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What is the best way to build yourself up to jogging?
Right now I walk 3miles a day with my baby in the baby jogging stroller. I want to try jogging, but I want to make sure that my body is ready for it. When I walk now I don't feel the burn as much and I really want to tighten up my legs!!

i run track so i pretty good at runnin' wen i first started i was pretty bad but i worke hard and started about half a mile a day 4 about 3 days then i went to 1 mile, then 2...............eventually i could run about 4 miles at a pretty good pace

I gave up jogging because my thighs rubbed together causing my pantyhose to catch fire......lol. Start off slow, make sure you stretch out before and after. Walk a bit then jog some walk, jog walk jog. Do this everytime you go out for your daily routine jogging a little more then the last time and before you know it you'll be jogging the whole way. Take it slow and drink plenty of water.

walk a little, then walk in a faster pace, then walk even faster, then jog. easy but don't take my advice for it.

run before your brain wakes up, like at 5am

Alternate walk /run. Gradually increase the running intervals and diminish the walking intervals. Stretch!!! when you're done.

do some warm ups like jumping in place and do sit ups and deep knee bends

do a google search on couch to 5K - very helpful program - has you do it in increments until you get all the way to 5K Good luck!

well i'd suggest going for short jogs, building your way up until its a challange. then keep going that far until it becomes easier, then try a bit longer of one.

Actually, the treadmill is better for your joints. When you jog on it, it's not as hard on your legs as running on cement. I would suggest walking still 3miles a day then afterwards run on the treamill. Trust me-it works you just as hard as running outside!

I completely disagree with people telling you to start out jogging any kind of lengthy distance. When I was building myself up to jogging, I did the walk-jog-walk-jog-walk-jog intervals a few people mentioned and it worked out GREAT. I started with walking for 2 minutes and jogging for 1 and you find intervals that work for you until you only use walking as a means of cooling down. Good luck!

walk faster and skip a little every few steps.

try it for 1/2 a mile and build up from there. practice makes perfect

If you can walk for three miles straight, you're already built up enough to try jogging one or two miles. If you lack the confidence to start already, you could run in place for a half hour or so once a day for a week.

Less active people looking to build themselves up for jogging might start with an exercise bike, followed by walking.

seriously just jog.i started soccer practicee 4 my soccer team and we jog bout 1 mile,first week i only did like 2 laps then stopped ,but now i dont stop jogging slowly doesnt get u tired,just go a little more.well good luck.


Tony BEE Good
Focus on your REASON or GOAL. Lemme guess -lose weight, huh? Same here.

Start by walking, and, then, do BRISK walking. Walk faster (gradually), farther, and longer eachtime you do

Walk with a friend or a MOTIVATOR. Carry a walkman (mp3) with you, but stay aware of your surroundings still.

Start slow jogging, and, eventually, pick up the pace.

Treadmill or road eill do, but treadmill has less impact on your joints and muscles.

just keep doing what you are doing and try jogging for a short distance and as you get your legs stronger increase the distance that you jog your heartbeat should be faster but it shouldn't make you be out of air or feel light headed.

scott m
Try a mile @ first if that doesn't do ya in try 2 & keep increasing as you go.

People might think you are nuts but I'll walk, jog, walk, jog, walk, jog... so on and so forth. Pretty soon you'll fell more like jogging longer and walking less. The babe might get a kick out of the repeated speed changes and it can be kind of a game for the both of you. Have fun and keep on truckin, no matter what pace you go : )

hazel eyes
go in spurts. jog for a few minutes and then run. If you can time it, that would be great. Build up your time more and more. Make sure you can run on a surface that is not to hard on your knees. You can also do things like yoga, pilates, and legs lifts to tone things up all over.

Denise B

or... join the military they run all the time

E'ntellignet Thinking
start slow, then build up to working up to jogging, if you have the baby maybe that will help you taking it easier, with the pushing! Good Luck!

and congrats to you and your baby!

I want my ¡OLD! mtv
Jogging with a baby isn't what I planned on answering for, but maybe you could work something out.

What my HS's cross country team and the long-distance crew of the spring track team do is nearby there's this massive hill that goes up and up and then it kind of levels off, but then it keeps going up at this b****** of an angle that will just wreck you. Those are great if they're any of those around your area.

Otherwise just run. Get used to jogging and that feeling of going quicker. Small things you can do are go up the stairs with a spring in your step, literally. As a track kid myself it's great. And don't even THINK about that elevator missy (unless you have the baby of course).

Eating right is of course another part of it. People will say don't eat carbs but you'll have to, it's a side effect of working out. Definitely eat some fat and protein and make sure you take vitamins daily. A Red Bull or a Powerade here and there won't hurt as well, and drink other non-alcoholic beverages. Orange juice gets a lot of good stuff in your system but it gives you massive cramps if you go out jogging straight from drinking a glass.

Your body is ready for it. I mean, if you can walk 3 miles with a baby jogging stroller.

Start out jogging for 1.5 miles. I know it sounds like a lot, but you CAN do it. Find a pace that is taxing on your body, but not extreamly hard. Maybe level 5 on the treadmill? You may need to push your self a little bit to finish. Don't worry you will not die if it hurts a little. Add .25 every week (or whenever you are ready).

Keep this up and you will look good and feel great. You should see results after about a month.

Good luck!

light your self in fire and "feel the burn" and run for your life
then youll be a pro

Start bytaking it slow. Walking is good. But try and quicken the pace to a brisk trot.

I built up for jogging for months by first doing the treadmill, then the cross-trainer, then the elliptical, and it still didn't help. I was in constant pain jogging, my knees-- my feet-- my akles-- everything. Walking at a fast pace (or even slow) is JUST as good.

start of slow. i only started jogging last year because in school it's mandatory and i had a gym type class twice a day. get someone to jogg with you if/when you don't have the baby with you. Having someone makes me push myself harder.

Walking is actually as good for you as jogging, and much better for your knees. Don't just take my word for it, ask around.

just start! take it slow at first, and don't try to jog too much. for the first couple of weeks, jog to a particular landmark (the end of the block, a fire hydrant, etc) then walk the rest. every week or so, extend to a further landmark. also, you shouldn't feel you have to jog every day. if you switch off jogging and walking every other day, that's a really good workout. to tone your legs, combine this aerobic work with squats and lunges using weights (or just while holding your baby!)

i worked my way into it by finding a route that has flat and hilly parts. I started by only jogging on the flat parts and walking on the hilly parts. then i started running up some of the less steep hills, working toward landmarks that were increasingly further away. it was a great feeling to finally reach the point of jogging the whole 3 miles, hills and all. it took a few months, but it happened.

another great way is to find a motivator. sign up for a 5k run that's a month or two away. sign up with a partner and have fun training together. if you really want to get motivated, look for a mini or sprint triathlon that's several months away and start preparing for that. you can train for the running and cycling with your baby in tow, which will make the real event seem easy.

if you're walking 3 miles a day, you're already doing great things for your health and body. congratulations!

oh, and invest in a good pair of running shoes to protect your knees.

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