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Sadie Wood
What is a good workout rotune for teens, that I can do in thirty minutes.?
Not running because I already do that??

68 plymouth cuda
you are a kid, don't worry bout it.

Do Zumba. It's a dance routine that gets the cardio going but also strengthens muscles and increases flexibility. Take a look at it on YouTube or other places on the web.

running is the best cardio anyone can do! just run more and if you desire something else, take up pilates. it will elevate your heart rate and you will get toned, lean muscles.

Samantha L
Sometimes im not good with exercise routines. Try dancing for 30 minutes straight. And im not talking about stepping left and right. I mean alot of movement and jumping. Use fast movements and get some good dance music. Try doing this everyday & if u can squeeze in doing it more than once in one day.

you can go to http://www.exercisetv.tv/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PaidSearch&utm_campaign=Brand&utm_term=exercisetv%20com&gclid=CN6RjO3RzpECFQUYlwodVGSD3g

they have really good workouts....but one day my legs hurt....overall its good

um id say do my routine i work for 10 minutes on each ecsercise like crunches,pushups,,jummpingjacks

A good workout is the basic crunchies jogging in the spot, also watching your intake with food.
I hope this helps

Sammy A
Try doing some pilates, very easy and very effective if done around 30 minutes a day. Keeps you fit and makes you feel alot healthier.

It's all about keeping your heart rate up. Whatever wont bore you out of your mind and keeps your heart up for 30 minutes go for it. Personally I enjoy running, second biking, last jump rope. You might want to look into High Intensity Interval Training. Its stuff like, sprinting the straights and jogging or walking the curves on a track or you could do it with a stop watch. Like sprint for 15 seconds and jog for 45 seconds. This should usually go for about 15 to 20 minutes including a nice warm up or cool down. The philosophy behind it is it shocks your metabolism instead of staying at a constant rate. People also use sprinters to long distance runners to prove this method. Look at images of sprinters and marathon runners and sprinters are really thing like stick figures and sprinters are tone.

Ride your bike to school.

Live your life ♥
Cardio kickboxing ( : always a fun work out

Here's a link to the Nike workout to 'S.O.S' by Rihanna. It's a dance that gets you nice and toned! Here it is:


You can find the next few parts on the same site

Nicole M
It's a good idea to maybe jog around your neighborhood or play some sports that you like.

im 14 and i just play sports like soccer basketball baseball join a team and make sure your in a p.e. class at school
try and walk to and fro school instead of getting a ride

Chloe D
Any exercise is good for you...but if you are wanting to tone or loss more weight...try simple things that you can do when every you are bored...buy a fitness video/DVD or simple exercise like press-ups or sit-ups...since you run already while not run to the gym and spend half an hour there

Hope that help..x

Some easy workouts should be some crunches and lunges, this especially because it works out your upper thighs (butt)

Just don't sit at home in front of the TV or computer.
but check this site out for some hints.


Icon M C
Alright. do 30 situps, then do 30 situps with your legs in the air, itll hurt alot but works REALLY good. then do 20 pushups. repeat this for about 15 minutes a day. after doing this drink some Green Tea because it RAPIDLY increases fat burning and your metabolism. i lost 29 pounds in a month doing this. stay away from grease and to much red meats. eat apples they contain pectin which burns fat.


Seeing as you're already running, i would recommend some sort of karate or yoga, something that works on flexibility in the arms and legs helps too!

live for today
Try doing scrunches, or pushups, or even wieght lifting.

Harry G
lift weights

Blue Rain
Dance Dance Revolution- good workout

sundance surfer
If you already are running, I would just stick to that.

You don't want to overdo it remember.

Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight.

If you are open to it, cheerleading is VERY physical, fun, and gets you in shape quickly. I started 1 year ago, and after about 6 practices, I was so much fitter I had no idea what had happened! You do have to make sure that you don't overwork yourself, though, because you can injure yourself very seriously if you don't eat enough or if you practice too much.

Taylor H
go outside and play.

take it or leave it
a good workout would be some dancing. They have videos out there. anything fast paced is good. you'll have fun too!

Yoshi C
if you have a bike you should go and ride it or what i like to do is garden!

i dont know about a whole routine, but heres some of what i would add:

jump roping
leg lifts
push ups
V reach

hope i helped!

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