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 How much water should you drink daily to keep healthy?

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Well I'm about 4'9'' and I weigh about 77-80 pounds.
Is that fat? ...

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im 14, im 5ft. 1in., and i weigh 190 lbs
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hahaha hell yea thats fat
im not any of that
srry to ruin =P

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am i over weight
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im her friend lisa asking this....

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Breakfast: special K bar or special K cereal or some kind of breakfast bar

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green/blue eyes
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 Am i fat??
I weight 105, i think i am soo fat, i am 5'9" and i luv modeling, so how can i get this weight off?...

What is the best way to exercise?
i need to know what is the best way like a progam

You could join a YMCA and do a class there, or at an adult school, or in a gym class at a community college--if you feel you need structure and supervision. You could join a gym but they are expensive and a lot of people drop out. If you can discipline yourself you can work out on your own, which could include anything you want--running (get good shoes, don't run down hills, don't run on concrete, be careful etc etc etc), or weights or crunches and pushups and stairs...I think the best exercise is what you get from doing a sport or activity you like, in my case surfing, but for some people its tennis or skateboarding or even dancing. Try to go for the more active ones, tho, not golf or bowling.

There are 3 types of fitness to consider. Spending 30 minutes a day doing a mixture of these activities will help keep you fit and healthy.

1) Cardiovascular. Anything that works heart and lungs usually by moving the larger muscles of the body for an extended period of time. - walking, running, dancing, swimming, rowing, cycling etc.

2) Resistance. Anything that puts stress on your muscles and bones. This is needed to keep your bones strong and your muscles working. - any lifting or carrying, weightlifting, swimming, skiing, press ups etc.

3) Flexibility. Anything that encourages you to bend and stretch. You will miss your flexibility when you are older, so it is worth maintaining. It helps to prevent injuries as well. - gardening, yoga, climbing and any bending or stretching activities.

walking, swimming and bicycling are among the best.

I do step aerobics.................it's a great cardio workout and you feel great after it.

You need to do a whole body routine. Pick one compound (compound means that it uses all the parts of the muscle) exercise per bodypart and do 3 sets on each. Do 12 reps on the first set 10 on the second and 8 on the third putting the weight up on each set, you want to use enough weight to be struggling to push out the last rep on each set. A sample routine would be.

1) Bench Press - Chest

2)Lat Pull down - Back

3)Seated Shoulder Press - Shoulders

4)Bicep Curls any type - Biceps

5)Triceps push downs any type - Triceps

6)Squats/Leg press - Legs

7)20 Min's on treadmill, rower or cross trainer - aerobics

Do this 2-3 times a week.

Leave about 30-60 seconds between each set and do them in this order, free weights are better but machines are fine for a beginner, do this for a few months putting the weight up when you can (you must make the last reps in each set hard to do to make the muscles grow). After that you can change your workout (ie do dumbell presses instead of barbell etc) but try to keep to this order.

You will see people do all sorts of weird and wonderful exercises but if you stick to simple basic compound exercises you wont go far wrong.

This site is good as it tells you which exercises are Basic/ Compound and how to do them (video). http://www.exrx.net/lists/directory.html...

You should be out of the gym inside of a hour.

Ignore anyone who tells you weight training will make you bulky muscle burns more calories but does weigh more, I recently got a Friend into training and he put on half a stone but lost 3 inches off his waist and looked a lot fitter.

1 Rep = 1 movement, ie on bench press you start with your arms fully extended lower the weight slowly to touch your chest briefly and lightly then extend arms back to start.

1 set is a set amount of reps, ie your first set will be 12 of the above, the second will be 10 and third 8.

you have to have some kind of goal besides to get "healthy". once you decide that then you pick a training program that will assist you to get there.

Lil Bear is right. You will get different answers from nearly every person. What one person may find works for them and that they're able to do might not work for you. The key is to do the proper research, and maybe discuss your goals and the like with a qualified personal trainer so that they can help you find a program that is right for you. By finding a program that you don't outright hate there is a better chance you will stick with it in the long run. (I for example, hate bootcamp. Not only is it a bit extreme for me in my everyday life, but after you stop doing it you're left with no person yelling in your face to motivate you and you're on your own. Try making yourself do those types of exercises daily at the crack of dawn.) Hope that helps!

Any form of exercise daily is useful and i won't say there is a best way...it depends what you enjoy doing...if you enjoy an exercise you will enjoy doing it more....videos that celebs make can be good if you have time to do them but walking, cycling and other little forms of exercise help too.....maybe joining some sort of class could be enjoyable too (keep fit, gym etc)
Progams at local gyms are good...go to the gym...get an instructr...etc :-)
hope that helped

Jason Homan
The most popular form of exercise is walking, followed by cycling, weight lifting, and aerobics. Look article: Six Secrets Of Successful Weight Loss - http://www.askedweb.com/askedweb/Six_Secrets_Of_Successful_Weight_Loss/
Jason Homan

The military exersises are the cheapest as in 0$ investment

Very Sexy Vixen
Well time and money you could go to a gym or get a personal trainer but me well i would . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .have loads s*x like banging and bumping all night long and it will do you great and it will sort out all your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It depends if your goal is to lose weight, tone up, strengthen or a combination of those - they would be different programmes

martial arts is a great way to excersise, it use nearly all your muscle groups, helps with self confidence and discipline. highly recommended.

The best way to get fit is by doing cardio vascular exercise, such as running, swimming or cycling. Also you should try and fit in some exercise for particular muscle groups, try circuits or use weights at the gym

Bradley T
Swimming, swmming and more swimming, oh and seriously hard loving!! woohoo

Personally I stroke the Cat

Try this every morning. 'Up Down, Up Down, Up Down.' Do this 10 times. Then with the other eyelid.

dream theatre
try running

Running is the best and the easiest way to start to exercise

walking first in the morning or evening and doing free hand exercise when u find time. no need heavy exercise but do it regularly. beside those diet is also essential, healthy diet.

Well if you have time and money you can go to a gym..they give you a personal trainer who will target what you want to target.

An example of my plan is: I want to tone my entire body and especially my belly. So they say do 30 min of cardio, then do some strenght training on the machines that work your legs, arms and lift some weights...They say do this 4 times a week to see results in 4 weeks.

But I don't have time for the gym nor a baby sitter...so I got some work out dvds...I got one for cardio and I do at least 30 mins, then I do 30 min of toning with 5 lb weights...I try to walk or run outside when I get time...I try to do this every other day...

I'm not a fitness person at all. But I recently tried my girlfriend's aerobics video - what a work out! Really gets you going. Blokes: TRY IT - IT WORKS!!!

well, ive recently lost 40 pounds. you defenitly need to do cardio. thats anything that gets your heart going and gets you sweaty. If you're doing it to lose weight aim for forty minutes mon-friday. you can go walking, jogging, bike anything. my rule is that if i'm not sweating i'm not working hard enough.

I go to a gym and we do strength training mon-friday as well. it only takes about 10 min. on nautilus equipment and we do lower body mon, wed, and fri. and on tue. and thursday we do upper body. if a gym isnt an option there are several websites to give you muscle toning exercises. you dont have to spend tons of time doing that just make sure that you go slow and controlled. (for example if your doing pushups dont pump them out as fast as you can. take your time and you'll have greater results)

If you really want to burn calories then while you are doing your cardio go as fast as you can for one min. and then slow it down for a couple of min. and alternate like that.

of course diet is everything and without it you'll probably not see results of weight loss. dont eat over 1200 calories a day and exercise and you'll lose 2-3 pounds a week. good luck and be proud that you're getting healthy!

Matty D
best way to exercise is to do something you enjoy doing, that way you'll keep doing it and wont give it up after a short period

a mix of cardio and weight training

it also depends on what your goals are. losing weight? adding muscle?

You should do at least 30 min of cardio a day. that could be tread mill, walking, running, elliptical. whatever you want. A few days a week do weight training also.

swimming you use every muscle

Boot Camps are the best in my view. Constant motivations, regimented diets. Can't do better than boot camp

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