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What is the best low carb diet?
I'm looking for something less strict than Atkins.

with a diabetic diet my husband been on 5 months now i am doing with him .i lost 65 pounds in three months.make sure you get fiber that you drink to help you out.and exercises.

From my experince I would suggest the South Beach Diet or the Glycmex Index deit. These two are both low in carbs and very tasty foods, you don't have to buy special food just food from the store. And besides that with a exercise program which all diets require they work.

The Atkins or South Beach Diet are the best in my opinion. I lost 25lbs on the Atkins.

If you follow a healthy foods diet with a combination of foods from different diets or just regular foods and also pump up your exercise routine, then you're going to lose weight.

Best of luck to you!.

Lenny B
South Beach

Low carbs are tough to stick to and if you don't stick to it then what's the point.

You should check out the Glycemic Index--this will work without many of the hassles of other diets.

If you are really trying to lose weight and keep it off then get into a gym and lift weights. It is the number one way to lose weight for the long haul. Muscle burns fat. If you have never lifted then pop for a couple of bucks and get a couple of sessions with a trainer just to help you get started.

I've read good things about The Sonoma Diet. The first 10 days of it are supposed to be pretty tough, but after that they slowly add back in foods that you like and even leave room for you to enjoy a glass of wine. I'm considering trying this one, and I'm not the type of person who usually believes in diets. Good Luck.

your own
get informed and make up your own according to your taste and life style
Good LUck to you

Adkins works (I lost 25 lbs in 2 months). I also now have a cholesterol problem that I never had before. Arteries clogged full of grease and lard. Probably won't live to see next year. But, hey, I'll make an attractive corpse.

The Tony Ferguson diet is apparently good.

Visit www.tonyferguson.com

Adkins is the only one, carbs are stored fat so must do the Adkins or you will be fat

I have found that the South Beach Diet works reall good, and the food is awesome! I personally love Diet Green Tea, and the grilled chicken strips.Yum!

california gurlie poo
my dad is a big guy and a big eater. he stopped eating bread, sweets,and pasta. he lost over 100 lbs (he'd been at 300) then he gained all the weight back when he started eating those forbidden foods again...the thing is you can totally control your weight loss by limiting intake of this food. eat less bread and pasta than you usually do and you can lose weight. i tried this and the thing is you have to cut out sweets altogether. i cut out bread, but not sweets and i stayed the same weight.

i also notice that drinking water keeps me about seven lbs lighter all the time. try that, you get used to to it quick. my personal diet is i drink water and nothing but water, I work out three times a week, and i limit my portions, and and i cut out sweets. it works.

Our local hospital gives free nutrition classes. See if yours does. They had me get the book "The Doctors pocket Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate counter.. plus 170 fast food chains and resturants" This book is awesome. in the front of the book it gives you a scale of how many carbs you should be taking in a day. Even brakes it down to how many each meal with snacks during the day. ( I have lost 82 lbs) main thing to remember you can still eat every kind of food you want, just have to watch and only eat one of them a day. Kinda like this, if you want to eat pasta today, dont eat potatoes and watch your bread intake. Or if you want a piece of pie, dont eat bread pasta or potatoes that day. (and make sure its a small piece of pie...lol) I eat one meal a day of what a really want, the other meal is usually a salad of some kind and then I eat a good low carb breakfast. . Its really easy if you would like more tips let me know. I am helping to teach a class now.

SOUTHBEACH. I definitely agree with a couple others who told you that. After the first difficult two weeks I tried to still stay low carb and low saturated fat but two times a week only I would treat myself to one high carb thing I craved like Key Lime pie or skittles. I found it very do-able.

Don't do a low carb diet. That's the best advice.

The low carb diets are all basically the same. Atkins is more strict but only the first 2 weeks. I lost 30 in 3 months on Atkins. You can get great free recipes on the web for whichever one you decide on.

Definitely The Zone Diet.

Natasha B
south beach...it's kinda like atkins for the first 2 wks. however you can eatc plain fat free yogurt, sugar free candy and fudgesiciles. it's a good thing. then afte rthe two wks you start incorporating small amounts of carbs. buy the book, paperback is really cheap.

atkins isnt that strict if you just skip the first couple of weeks

read tips on weight loss and exercise programs that will help you on this site

dionne m
I hear that South Beach is good. I had professor that lost 20lbs on the diet.

Cruella DeVil
Anorexia has proven efficient and just as harmful as many diets!!!!

Seriously, I heard the South Beach diet is amazing...!

replace one meal with fruits nad vegetables. dont eat junkfood at all


south beach

My doctor recommends the South Beach diet.

Cecelia W
I have found that The Zone diet works really well and is not as strict as the Atkins diet. As everyone knows there is good fat, and bad fat... it is the same with carbs. There are good carbs, and bad carbs. The Zone helps you to find out which ones are healthy and which ones are not. Personally, for me, I lost 30 pounds just by cutting back on my portions of food... eating small healthy meals every couple of hours... instead of 3 huge meals every 4-6 hours. I would say the Zone is the closest diet there is to that.

☺ Pavilion ☺
it's easy, the best low carb diet is the one that doesn't have carb... duh!!!

All those diet fads are bad news.

Eat pleanty of small meals throughout the day. If you eat lemons after you eat the acid eats the food and helps you Digest-It.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day and get 8 hours of sleep.

Take a walk everyday. You don't have to bust your butt at the gym as long as you think to get into shape or lose weight. Do some crunches or pushups or some other exercise durning commericals when you watch tv.

Listen to you body. If you need a break take it.

The King
just reduce the bread and pasta and sodas!!

don't wash off carbs altogether the best way to loose weight still is the same eat balanced meals ( cut out processed foods )eat your proteins, vegetables, fruits , nuts and add enough fibre to your diet. Excercise for 20-30 mins daily, Try to eat lean meats avoid lard, butter, vegetable oil. Add a good amount of milk and milk products into your diet. Also remember in the end drinking 8-10 glasses of food , cutting down stress and getting enough sleep will help you reduce weight safely and also keep it off with minimum efforts

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