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 Do you like think im fat?
i mean, im only like 14 years old and like 5'2..and i weigh like 150 lbs. i mean all my friends say i am like soooo skinny but i dont always believe them?
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 Am i ....fat?
i'm almost 14yrs old.

and i'm about 5'4.
and i weigh 127lbs.

is that to much?
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 Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
Girls, ain't that so so rude...I ain't no fat *** I am 5'4 and 123-124... was he just being a jerl or what??...

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Since i'm not anorexic and i've always been skinny is that ok? i'm 12 btw
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what ...

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 How tall r u?
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 How can i make my breasts bigger, naturally, from a AA cup, to B?
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What are the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food?
I am doing a Healthy and Unhealthy food poster. I need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food...
Also i need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of Junk food?
(It is a weird question i know)..
Additional Details
thanks everyone for your help i think my poster is going to get a fine grade

Healthy foods give you energy and a longer life, and although the intial cost may appear to be cheaper as Adam stated. I have to disagree because in the long run the medical cost you'll spend will much out weigh the initial extra cost you might pay for the healtheir food. With junk food you'll end up having to go to th e doctor for pain due to the extra weight you'll put on, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, digestive problems, amoung many others, Not to mention a shorter life span. Healthy food does not have to be overly expensive anyway it's all in how you but it. Look at fruits and vegis, for $10 you can have a refridgerator full. Skim Milk is cheaper then whole milk, you crave a hamburger make one at home with lean ground beef or ground turkey. Get white meat chicken breast you can get a 5lb bag for about $6-8. Here are some tips I found online for you.....
Make your own
Most of the best recipes on Earth were created by peasants who wouldn't be able to read the directions on a modern food package. Yet I have witnessed PhDs microwaving TV dinners while complaining how complicated it must be to make what the processed-food wizards are trying to imitate. The truth is that cheap, healthy, and tasty meals, from cereals to sautés to soups, can easily be made from scratch. Individually packaged instant oatmeal, for example, costs about $3 to $4 per pound, while plain old oatmeal, sold in bulk, costs 79 cents per pound, leaving you plenty of resources to experiment with oatmeal cuisine. Try swirling your initials in maple syrup over a steaming bowl if you're feeling adventurous and concerned about presentation.

Grow your own
Lawns surrounding 85 million U.S. residences take up almost 25 million acres. Digging up just a fraction of this real estate to grow chard, lettuce, peas, and tomatoes would be a marvelous development. You'd save money on food, and some of the millions of gallons of oil used to ship it from farm to market. Apartment dwellers take note: An amazing amount of produce can be grown in containers or window boxes, especially greens you can cut and grow back. For tips, browse university agricultural extension services online (never thought you'd be doing that in a highrise, did you?)
We all love junk food but personal experience has taught me the difference and I have found there are healthy ways to have the things I love and still eat healthy, and I am still paying today thousands of dollars in medical cost for eating all that junk food. If you're eating out and you're say at a fast food resteraunt.... get a salad, grilled chicken or something along those lines.

There are no advantages of junk food, unless you consider getting sick and fat one of them. Advantages of health food are... protien, better eyesight, vitimans and minerals. I really don't understand. E-mail me and just say the e-mail is because of the advantages and disadvanteges of food. Thank's.. -question001

junk food

pros: tastes good, cheap, fast, easy to make, filling
cons: guilt!, unhealthy, obesity, high chlosterol, etc etc

healthy food

pros: keeps you fit, vitamins, daily nutrients, feels good inside>out,

cons: can be expensive, sometimes not as flavorful,

daphne duck
advantage- healthy
disadvantage-miss out on tasty junk food

All food that is not spoiled or contaminated is healthy. It is the quantity and frequency that makes eating unhealthy.
Keep in mind even drinking too much water will kill you.

junk food is usually cheaper, feeding the ones under the poverty line

A fan
Adam said it well but I just want to point out one thing. Eating healthy may sound expensive, but in the long run it easily makes up for it. Those on a very healthy diet don't spend much, if any at all, on medicines. Don't have to make that many visits to doctors or have expensive surgeries such as bypass surgery or others that are needed because of unhealthy lifestyle!

Disadvantages of healthy diets are that it isn't as easy to find healthy food while junk food is everywhere.

Disadvantages of healthy diets are that you may have to learn how to cook a different way.

Disadvantages of healthy diets are that you have to get used to not having everything stuffed full of fats and processed sugars and that is a taste adjustment that can be difficult.

Advantages of healthy food? You'll be healthy and strong and will probably live longer, and you'll feel better.

Disadvantages of unhealthy food? Watch Supersize me... it's pretty disgusting.

Advantages of unhealthy food? It's available cheaply everywhere you look and you usually don't have to cook it yourself so it's fast.

Animal Lover
Disadvantages of eating healthy? NONE!

sanjay v
If you eat healthy food in limit .. then it will be great advantage otherwise if u eat too much ... you know better ..
read this


you are what you eat. so when you eat healthy food, you get (boringly) healthy. your organs will function properly, skin will glow, eyes brightened, you will be mentally alert, risk of diseases minimized, so you'll spend next to nothing in terms of medicine & vitamin supplements. chances are, you'll get to live longer. disadvantages? hey, who likes to live forever? many doctors & nurses will be jobless because you're healthy. canned food manufacturers (capitalists!) will cut labor cost or fold-up, at most.
junk food gives you a temporary high, better and cheaper than drugs such as uppers or downers. when we're deppressed, we turn to junk food. it's cheaper than shopping designers clothes. junkfood contains too much sodium which may eventually affect our bp &damage our kidneys. buying junkfood is allowing ourselves to be fooled by those capitalists who fatten themselves with money to buy healthy food, without caring a hell bit if all their victims die of kidney mulfunction. junk is actually a prettified term for garbage. so, imagine eating garbage!

with healthy foods you can get your family involved in preparing meals also when eating healthy foods you feel better physically and emotionally

Advantages of Healthy food:
Taste good (Depends on the person)
Gives you more energy
You may live longer
Doesn't cause any health problems(unless you r allergic or eat excessive amounts)
You will be healthier

Disadvantages of healthy food

goes bad faster
more expensive

Advantages of Junk food

Tastes good
Lasts a long time (I wonder y {Being sarcastic})
gives short busts of energy

Disadvantages of junk food ( There is a lot)

Heath problem!!!!!!!!!(leading cause of death is obesity in the USA due to junk food and lack of exercise)

Increase risk of heart attack
can be addictive
The weight gained from eating junk food puts stress on you joints
Can clog:
blood veins
shortens life

but its OK once in a while
.Good luck onyour project

You have many who contributed good sound answers.Now make this your own.Use your smarts.Gather all your materials .Put them out in such a way that sends out the message loud and clear....live a healthy ,happy ,long life.Good luck on your poster.

cute devil
the advantages of healthy food is that you eat fruits and vegetables

I agree with most points of the first guy who answered with the exception of healthy food being more expensive than junk food. Not if you look at it in the long run, junk food will make you gain weight and go to the gym (costing money), you work out longer, wasting time (costing more money). Health insurance goes up (costing more money), I'm sure there's others but I think you get the point :)

Healthy food advantages-
Can lower risks of diseases and cancers
Help you keep active providing energy
Aid in restful sleep
Keep you relaxed
Prevent you from becoming obese
Can make you live longer
might tast worse then junk food

Advantages of healthy food:
-closer to nature
-fewer pesticides (if organic)
-more vitamins, minerals, and bioflavanoids, etc.
-usually lower fat, higher fiber

-produce goes bad quickly
-more expensive (sometimes)
-sometimes food must be prepared ahead of time (especially a concern if you work or go to school and are away from home for a long amount of time)
-harder to enjoy parties or buffets, etc.

Immortal ninja
Healthy food is better in the long run, but can get annoying and blatantly without variation. Junk food is cheaper, random and easier to make a meal out of, but worst for eating in the long run.

here's advice from your neighborhood friendly Immortal ninja!

gef l
Firstly don't put "Healthy food" on the poster, it sounds like a bunch of vegetables are doing training, the correct term is "Healthful food" Now the advantages of healthful food is having nice toilet trips. When you eat unhealthful food, the toilet trips become irregular and your pooh becomes all pasty and you have to wipe it alot and sometimes don't get it all and you stain your undies, and then theres the haemorrhoid's ugh!

I remember a commercial that showed a couple of eggs in a frying pan and the tag line said - this is your brain on drugs. Another one was the photo of an old wrinkled woman with a cigarette in her mouth with the tagline - Smoking is Glamorous. If you can do something like that visually, because most people will spend about 20 seconds reading and retaining what you say, but will look at photo and be able to tell you years later what was on it - how about a photo of a super skinny anorexic model who eats 8 grapes a day and ends up dying and a photo of an extremely obese person a the other end of the rung, and one with a person in reasonable shape, looks like exercises, eats good foods then ask the question - Healthy? Your Choice!! It has been said a picture is worth a 1000 words - think about it.

The advantages of healthy food are : good muscle, good metabolism, weight maintenance, healthy skin, teeth and gums, good eyesight, healthy bones and a healthy brain.
The disadvantages of healthy food are: Not everyone can afford them nowadays and they are not always accessible.

The advantages of junk food are : They are readily accessible in any area of any neighborhood, they are filling and they are cheap
The disadvantages are : clogged arteries, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, rotten teeth, bad breath, a sluggish brain, risk of heart attack, and stomach problems, not to mention obesity.

advantages- proper nutrition, following the food guide, help cure sickness, better eyesight, healthier body and mind
disadvantages- dont get that lovely sweet taste of junk food, costs more money, goes bad quickly

Junk food:
advantages: tastes good, is realatively cheap, can find it anywhere, doesnt go bad fast
disadvantages- unhealthy, too many calories and fat, makes you tired/sick, leads to further complications

hope that helped! :)

lovely green eyes
It would be interesting for you to come up with something original, right?
Everybody here is going to say that "healthy" food is good and junk food is bad. Yeah, thanks we all know that, this is why it is called "healthy" food. However, for my own personal experience, I can tell you that a lot of people out there (me included!) find some of the generally thought of "healthy" food bad for them!
I am talking about food intoleraces, which are becoming more and more widely spread,
As an example, they say that you should eat 5 portions of food and veg in a day. Well, for people with intolerance to fructose (the sugar in fruits), all sort of fruits (a part from a small amount of banana) give a bad reaction! Same is true if someone if lactose intolerant and eats dairy products, which are supposed to be good for Calcium intake and other vitamins...
So, you could spin the "disadvantages" of healthy food around this argument... I think it would give your poster an interesting insight.

Just a thought

Classy Granny
I think Adam summed it up pretty well. I also think that eating healthy can be more expensive sad to say.

dominic s
eating healthy food is better for the heart, and the brain, it generally makes you feel and look better. It's got low health risks, and a lot of it can taste really good. it can prevent illness, and spots, it can help with weightloss.
the disadvantages of healthy food...well, there arent really any...they could cause you to be underweight, some dont have enough fat or carbohydrate in them...
advantages of junkfood...hmmm...again, arent really any...things like chocolate, if eaten in moderation can be quite good for you because of the iron, and the endorphines...
the disadvantages of junk food is heart disease, bad skin, weight gain, mood swings, disfunctioning bowels, basically anything you think of.

Jeanne B
Healthy Food
Advantages: good habits, better health, meet more interesting and healthier people at a health food store.
Disadvantages: higher cost, harder to find.
Junk Food
Advantages: tastes good when it's what we grew up with, keeps physicians in business
Disadvantages: very costly to your health -many employers will no longer hire obviously unhealthy people, or pay the medical costs of people with preventable diseases, people love to pick on other people, since most forms of discrimination are now illegal, that will turn on people who smoke or are overweight. Bet on it.

Temptation can be a hard thing to resist.

Healthy food advantages;

Has proven to help with lowering cholesterol
Lower blood pressure
Vitamins and minerals
Easier for the body to digest
Keeps the body regulated

Disadvantages of healthy food
Can be more expensive to buy than junk food
Doesn't fill you up as long as eating junk food

Advantages of junk food
Dark chocolate has been proven to lower cholesterol
Tastes soooooo much better that healthy food
Gives you a quick boost of energy

Disadvantages of junk food
Can raise your blood sugar level
Can raise cholesterol (except dark chocolate)
Fills you up longer so you aren't hungry 30 minutes later
Lacks daily nutrition levels

Advantages of healthy food:
bundles of energy
rarely get sick (strengthens immune system)
satisfies you for hours
keeps you lean for life

difficult to maintain a healthy diet with all the junk out there (not to mention time constraints on most people), but advantages far outweigh the disadvantages

Junk food advantages:
sinfully delicious
small burst of energy

puts on weight quickly
low nutritional value
blood sugar rises and falls very quickly
not satisfying
filled with trans fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt in unhealthy portions

Adam W
Healthy food advantages-
Can lower risks of diseases and cancers
Help you keep active providing energy
Aid in restful sleep
Keep you relaxed
Prevent you from becoming obese
Can make you live longer
Healthy disadvantages-
Usually more expensive
Harder to make meals out of
Quite boring and repetitive

Junk advan.-
Cheaper to buy
Easier to make meals out of
Widely available
Suppress cravings

Junk disad.-
Can cause obesity
Can cause heart problems
Can rot your teeth
Provide many calories with little nutritional value
Raise your blood pressure because of salt, and therefore make it more likely for you to have a heart attack

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