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What do you think about teens and drinking?
Dont go running you mouth and get all upset over this i just wanna know your simple opinion if your one of the absoultely not people or you only live once types, this is mainly for older people.

You can't stop it really. Teenagers like to be stupid. I'm 14 and people my age drink but I don't. Why waste my time?

I don't drink,
and none of my friends drink..

Its stupid.

It's fun! :D

if they are responsible about it sure

Mike D
i would let my teens drink as long as they know when to sop and can be responible enough to not risk alcohol poisoning

you only live once :)

Some can handle a bit and some can't. Depends on the idivudual teens level of maturity, but I worry because they may not know yet what they are able to handle even if they think ..OK, I'm all good. The same thing can be said of adults of any age as well really.
In my way of thinking alcohol and other subtances is what makes parents really dread prom night. You are way more likely to recover from an STD or pregnacy blunder than any accident involving alcohol or any other mind altering substances.

drinking at a very young age isnt tolerable.. it affects their mental health and it affects everything else. i feel sad knowing most teens do drink. i myself am 20yrs old and i dont drink and smoke. thank God

Bianca C
im a teen and im absoluey agiant it.
the age of 21 is set for a reason.
its' bad for your health, can lead to alchololic attitudes, and accidents while driving.
i can see a sip of whine at a wedding or something,
but once a teenager starts everything changes and their attitude towards things changes for the worse. i've seen it happen.

there lost in this sick world and need to be found just like i was. how do we digest this if its our daughters?

~Ta Da~
Older people? Well I'm old enough to buy alcohol so I'll answer anyways, btw, I'm 22. I don't drink, because I hate the way it makes me feel. I opened up one of my old magazines and read an article about this 19 year old freshman in college get alcohol poisioning from a party and one of the friends that was sleeping next to her woke up screaming to her cold body. I think it's a waste of life, so much potential down the drain not to mention the pain you put your parents/family through.

I think that everyone needs to experience something,. and i would rather kids drink as teens then hit the legal age and go nuts. i am almost 19 and i am not even really makinh party plans at the bars because i drank a lot younger. and i can control it. some can and some cant. parents do need to watch their kids and realize what they are doing and if they are drinking excessivly. but id rather my kids be drinking alcohol than going out and snorting lines of Cocaine..

idk... bad influence... i'm 17 and my aunt tried to give me patron and i just thought about my cuz (her daughter) who is getting drunk and she is only 13... I try to stay away from it and wait... because i don't want to end up like her and get drunk with all her friends and she started smoking pot too because she knew alcohol was right so everythin else must be fine too... i don't think so...

Just a Girl
Well... simply it is the law that teens cannot drink. Personally... I think that the drinking age probably should be changed to 18, but then high school seniors would be drinking.... so where do we draw the line? I think that Americans in general are very out of control with drinking and when teenagers get a hold of it... it can be handled very irresponsibly. In moderation... it wouldn't hurt the body all that much, but it's the irresponsibility that causes problems. I think that teens drinking is not a good idea for those reasons. I'm a teacher so seeing my high school seniors as legal drinkers would kinda rub me the wrong way! I know what kind of people they are normally... we don't need to embellish that!

Tara Bara
Well, just like our parents most of them drank when they were teens.
In my opinion teens are going to drink no matter what... if it's peer pressure or if they are bored.
I went to Mexico with my family at a all inclusive resort a few months back and my younger brother recently turned 17. They let him drink whatever there. I think it's ok as long as it is in moderation... but i'm sure many will disagree.

Queen M
I really hate to hear about young people drinking. They really do not understand that it really does not add to their quality of life. It is like play with a loaded gun, you never know when it may go off. When young people start engaging in drinking they do not know if they may become addict to the poison. I personally believe that drinking is a "Gateway" to other drugs, yes I said drugs, alcohol is a legal drug, that has been instrumental in causing heartache in families all over the world.

If you Drink don't drive. That goes for any age. That is about all you can hope for these days with all the under age drinking going on. Half the teens on the road cant drive sober.

well when i was in high school i didnt want to be like everyone else..i wanted to be the good kid and stayed out of trouble ..bc it seemed like thats all ppl did..but when senior year came (last year) i kinda had the need to let loose a lil..i didnt drink every weekend just now and again..but a year off of school i really didnt drink..so i just think it depened on how mature the teen is and their drinking habits. they just have to be careful

Well, I'm a mother of two teens and my older one is allowed to drink but within reason, he's 18 (Canada) and I teach them responsible drinking and no drinking and driving allowed. I also have a 1:00 am curfew, not negotiable no matter what.

→ εmmå ?

Teens + Drinking = WASTED

kris m
i dont agree with the whole "yeahhh lets PARTY" scene but i think if teens want to have a controlled get together at someones house where help could be reached if necesary they should be able to

teens are going to drink, it should be in a safe, controlled environment

the squeeler
Im a teen and i dont drink, but I know ALOT of people i do. Its stupid, its gonna set up alot of problem for them down the road.

hiphop anonymous
I'm a teen. And I drink. And I drive. Just not at the same time.

well im not going to leave u some long essay. all im going to say is this...if teens are going to drink there going to drink, the more u tell them its wrong or not too, its jus goin to urge them to do it more. im 19 and i dont drink or smoke, i dont feel that drinkin makes things more fun, its jus really brings out the true colors of people

Bad......think about adults have more power on teenagers and 98% of adults drink! Teens learn to think oh that cool I am going to do that. Most of the time they wont think about the what going happen and end up getting kill or hurt.

If you are in such a hurry to live life then it really doesnt have that much appeal later does it ?As you have been there and done that.You do what you want and live with what you have done.If you can still look at yourself in the mirror afterwards and feel good about it then I geuss it was alright.I personally didnt like what I was like when I was drinking.But ,You will probably do as I did and not listen either.Good luck.

Slick Rick
Not when they're younger, but I would like to see the law changed to 18 for drinking. If you can legally, vote, smoke, and be called to the military, then you should be able to drink.

Some Beach
First of all it's illegal. But putting aside legalities teens in general are mentally and emotionally immature to begin with. Drinking deteriorates everyones ability to make sound judgement calls. So teens especially tend to get into various kinds of trouble and danger when they do drink. So my opinion is teens and drinking are not a good idea at all. Trust me, I used to be one :-p

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