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 What is the best low carb diet?
I'm looking for something less strict than Atkins....

 I need names of some good songs??
I run 5 miles a day and i have been running to the same old music too long. Anyone no of some good motivating songs?...

 Does weight training affect your growth or height?

 How many glasses of water do you think you should drink in a day?

 I weigh 142 i am 5"8 am i fat?

 Does it look like I have lost weight?
Okay I'll post 4 pictures, the first two are of me a few months ago at my peak weight (250lbs - 260lbs) and the other two are from today (207lbs). I am still working on losing weight, but I want ...

 How tall are you??????????????????????...
I am 5'2"...

 Does water make you fat.?
i know water is good for you but can it bloat me and how many regualr sized bottles can i drink a day
Additional Details
um ya susan, ...

 What's the most healthy food to eat?

 Can eating carrots really give you aids?
a recent study stated that if you consume about 3 servings of carrots a day, you can develop a certain stem of the aids virus. This carrot epidemic is currently affecting iceland mostly, I hope i ...

 Just ate and i feel scared?
i just ate a bowl of cereal at 5.55pm!! Im such a pig and i need to know what will burn it off. I calculated it had about 250 caloriesl, so add on 50 to be safe and ive got 300 cals to burn. I'm ...

 Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you ever feel sick, ill and bloated for the rest of the day after eating a McDonalds meal?

I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

Why ...

 What do you think of people who are over weight.?
what do you think of people who are very over weight do you think they should diet or be happy as they are. what about health risks....

 Do you think i am overweight ? (honest answers please)?
hey i am recovering from anorexia i was eating an apple everother day for 5months because i think i am fat. but now for the last week i have been eating 1500 calories a day but i am feeling really ...

 Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet?
Are fruits bad for you when your on a ...

 500 calories a day?
apparently you can lose 20 pounds in a month..no excerise!!
is this possible?...

 Should i loose any weight?
i am about 5"3-5"4... im 13... my friends think i am only 100 pounds(i didnt tell them that, they say that).. i am really about 130.. i feel light to most people, and some say i am skinny.....

 I'm a girl @ 5'1. how much should i weigh?

 Do u guys think that im overweight?
im 5'1 and im 98lbs
is that considered overweight?...

 I weigh 500 pounds?
I wonder if i am just chunky or really overweight?...

What is the best possible way that i can get dat Beyonce booty?
What do i do? Diet? Exercise? Lunges tell a girl cause i do want to "work it out" Thank uuu

get an a $$ implant

stair stepper, mule kicks and Cold Stone

u cant

Katterine P
Try POWER-Walking. Do it right. Rent a Gary Null's DVD
for details.

Butt implants. There's no way to make a person's butt plumper like Beyonces. Not unless they were cursed with the big booty like me ( sigh ). That's the only reason why my husband married me. Have a great thanksgiving!


Genetics... if not then as you've said workout lunges ect... how funny that not so long ago a sista's attributes was "publicly" considered not attractive but all the while very very very much sought after "mo Bounce to the Once" Smile...

Seriously, you have all that you need.. perhaps a little toning/exercise it's always good .
a report and on Oprah was a show where as a survey was done on men Black and White as to the type of women they like... Black said that they like the sista's as they come.. large/small/short/tall ect.. whereas White men liked them like "Barbie" or Pamela Anderson type (which is Barbie...) Sad that this fact was represented in all the women and young women that were literally going crazy/starving/implanting themselves, trying to change their body's to fit this (unreal) image

further more this was/is a big problem in the White culture... and others that try to emulate the White culture (hair color change falls into this are (oriental with blond hair???) as the survey and Oprah found out... so to u and all women be/use what u got it's mo then enough fo a real man to love and appreciate if he dont get a man (yea body attracts but inner Beauty keeps).. dont fall for the hype.

Hi, I have been a personal trainer and a bodybuilder for 25 years. I have trained professional athletes in Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Canada National Downhill Ski Team as well as numerous bodybuilders. I trained one person who won the North America bodybuilding championships. I have also helped many 100’s of people lose weight, tone up and get into great shape again. I just had one client lose 95 lbs. I have developed an excellent, easy to follow diet & exercise plan that will help you achieve your goals. I can offer my plan to you for only $20.00 US. Cash or money orders only please. And I am David Price, 2177 – 6th Avenue, Trail, BC, Canada, V1R3B8.

Please include your age, whether you are male or female, height, bodyweight and your goals.

I will also offer you free consultation via messenger or e-mail to help you along to achieve your goals. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.


David Price

Exercise and shake it

Tommy V
u need to be born with it


Tie the good looking Chinese guy
what you want is what i have and you better have 6000 dollars

[email protected]
Buy it ;)


you just mentioned all of it. The other important thing is positive attitude and encouragement.

do some tae-bo everyday it would reallly healp in shaping up.

You need a personal trainer and cook.

Eat lots of cornbread..it goes straight to the butt it worked for me

Samantha B
Do butt crunches

Dazed & Confused...literally...
injections like jlo lol
and so you know...that beyonce booty is not as much fun as youd think...sooo hard to find jeans....good luck though

i dont think you could.....

KILLer Clown love

eat right and try "yoga" to be limber and strong.

If your not black then forget it. How about this...Be happy with what god gave u and u try to do some butt excerzise. You can find them by typing in butt excerzises in google search.Good luck

Black Kat
Depends. First of all, what's your body shape? Beyonce is an hourglass, so she'll have more of a booty.

Bored silly
damn, i think u have to be born with it.

♫Heather Luvs Incubus♫
Plastic surgery probably.

there is an operation for this. it is called the brazilian buttlift. it is done in Los Angeles by that doctor on TV.

Unless you genetically store fat in your @$$ you won't get a Beyonce booty. You can work your butt muscles a lot and try to make them bigger that way though!

squats, lunges, walk on a treadmill with an incline.

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