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What can I eat that contains nothing?
I obviously need to eat, but I wish to make my body eat itself up - if you see what I mean...?
What can I eat that contains virtually *nothing*, but is still food? I dont want to trigger stomach ulcers by not eating...

Dont worry, this is not something I intend to be doing forever, this is merely a crash diet...

Celery is the magic food! And you know what? You can eat as much Celery as you want with no calories, and you actually burn like 5 calories just by chewing the stalks!

Eat food or else you could become ill if you don't eat. if you don't feel like eating something you can always drink smoothies. That way you are getting loads of fruit and veg but it dosnt seem like your eating because obviously you would be drinking it. And it will fill you up too. Plus all of the fruit and the veg will be good for the hair and your skin and nails and everything too. I hope this helps you

You are settin yourself up for a severe BINGE but since this is what you want tod and i am no doctor i would go with Celery, water (crystal light) broccoli, sugar free jello. and that is IT. I dont recommed this at all though!!!!! Your body will go into starvation mode and you wont loose weight. Good Luck!!

Patricia F
You can eat all the fresh fruit that you want without gaining any weight. Watermelon for example is simple water. You might also try drinking lots of water and flush your system out. Eating chicken soup is another way of purging your system.

Ice, water, carrots, sprouts, lettuce.

water. Celery.

caitlin d
don't starve yourself....

but Celery, plain boiled chicken, strawberries, blueberries...

basically any kind of fruit or vegetable is good...and the chicken is good for protein

Celery and water

When you stop eating or eat very little it throw your body into starvation mode.That means your metabolic rate will be very low.A hi metabolic rate is what helps you burn calories and lose weight.Eat 5 small meals a day this will speed it up.Or you can go on the Atkins diet like i did.Its awsome and it works,plus if its done right you won't be hungry all the time. Best of luck.

Kaitlyn C
Celery takes more calories to burn than it does to eat. And water, obviously. But I really don't recommend doing this!

Very naughty and certainly not healthy;;; try mushrooms and microwave them for about 10 secs.
Hope you know this is not the way to lose weight...
Try a lifestyle change instead.

celewry is the way to go, it has less calories in it then the amount of energy it takes to metabolize.

But honestly what you are taking about is terribly unhealthy, if you goal is to lose wieght you will, but you will lose all your muscle in the process..

the fat burning process doesn't provide any vitamins or nutrients...

Good Luck i hope i helped.

There is sugar free puddings & jello. Drink skin milk for Calcium. Slim fast has only 190 calories and it has lots of

[email protected]
eating nothing will not help, you need to eat good choices of food in order to lose weight. do it the healthy way. not eating will cause you to bindge

Andrea G
We've been snacking on sea weed -- you'll find it at the Asian grocery.

You might also want to try the lemonade diet -- it's a fasting diet that provides for enzymes and electrolytes you need while detoxing and eliminating excess weight from your colon.


water and air...

and lettuce, or any vegetable, but mostly ones with hardly any color because they are mostly water.

also you could eat soup if you get bored of vegetables

isnt Celery negative calories??

takes more caleries to chew than u intake from digesting it.

there are prolly better ways to lose weight

Be Still and know He's God
Go on a fast. Read about water fasts on the internet here


and there's other sites too. If you stop eating and just drink tons of water, that will do what you're looking for. It's healthy to do this every once in awhile, but don't go working out or other intense activity while fasting.

Disclaimer, Crash diets are just as they sound. A Crash to your system.

If you must know,
iceberg lettuce and Celery
Tons of water.

50/50 to 50
Celery and carrots.

Crash diets are deadly and do more harm than good.
Best thing to do is eat small amounts of the following. It will keep you from getting hungry but you'll still get the nutrients your body needs so body muscle is not destroyed.

Raw vegetables, all kinds (Vitamin A, Magnesium, etc)
Salmon steaks (omega3)
Fruits (vitamin C, D, B12, etc)
Lots of water (without additives) Fills the stomach and helps keep you hydrated. You don't want to dehydrate your body. Other complications will develop much more serious than a few pounds over weight.

Walk every where possible. Yes even to work or school if it is less than 5 miles, 10 miles in good weather.

Good luck. Patience is the best medicine and nutrient for losing and keeping weight off.

Cucumbers and Celery actually cause you to burn calories while you eat them becasue there are so few calories in them, that you burn more than you consume while chewing.

nothing contains nothing, so you can eat that.

celery... 0 calories - it's basically all water.

So long as you eat less calories than you burn, you will loose weight.

Ted Pack
Celery has negative calories; it has 0, but it takes a calorie of effort to chew a stick up, so the net is -1 calorie per stalk.

First of all, crash diets won't make you lose any weight. As you probably know, the only way to successfully lose weight is by consistent exercise and a healthy diet. But some good snack foods that have nutrients but not too much fat or calories are fruit (especially dates) and leek soup.

While this is EXTREMELY unhealthy, and I HIGHLY advise you NOT t odo it, Celery is the best thing, you actually burn more calories chewign and digesting it then you get from it.

Celery, chicken broth, any vegetable. Drink ice water, as your body burns calories trying to heat it up to 98.6 degrees

Don E
see a shrink.

~*Gossip Girl Fan*~
Did u know that there is such a thing as 'negative calorie' foods?

They are foods that foods that are supposed to burn up more calories in the process of digesting them than are actually contained in the foods themselves.

The negative calorie veggies are:

green Cabbage
Celery root
Celery Chicory
hot chili peppers
garden cress
green beans

the negative calorie fruits are:

lemon mango
pineapple raspberries
lamb's lettuce

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