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 Losing weight.. please help?
okay so what im gonna do to lose weight is- eat nothing but fruits, veggies, water, & yogurt for a week. im also gonna be running around my block for about 20 mins a day & doing a few ...

 I'm 18 and 5'7 weigh 119 pounds I want to get my weight down to about 80 any sugestions?

 How to grow taller? 10 points?
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 Is bing fat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i weight 280 ...

 Am i fat?? is this truely obese??
im 14, im 5ft. 1in., and i weigh 190 lbs
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hahaha hell yea thats fat
im not any of that
srry to ruin =P

 Please help me.i dont know what to do.my friend is quite fat and he wants to lose weight.?
but he refuses to exercise and he eats a lot.what should he do???????????...

 Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?
but every1 says im under weight and make me eat MORE

am i over weight
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im her friend lisa asking this....

 Does this sound like a good diet for a cheerleader?
well. here they are cheer tryouts 4 my first year. less than 1 month away. does this sound like a good diet?

Breakfast: special K bar or special K cereal or some kind of breakfast bar

 What would happen if i didnt eat for a whole week?

 What are some healthy snacks i can keep at work so i dont munch on the lollies and biscuits here??

 Ok, am I to fat?
Ok people, don't be mean about this I am going through my period 2. OK, I am 13 years old 5'6'' or 5'7'' and I weigh 150 pounds. But everyone thinks I look ...

 I'm reallly reeeaaallly thirsty?
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 What girl sounds prettier?
girl 1

green/blue eyes
light brown hair
average body type

girl 2
green/blue eyes
dark brown hair

 Am i fat??
I weight 105, i think i am soo fat, i am 5'9" and i luv modeling, so how can i get this weight off?...

 Am I overweight??
I am a 15 year old boy. I am about 5 feet, 8 inches. I weigh around 175 pounds give or take a couple pounds. I am very muscular though and I have heard that muscle weighs more than fat. PLEASE BE HONE...

 Am I skinny, average, or fat?
I am 15 years old, 5'9 and I weigh 110 lbs, (50kg)
What do u think?
Thanks heaps ;-)...

 What are some ways my boyfriend can gain weight?

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it's not that i want to. but he has a very high matabolism and he wants to gain weight and turn it all into ...

 10lbs a week too high of a goal?
Is 5-10lbs a week too much weight loss in a short period of time? I've known quite a few people who have been able to lose that much weight and have been healthy about it..
Additional D...

 Is too much water bad for you?
I am dieting and don't eat anything after 6! Nothing fried, Just healthy meals (i.e Lean Cuisine, Helthy Choice...and Subway lol) ....no cokes JUST water!!! I hear if you drink to much water ...

 Should I blame Burger king or Wendy's for me being fat?
in the news today "Chains refuse to put calories on menus "
Come On...everyone knows what's good and what's bad for him to eat...but we people like to blame others for ...

What can i eat in a sandwich instead of cheese? I dont eat meat!!!?
I just need some ideas on things to eat in my sandwiches instead of cheese? needs to be low in calories though, and i dont eat meat either.

I LOVE mayo lettuce and tomato!!!!!!

egg mayonaise, coleslaw, humas etc

peanut butter...........yummy!!!

Kate S
roasted med veg, hoummous & rocket

The Lost Elf
why dont u put cucumber , tomato and Onion slices

Although as low in calories as veggies you way want to consider different types of nut butters (peanut butter, casher butter, etc) as both a source of protein and variety in your sandwiches. Also consider hummus.

Chipsticks and brown sauce, HP if you have any.

Sarah W
How about a veggie sandwich with Avocado, tomato, Alfalfa sprouts (yum!!!), and cucumbers?

Or, you could heat up a veggie patty (the original Gardenburger is my favorite) and eat it on sliced bread or a hamburger bun (they're also great by themselves). They're 100 cals. each.

I think they make Soy-based cold cuts (Smart Deli brand), but I've never tried them, so I don't know if they're good.

organic peanut butter
cucumbers (or other vegetables)
tofu turkey

hope this helps!

peanut butter and jelly but peanut butter has a lot of calories♥ what about avacado?

Gary M
Marmite & tomato.
Peanut butter salad.

vegetables: for example, tomato with mozzerella is good, lettuce, brussel sprouts

fish: tuna fish sandwiches are delicious, although i don't know the calorie count

tofu: there are tofu brands of chicken and meat that tastes pretty good. try morningstar if you want fake meat.

sauces: you can use difference sauces that have lots of flavor like mayonnaise, mustard, Horseradish, etc.

there are some sweeter sandwiches you can make like peanut butter and fluff (marshmallows) and NUTELLA

and of course, peanut butter and jelly

beets are good they have the texture of cheese

you can buy some nice sandwich fillers in the supermarkets. or if you eat fish have tuna or salad

Midnight~Angel :)

some brands of veggie meat are delicious and it is impossible to tell that its not real meat!

pb and j

Hayley R
Things like "fake" meat such as quorn are really nice. I don't eat meat either. But I really like quorn chicken slices with lettuce and mayonnaise.

Sandwich ideas:
1) tomatoes+lettuce (except the bread might get soggy, bring it separately if you want)..add a salad dressing like italian on the bread if you want, or mustard.
2) hummus + pita + whatever veggies you want
3) pb&j
4) jam
5) honey
6) pb+bananas (sounds strange, but it's really tasty)
7) try things other than sandwiches (like the pita I suggested), it's quite tasty...

sliced toms, little sprinkle of salt, touch of Basil and olive oil



tofu, quorn? or are they too like meat?!!

what about that veggie burger stuff? You can also stuff it with a bunch of vegetables. You could also fix an egg salad sandwich.

Laura J
Here are organic Soy protein replacements for meat here: http://www.spice-of-life.com

A good suggestion if any...

I love giant porabellos as a hamburger replacement, they are absolutely delish!

Thinly sliced tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt and some mustard.

Fish paste, roasted vegetables (especially peppers and carrots), egg, etc

love it or hate it

Ginny Jin
Egg mayonnaise

Do you eat fish?

Ohh I love lettuce and tomato. Yum Yum :)

prawn and low fat mayonnaise?
or watercress which isnt that tasteful but i loove it!

sliced eggplant (used in a lot of dishes like lasagna instead of meat)

sliced Avocado

Then drink some low cal milk or Soy milk or eat some nonfat yogurt to make sure you are getting some Calcium.

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