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What happens if you drink too much water?

you get bloated and pee alot. but the truth is you can't drink too much. its impossible.

I was once told drinking water for the hell of it, too much, may kill you

ull pee lot and then u can get a stomachache also

Mike Sanders
I guess you need to pee quite badly...

In the useless information stakes... native americans used to use water as an alarm clock, before they slept they'd drink a load of water to ensure they'd wake up early in the morning (generally cos they had to pee)

You get very bloated and wee lots

almost impossible
you will likely throw up or gag

Dr. Mojo M
Execess water flush out in the form of urine.


your body is depleted of vital minerals.

pee a lot?

You throw up, or spit up, more like.


u peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

ou wee alot

did u hear the one about the indian who drank 50 cups of tea before he went to bed, they said he drowned in his teepee!

Steph j
This happened to my friend who was on holiday in Spain and drank too much water cos she was hot. She ended up in a Spanish Hospital with temporary paralysis of her hands and feet as her brain had swelled due to the excess fluid.

I did this over the hot UK summer.....( about 6to8 bottles a day ..! )...all i found was that i was pissing a lot....But had lots of energy, and lost about 1/2 a stone ..! :)

What a load of silly answers, if you drink too much water you have washed out vital salts and electrolytes. This can cause you to appear inebreated and unless it is correctecd immediately it can make you very ill.

You will need the toilet

TuĂ°ba B
you throw up !!

you visit the peeing room alot ... xx? wot else am i supposed to say?

lots of wee wee.

you pee a lot!!

it helps flush out or the toxins in your body so eventually you should have healthier skin, plus you wont feel so tired because your more hydrated and have more oxygen in your body

plus u will pee a lot

I know they have a problem at the London Marathon every year where a few people drink too much water while running. They drink so much water that they have water intoxication and some people have actually died.

But i think that is more water than you could drink if you were just sitting at home and trying, you would pee you self before you got to water intoxication.

But mostly when you drink too much water you either pee or throw it up if you drank it in one go

It's called fluid overload and causes many problems. Fluid can gather in your lungs, cause congestive heart failure, electrolyte imbalances, renal (kidney) dysfunction, etc. Some cases result in death. That's why we nurses have to be so careful when calculating an IV drip rate. Make sure you get enough water, but not too much. You'll need more water than normal folk if you take a lot of medications.

Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication and to a related problem resulting from the dilution of sodium in the body, hyponatremia. Water intoxication is most commonly seen in infants under six months of age and sometimes in athletes. A baby can get water intoxication as a result of drinking several bottles of water a day or from drinking infant formula that has been diluted too much. Athletes can also suffer from water intoxication. Athletes sweat heavily, losing both water and electrolytes.

Water intoxication and hyponatremia result when a dehydrated person drinks too much water without the accompanying electrolytes.

you could die if you went crazy and drank gallons

Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication

you can flush out a lot of electrolytes that are very important to good health!

You can die from "Water Intoxication." Here's a website for you.


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