the best answer - things you don't want to do is better when you do it with a [email protected]

Put the alrm clock on other side of room.
You have to get out of bed to reach it
.Take a shower .get dressed and you will as ready as your ever going to be.
The rest is ultimately up to you

it´s very simply:

you have to buy a mirror and put it very front of you!

I never workout in the morning. It's hard to do it by yourself. If there is someone else there it's easier, ie. team practices in the morning type deals. You're motivated because you don't want to let anyone else down. But when you are by yourself... it's harder. I always feel motivated to workout 2 - 3 hours after having dinner. Lift, stretch, and light cardio, then jog for 30 - 60 minutes depending on my distance schedule. By the time I'm finished, I'm beat and have no trouble getting to sleep.

the day before..make a list of like 15 reasons why you should exercise. when morning comes, you better think of all the reasons why you should exercise. if you press the snooze button, you'll feel bad later that you didn't exercise.

Worshipful Heart
get an accountability partner. someone who will come over and work out with you or atthe very least call you at 6:00 am or whatever time you want to get up and work out. Otherwise the only way to do it is just get upand do it. at night , put a picture or a list on the alarm clock, covering the time, it should remind you of the reasons, your motivation for wanting to work out- it might make you think twice before hitting the snooze button. Something else we have done is put the alarm clock across the room- where you HAVE to actually get out of the bed to turn it off- once oyu are out of the bed - that is the first step!

sarca stick
People who generally do morning exercises tend to be the happiest people in the world.

It comes with habit. Try hard the first few days until you notice a difference in your lifestyle, then continue for the next 20 days until it becomes a life habit.

Take a look of yourself at the mirror, if you see something you like, don't exercise, if you see something you don't like,.....well get down on it right away cause others see it as well!!!!

Bjork's Music Oh Yeah
Just do it..Dont think about it..Just find yourself outside getting ready, like I do...Bring a bottled water with you....Start jogging slow for a couple o minutes..then stop and stretch...

sleep early ...

1) Finding someone(s) else to do it with you.

2) Rewarding yourself at the end of the week for having stuck to your weekday plan/program.

3) Vary where you exercise... and thus make it more of an "outing" that you look forward to for other reasons.

4) Exercise at night instead of in the morning

5) Go to bed earlier.

and lastly,

6) Weigh yourself and stand in front of a mirror just before you go to bed...this "data" might be fresh in your mind when you wake up... and the motivation to maintain or improve your body image might prevail.

start exercising as soon as you wake up in bed,doing leg lifts,bun lifts etc.,then roll out of bed and start walking in place...........Good luck!

I have the same problem, lol
I find its easiest if I get up, have a good breakfast, then wait about an hour to start exercising. Exercise for an hour and your done!! Best to get it done early, the more you procrastinate doing it, the less likely you will do it

I exercise during the night while I sleep, and with my eyes closed. So I don't know I'm doing it.

Think of what you'll look like once you've excersized for a month. You'll look GOOD. Also try thinking of how much healthier you'll be.

3 tips:

1. Guilt is a great motivator. Before you hit that snooze button, remind yourself that you're going to regret it.

2. Coffee. Physically, it'll get you ready for exercise - and equally important, if you go through the trouble of making/buying coffee you're less likely to go back to sleep if only to avoid being wasteful :)

3. when you get up that first time and exercise, DO THE SAME THING THE NEXT MORNING. it gets easier every single time. before you know it, getting up and exercising becomes the norm. And then you can reward yourself every once in awhile by hitting the snooze :)

Make a decision to get up regardless how you feel the night before. It is all about your attitude and determination. Motivation comes from a decision of your will!

i do some yoga stretches while still in bed. this warms up my muscles and circulations makes my brain start to function. you'll find some great routines for yoga in this article

S. Revenge
I used to be like you, but not anymore....I moved up. I like to excersize early on Saturdays and Sundays, like around 6:00 AM!!! So what i do is wake up, replay on my VCR some of last nights Laker game and get inspiration from Kobe making all of those amazing shots while I drink some really strong Coffee I make. Then when I go downstairs to my Gym in the garage, I bump whatever I want to hear to get me going, and I keep the music really loud throughout the entire workout to keep me motivated. Good Luck

You have to literally force yourself out of bed and then begin exercise...once you do it for a few days, you will begin to have more motivation to do it on your own because exercise gives you more energy and you will feel good too, thats a pretty good motivator.

Mobidus Lee
Get a few friends to join you. You will wake up when you know someone is waiting for you. You have to go or they will be left waiting for you.

The more I hit snooze, the more miles I have to walk/run.

The best motivation for me is my dress size. I have a size 10 dress hanging on my wall. Every morning I don't want to get up, I look at that dress and think that I WANT to be able to wear that next year. That's my best motivation.

Another tip is to get an exercise buddy. It's not longer just about you at that point--it's also about meeting a friend and not letting him/her down.

arokoyo g
just regard morning exercise as a kind of religion obligation that MUST be fulfiiled like praying and eating daily

Have a two-year old kid who gets up at 6am

Roll over and look at my large wife?

put the alarm clock on the other side of the room so you HAVE to get up

jack j
just stick a poster of a fashion model in your room, see her figure and tell urself i want to be like that fashion model.

I get up at 4:20 AM on work days, do my morning email routine and ride my stationary bike between 5 and 5:45 while watching an episode of Buffy or Angel on DVD. Then I ride again, either when I get home, or at around 7 PM. My motivation? I am disgustingly fat, at least in my eyes, so I ride to not die.

erin h
post up a picture of a celebrity or a model with an amazing body, one you would be jealous of, one you wouldn't want next to you on the beach or anywhere near your boyfirend, realize that girls who look like that do exist and get outta bed. Once you get in the habit it will be easier. When you make excuses for yourself or allow yourself to skip work outs it gets easier and easier to slack. When you're in the habit of eating healthy and working out, you don't really want to mess it up. At least that's how it is for me.

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