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 Am i fat?im 13 years old and muscular,but kids at my school call me fat when im 5'3 and 116lbs?

 Hi question?
i eat food but no matter what i eat it comes back up i could be icecrea or water or soup or anything and im not forcing it this has been happening for about 6 years ( im 14)
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 Why is it bad to eat almost nothing for about a week?
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 You are what you eat? what are you then?

 Do you think im under weight?????
I am 13 and i weigh 97 pounds. I really do not have a diet except i eat one sweet a day and one carbonated drink a day. I also eat a fruit or veggie at every meal and after school.
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I have a belly apron, should I cut down on burgers?
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14 pounds to a stone

so 26*14=364...

 How can I feel full?
I'm trying to loose weight
and I want to not feel hungry.

I swim 2500 yards a day
so lack of exercise isn't the problem

I eat around 1500 calories a day

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sorry i ment i'm 5ft3"...

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 Am i over weight? i want the truth i will not be offended!!?
i am the one in the black shirt
i am the one in the green shirt

alicia ♥™
What are some ways my boyfriend can gain weight?

Additional Details
it's not that i want to. but he has a very high matabolism and he wants to gain weight and turn it all into muscle but can''t gain any weight. he's tried even eating a big meal before he goes to bed but nothing works. he eats aloooottt of calaries lol. but is there any like weight gainer shake or something like that?

Hmm let me think. You can try it the old fashioned way or the illegal way? why not TRY just TRY TO TRY the old fashion way. Just try asking your boyfriend to eat FOOD. if he eats a lot of food i'm sure he'll gain weight. If you want you can check his progress by asking him to step on a scale. Once a week or so. But ask him to eat food. He'll start gaining weight if he stuffs his face enough. That's the old fashioned way. it's not rocket science. In fact EVERYBODY does it. try it i mean tell him to try it and not give up.

Eat more calories?

Meal Suplament Drinks?

Jaye S
Become a couch potato and eat a lot of fast food.

for fatv tell him 2 eat snack cakes if u want him 2 gane muscle go 2 a walmart go back 2 the sports section by the wieghts and get th wehy protien and tell him 2 drink double the recomended doce like it says on the rapper around the bottle and have him work out for al least an hour 3 times a week and that should do the trick

pizza, hamburgers, veggies...eat eat eat...then work out and gain muscles!!!

load up on protein go to the gym and pack on some muscles

i dunno... how much do you weigh? jump on him he'll weigh more.

might i suggest weight training.

Eating is the first and most important factor that is needed for proper weight gain. It's simple - he need's to eat more calories than he burn's. This does not mean eating anything and everything that is not nailed down. Carefully plan his meals with foods that will help him gain lean mass, not fat. I suggest 6 meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three other small meals scheduled throughout the day. The goal is to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.
Focus on foods such as steak, chicken, fruit, milk, vegetables, cheese and assorted types of nuts. It's recommended to eat 4 - 6 pieces of fresh fruit a day, and at least four tall glasses of milk. Milk is a great, cheap protein source - take advantage of it. A sample snack meal would be a glass of milk, an apple, and a hand full of peanuts.
more info on healthy way to gain weight

Ash D

but, i know this drink called 'ensure'
helps people who have weight trouble i think.....

Ben H
I'm assuming you mean muscle when you say weight.... correct?

Uh, well how about taking protein supplements and doing heavy olympic weight lifting. No more than 8 reps per set. There are many sites that show work out routines. Also he will have to cut out the cardio unless he is doing sprints because any long distance will affect his muscle development.

Tell him to drink protein shakes and not to work out.

Lisa C
Go and see a nutritionist or his doctor and see what kinds if any kinds of suppliments of shakes and things he should and can take. And tell him to do some wieght training at the gym. My husband uses a couple of things to gain and then he uses the wieght training to cut the fat and turn it into muscle. Good luck

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A serious answer is protein bars!

Have him try eating healthy fats such as nuts, avacado, high calorie protein shakes and olive oil.

eat a lot and sit on the couch playing video games all day

there are special nutritional shakes aimed at "hardgainers." They are usually called Weight Gainers or Mass Gainers. Pro-Lab makes a protein powder called "N-Large."

The idea is, you drink one or two of these protein shakes each day and you gain weight because they are high in calories. they are also a good mix of nutrients and if he lifts weights with them, he'll really do well.

Get Big....Bigger is better ;-)

Does he need to gain weight? Well eat more calories, but try to keep it healthy. Carbs doesn't necessarly mean weight gain, but monitor his diet and see what you are lacking. It could be not enough calories or fat. I would see a Doctor if I was him.

>.< im skiiny alot of people reccomending me to eat lesser but like more times, 5-6 times a day or something

gain muscle weight!! workout bam perculating pecs

Well my boyfriend is very skinny and has been trying for years to gain weight. In every way possible. But fact is its not going to happen for him. Hes naturally skinny and has a very high matabolism. Chances are your boyfriend has the same problem that my boyfriend does. But its worth a try. So if he is very active he needs to be less active and not excersice as much. He should also try to eat more meals and snacks, especially fattening foods. But not overally fattening. If hes going to try to gain weight he needs to do it in a smart and healthy way. If he really wants to gain weight he should contact his doctor, he will be able to get real help from them. But if its you that wants him to gain weight because you think he is too skinny, you should learn to accept him for who he is, even for his flaws.

consume more calories than his body can burn off. or eat alot of fast foods lol

Give him protein rich foods, not fatty foods in order
for him to not gain fat but instead healthy muscle.
He should be gaining weight the healthy way.
He should eat alot of vegetables and grains, which are
a good source of carbohydrates.
And make sure to get his daily supplement of vitamins ! ;)

Have him work out like go to the gym, so that way he won't get fat he'll just get toned or something. Idk.

Ashley S
video games and food!!! guys lose weight easily so keep him indoors with a tv and some food!!!

protien, of any kind.
lift weights, eat lots of protien.

I'm going to assume he's skinny, so he should start bodybuilding. I used to be the skinniest person, I was less then 120lbs. Now look at me.

lots of potatoes, and some of those protein shakes that make you gain weight

Drinking protein shakes while doing a little working out will help gain some muscle, putting some weight on.

eat those bars that were on Mean Girlss!!!!

I think EATING would be a good start!

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