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What is better to drink during a work out water or Gatorade?

Water 100%.

If you really want to get specific though you should drink a protein shake directly before a workout and directly after a workout, then about an hour after you should have a solid meal of roughly 50% Protein, 40% Carbs and 10% Fat.

This would give you optimal muscle growth and aid in the body ability to repair after a strenuous workout, but this is for someone who is totally 100% commited, like a body builder or something.

i would say water.
water is healthier and when you drink water
you don't have to worry about gaining the extra
fat that gatorade will give you.
gatorade just gives you the extra energy boost because
of the sugar.

Dont listen 2 anyone that says gatorade b/c gatorade has a a lot of electrolytes and wat u need after a workout but it has a lot of sugar and preservatives that make the drink worse for u. so water is definetly the best answer. im on the track team and my coach always makes sure i have a lot of water/

WATER!! (120 oz per day)

id go with water cuz gaterade tastes good so toull want to keep drinking it. then you stomach will hurt and you cant work out. i alway stay with good bland water

I would say Gatorade before a workout, then water during the work out.

Gatorade and other sports drinks are filled with sodium and sometimes sugar. Why would you want to add that to your system while trying to be healthier? Stick with water - it quenches thirst more effectively and doesn't cost you anything.


Definitely water. Gatorade is a major sham. It is sugar water that is packaged as some miracle elixir of the Gods that will turn you into Adonis. Why ride a bike for 15 minutes at the gym(burning about 125 calories) only to cancel it out from the calories from a small Gatorade? Water is a lot better for your teeth also. Worried about the electolytes? Eat a piece of fruit!

My name is Chickie.

um...gatorade. Water doesnt have the substance to digest fast, so if you exercise with water, you will hear that water in your stomach and will be slowed down.

water before workout and gatorade during workout

(plus try to put it over your body like the commercial)


B Small
i would say vitamin water because it is after all just basic water, a little sugar, and a ton a replenishing vitamins. no sugar let-down like energy drinks or carbonated drinks.

Ever look at how many calories are in Gatorade??.... well... whats the point in working out, if your just taking the calories back in!

Pink Koala
water gatorade is high in sugar and when you drink it later you lose energy

water during gatorade after!

water.... u should drink gatorade before yur workout... because of the electrolites ( the stuff that energizes u in a good way)

Ryan H
water is the best during a work out, but when its over drink gatorade to rehydrate

Bo P
gatorade before, water during

Allie Lang
waters the best choice but gatorade is ok too

Aussie N

bball lover
water-gatorade has so much sugar in it


Drew P
If its a long workout you should drink either of them after the workout to replace the stuff that your body lost during the workout.
On that note you should also eat something after the workout to replace some of the other stuff

Jesse E
water because it has sugars and that could make you sick

i would say water, water actually helps your body to use more protien at a time than without it

gatorade before the workout and water during the workout.

Aaron T
gatorade..more electrolytes

That would depend on the workout.

For short workouts, neither may be necessary.

For long endurance training sessions, Gatorade, or something similar, is far superior to water.

The primary purpose of Gatorade is to rehydrate quickly and efficiently. Its been tested and documented over and over again that a 7% carbohydrate solution assists and speeds up the transport of water through the intestinal wall.

Additionally, Gatorade replaces some of the sodium and Potassium lost via sweat. This may not be not be important if you're only lifting or going for a short run, but for longer workouts and races, it can become critical. If you've ever had your quads sieze up 3 or 4 hours into a triathlon, you know what I mean......

Less than an hour, it probably doesn't matter. More than that, Gatorade would certainly be the better choice.
Edit: Good Lord. So much misinformation flying around!

1. For long workouts, drink Gatorade DURING. The sugars make the fluid get into your system FASTER, which is what you need.

2. Calories? Yes, of course. Calories are fuel. You can't run on empty. No one would ever finish a marathon or Ironman if they didn't take on some additional fuel DURING the race. Your glycogen stores run out in a couple of hours, and you can't convert fat fast enough to power any sort of decent athletic effort on that alone. You absolutely need some carbohydrate fuel as well as fluid DURING longer workouts.

3. There is nothing magic about Gatorade. Personally, I prefer Cytomax or PowerBar Endurance, but everyone knows the brand, so I continued to refer to it.

Definitely water.

Probably water for your health. But Gatorade will keep you awake and happy


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