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hahaha hell yea thats fat
im not any of that
srry to ruin =P

What do you think of people who are over weight.?
what do you think of people who are very over weight do you think they should diet or be happy as they are. what about health risks.

As with all people I decide what I think about them on a person by person basis. What they do regarding their weight is their business.

You might want to look at some of the more recent research being done in the field of obesity and health. There is mounting evidence to suggest that a high BMI is not a reliable indicator of poor health. Current thinking is that the ratio of waist circumference to overall body circumference is far more reliable in predicting health problems than BMI.


Aron W
Nothing of them there human wif a little bit of chub

Diann C
I don't think anything about them. My significant other is overweight, despite years of hard-core dieting and exercising. He has a Thyroid problem, even though he is on medication for it, he is still overweight.
Some people honestly can't help their size, you don't know their situation.

Its not that hard to lose weight, but at the same time, most of them have personalities that dont put emphisis on fitness, they usually put emphasis on friends and happiness. Ive noticed that most of the time when a fat person wants to lose weight, its because someone else makes them feel bad about it, and its that caring about someone else that drives them. Just look at "Biggest Loser", they are always doing it for someone else, not themselves.

I don't really care too much about people being overweight. It's their life.

mike h
I don't go in for all this American 'its who you are on the inside' crap! Obese people really annoy me!

It is just sheer laziness 99% of the time!

Yes there are very few medical conditions that may cause it (hyperthyroidism and the need for steriod based medication for example), but these CAN be worked around to live a healthy life with a bit of work.

The vast majority of people just use these as an excuse (and being big boned is not a medical condition lard ar*es!!!!)

As a nurse I know what I am talking about here!

It is so easy with a bit of work and determination to live a healthy lifestyle and be at a healthy weight. But most people simply cant be ars*d to put the effort in. Thats all it comes down to at the end of the day.

And yes, I do practice what I preach, I work out a lot and eat healthily.

Obese people really make me sick, there is absolutely no excuse for them to be like that other than sheer laziness, and they still expect the NHS and me as a nurse to help them when everything goes wrong and they end up in hospital. Im sick of it.

Its about time you fatties started taking some responsibility for your own health state and stop expecting the rest of us just to fix it all.

And PS, Mike T, Obesity is one of the CAUSES of diabetes (type II), Diabetes doesnt make people fat! Check your facts!

lee c
I think that each person that is overweight would love to be able to lose weight and be healthier.

Realistically, losing weight is possible provided that you are physically able to move around for exercise purposes and are willing to eat healthy foods..

I am overweight and had a Lap Band Surgery. I lost 80 pounds and it is a struggle keeping the weight off.

I think they are lazy and don't care about their health

claire g
i think they should diet, as they cost the NHS millions of pounds.

When i see overweight people, I immediately think 'lazy and over-indulgent', which is a good indicator of that persons lifestyle. i know for myself, when I put on a kilo or 2 over Christmas or while an injury is healing(pro athlete), I feel horrible and disgusting, and I can't wait to get into the gym and lose it.
But at the end of the day, it's totally an individuals choice if they want to diet or exercise, after all, it's theie life, and their body. But if they want to avoid nasty health complications later in life, I would strongly suggest they do something about it.
Also, I see nothing appealing about an overweight persons body, so I guess that would make it harder for them to find a partner, if they are single. but if they're married, then it's obvious they have 'chucked in the towell', and given up on looking attractive for their partner, or taking pride in their appearance.
Then again, they could just have a Thyroid problem, in which case, I feel sorry for them, since it's not thier fault.

If they are obese they have to lose weight before it starts to affect their health such as suffering diabetes, heart problems, painful knees etc. If they are just chubby on the other hand, it think it kinda looks cute, as long as they keep fit and do not eat foods that raise their cholesterol levels. :)

i dont care, i love them for who they are but i think that they shoudlnt be silly and eat to much when they know they are.
But they humans just like us.
i bet you didnt that 250 years ago, it was better to be fat than to be skinny or small figure.

It doesnt make them a different person...sure they should try and loose weight if they are overweight but 2 things i HATE are...
1) people who are fat who moan about being fat then do nothing about it
2) people who are normal size and are like "omg im so fat!!" when they obviously arent

but if your a stone over its fine but like 3+ stone over is a bit much i think...

mike t
Hi Beverley, as amazing as it seems, some people, unfortunately, cannot do anything about a weight problem simply because it is caused by an underlying medical problem, the Thyroid can be the cause of a lot of people's weight problems, as can life long illnesses like diabetes.
Accept a person for what they are, how they treat you, and make you feel, because sometimes, you just can't help the way things work out, body size wise.
Mike t.

kermit the frog
Most of overweight people I meet are really nice and talk nice and not those skinny and proud ones

I don't care what other people look like. If they aren't my type I just ignore them. I'm not worried about whether or not they diet, it's not my business.

John W
Let people do what the want, but there is a part of me that feels anger towards fat people purely for the fact they are consuming on a daily basis the same amount of food that some families are lucky to get in a week. All greed is disgusting to me.

I think over weight people are just greedy and lazy.

I think they need to take charge of their life, especially is it's affecting their health.

Nicola B
I'm no slim jim myself, but to be fair, overweight people seem to be the nicest people out there XD

I think that being overweight is a health issue and most of society finds it to be unattractive.

mmm food
happy but healthy
depends how overweight we're talking here
i mean if they're fat yet stuffing their faces
or eating unhealthy food then they should defs go on the diet
and lose some weight!

I used to be overweight then I bit the bullet and lost a good amount of poundage. When I see them I think, "They have so many options now a days, they should buckle down and help themselves."

I did it, and so can anyone else.

EDIT: Dieting is hard, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't be happy with who they are, but I was SO unhappy when I was overweight. I started to get healthy, and I am extremely happy now.

I'm not saying they are ugly people.

I'm saying if they try, they might find that at first it's hard, but it gets easier, and if they do it for themselves they can become healthy and happy.

I am 19, and like 5' 10" i was 240 lbs. I lost 30 lbs and am still losing. I say to each his own, but i choose healthy over happy

sometimes just because you are over weight physically doesn't mean you aren't healthy. there are people who could eat just straight up veggies their entire lives and they would still technically be "over weight" whether its genetics or just some sort of chemical imbalance in their body.

eating healthy foods and exercising is obviously the right way to go about loosing weight though..

Jenny J
I try to concern myself with my own affairs, guess if it was a real problem for them then they would be worrying enough for themselves.

It isn't as simple as that. I am overweight (obese) and it makes me very unhappy but it isn't easy to lose weight as you get older and infirm. I can't take exercise, except for swimming, which I do. Dieting works eventually but you have to continue with it forever or you put the weight back on again. Food is one of life's pleasures.

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