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Honey Pot
What is some ways I can gain weight?
Because of a serious medical problems (not an eating disorder!) I have lost a LOT of weight and my doctor said I need to gain around 15-20 pounds to be at my "idea weight" any ideas of healthy weight gain? I dont want to eat a lot of junk food...

eat a lot of calories and don't do anything

"ensure" - it is a meal supplement that will help you gain weight.

i would worry more about eating healthy then gaining weight actually - so figure out how many calories you need and eat a balanced meal - who knows your metabolism may be high - don't eat to you are sick

eat to be healthy - that is what is important.

i have the same problem.
no matter what i eat, i seem to gain no weight.
i would suggest not eating unhealthy because that will just result it a diet crash.
resort to eating more portions even when your full.

Protein-rich foods and exercise to build muscle....

eat when your bored and drink a lot of beer

Brendan B
don't eat junk food because that's a bad type of fat so try eating a lot of high protein foods.

[miss] enid
ummm.. well i knwo that if you eat salty things it makes you retain liquids and that can make you gain weight... other than that you'd have to eat junk food

Eat more calories than your body burns in a daily basis. If your body needs/burns 2200 calories [depends on your height, weight, gender and physical activities] per day and you eat 3000 calories, you gonna eat 800 extra calories each day. For every 3500 calories extra you will gain 1 pound. But dont force yourself. Take it slowly. Good luck.

Sunshine Nat
Make sure you do it healthfully. Eating junk food is not a good way to do it. In some cases, exercising can help you build muscle mass and make you gain weight, but that may not be the case with you. If your doctor says you need to gain weight, talk to your doctor about how. You could also see a dietitian, they would help you get an idea of the right way to go about it. Make sure that you aren't just stocking up on junk food though. Because 20 extra pounds of junk on your body would not be good. Try eating more carbs, just not too many, or high calorie foods as long as they aren't empty calories. Eat the same healthy foods you are now, just eat more of them.

killing is making a choice
Eat a lot of pasta. That's helps you become a fatty. And eat good food, but more of it! GENIUS!

Kathy H
A good balanced meal is the best way to gain. Look at mypyramid.gov to find out your caloric needs. It will give you the right amount of servings for each food category. You can also add protein shakes or supplement shakes such as Ensure. They have calories for your growth but not with a lot of fat. A dietitian can also help you plan your meals according to your need for gaining and maintaining weight. Again, they will help you make healthy choices.

♥✏Emily❈✿ loves the joker!
eat lots of protein found in lean meats, eggs, milk, and low fat cheeses, eat complex carbs found in breads and oatmeals, fruits(dried fruits have more calories, also bananas) vegies(especially potatoes and corn) eat nuts like eanuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashews and eat peanut butter..its high in calories and healthy fat and lots of vitamins...basically, just eat a high amount of calories but get it from healthy food...nothing else matters but the calories so mane em healthy to gain weight. srink ensure plus and boost plus and there are protein bars that i eat that are delicious, healthy, and have 300 calories for a good size

i need to gain about 13 pounds

Yuri ^_^
cornbread isn't junk food
try eating carbs like pasta perhaps
Italian food
there's bars like they had in Mean girls-those are probably the healthiest lol remember what they said in the movie, it's for helping kids with eating disorders gain weight

don't eat unhealthy foods or stop exercising- anything like that could do damage to your body: the safest way to gain weight is to eat large portions of healthy foods and protein shakes help too as long as you've looked into them and made sure they don't have weird ingrediants in them. Good Luck!!

Eat a diet high in protein, add protein powders to your cereal of a morning, eat red meat, don't eat junk it wont work, you'll just feel lethargic, it can cause issues for you bowles and you can also develop unpleasent issues such as thrush. Eat well with high protein and carbs. You'll find plenty of reciepes on the net. Good Luck. Use Your Head.

eat healthy and around every two hours to put the weight back on, when u reach ur ideal weight go to three meals a day and keep eating healthy - junk food is ok if u wants sweets just make it a treat for ur-self, once every two to three weeks. i personally was under weight and this is how i gained mine back. i did this on my own with out doctors or medication. i hope this helps - and take care.

Jerry S
Both gaining and losing too much wait can be harmful. I suggest that you consult with your physician. I know I had worked in a nursing home and my patients would drink ensure. Nothing unhealthy about that. Best of luck to you.

lol..I will just give you some of mine so I can stop working out soo much!! My advice to you is to eat more than you are used to, eat throughout the whole day, even when you don't feel hungry, it doesn't have to be unhealthy food. Eat a lot of foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. Just give it time, don't rush it.

bread makes people gain a ton

Zachary F
weightgainer 50000

just eat a balanced diet, you will gain weight, also if u do low impact muscle building excresies you will gain muscle mass, and muscle weighs more that fat

early to bed and take a little exercise outside

There are two kinds of weight gain, fat and tissue (muscle, bone, etc.). Carbs and fats (McDonalds and Burger King) add to fat. If you want to increase your tissue mass, go on a high volume, high protein diet. Eat lots of eggs, boiled, poached or scrambled in a non stick pan with little or no oil. Eat lots of fish and lean meat (steak with the fat cut off, lean ham, etc). Eat LOTS.

Excess protein will convert to carbs to run your body. Excess carbs will convert to fat, and fat converts fat. Only very high concentrations of protein can harm you, while too much carb or too much fat can definitely do you harm. You do not want to increase your fat tissue without first giving your body the stuff it needs to repair you, that being the amino acids in proteins.

Get plenty of fiber for regularity, and vitamins plus minerals to allow your body to assimilate the food you eat.

The cells that you are made of are proteins. If you have been sick, then your cells are damaged. They need help. The only help you can provide is a steady supply of amino acids from high protein sources.

you can try protein shakes--go to a health food store--they can help~~~

You should ask your doctor for advice on this...or go to your local GNC store and ask them, I am sure they have the proper things to help you gain weight the right way...Hope you are much better!! Hope this helps...

I would not try and gain this weight quickly.

peanut butter, nuts, meat, Calcium (yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs), carbs-bread, pasta. bananas
have eggs, toast and yogurt for breakfast
peanut butter jelly sandwiches for snacks
eat peanuts, almonds etc nuts for snacks
just eat eat eat!
I bet your doctor can give you a more specific list also!
Keep eating alll day! you can eat some junk food, but that will only lead to negative weight gain(fat). stick to what i told you, and you will gain good weight!

Nuts are high calorie, and they are also very healthy.

The Chair Wizard IV TEAM LIKE
Eat more portions of food


To gain weight you have to eat more calories than you burn. When adding calories, try to stay away from adding too much fat. While you can get fat from eating carbohydrates or protein, your body likes to use carbohydrates as fuel more than fat. To gain muscle, in addition to eating more you have to stimulate your muscles enough through resistance training that while they recover, they'll get bigger and stronger. To get an efficient workout you might want to join a gym if you aren't already a member.

Guide to Gaining Weight - http://straighthealth.com/pages/guides/gainweight.html

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