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What are some healthy snacks i can keep at work so i dont munch on the lollies and biscuits here??

Bring a little container u can put fruit or salad in, and bring fruit juice..

dry ceral in baggies

Look out for pre packed snacks and bars etc, they can be very high in fat. I like to have some dried fruit and nuts, packets of miso soup, fruit, Celery stick with your choice of filling and even the packet of cracker/dip combos, especially the ones with salsa as they have less fat. The dried fruit is great for that mid afternoon sugar low.

Juice, fruit, veggie sticks, nuts and if you just want something that has a sweet taste caramel popcorn cakes (similar to rice cakes but nicer).


mother wannabe
pretzels or rice crackers

my fav is Celery sticks with philliy spread in the middle, carrot sticks ,and snow peas

fesh fruit strawberries, mandareens, orange bannana, mixed nuts and dried fruit.

sexy rack
Well I'm on a special diet and the type of snacks I get to eat are roasted chick peas (they are quite nice you get them in your health food aisle of the supermarket), mixed fruit and nuts, small packet of popcorn, cracker and nut mix, fruit and nut bar, muesli cookie, fruit; apple, orange, fruit salad, fruit cup - two fruits, biscuits and cheese or even a seeded bread roll with a condiment. Hope this helps as it certainly takes away my hunger and gives me abit of variety over a period of the weeks.

always go with fruit. apples are awesome.

apples oranges and other types of fruits
i'm so sorry that's all that i can think of!
i wish i could help some more
well good luck
and try to have a great and marvellous valentines day!
glad i could try to help
and good luck with your snacks!
well see you later have a great day well the re st of it!

Red Panda
RITZ, dried fruits, Sun Chips, cereal, crackers, vegetarian crackers or biscuits, Cheeze its, or anything that says 100% whole grain or fruit.

fruits ! oranges,apples, bananas, ...

Fuzzy Wuzzy
I like mother earth muslie bars. Not as much fat or sugar in them as uncle toby's

Jon's Mom
Quaker is making some new rice snacks in 90 calorie packs. I've seen them in Cinnamon, chocolate, and popcorn. The Cinnamon is really good and they are very filling. Told all my friends about them, and now my local store is oout of them!!!

corn crackers and light peanut butter

mama leila
definitely fruits & some muesli bars would be good.

hope this site gives ideas

Claire K
For snacks, you probably want things that are bite sized, not messy and ready to eat. Here are some suggestions -

- popcorn
- dried fruits (apricots, currants, sultanas, raisins, pineapple, banana chips, etc) ,
- nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, etc)
- seeds
- vegetable sticks (Celery, carrot, cucumber, Capsicum/peppers, etc. You could take a dip with you - hommus, cream cheese)
- grapes
- berries (strawberries, blueberries)
- melon (watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew - instead of slices, use a melon baller to make balls)
- mandarins (to make it easier, have it peeled and segmented before you get to work)
- cherries
- rice cakes or crackers (maybe have a low-fat dip, cream cheese or hommus to go with it)

What I think would be good is some fresh fruit like, melons, watermelon, Honeydew, strawberries, blueberries etc bought at a fresh fruit market/stall the day/night before work...and cut it all up and put it in a container and take to work and leave it in the fridge and you can take a small bowl every time you feel needy...I haven't tried this myself but I do believe that would be better than snacking on lollies and biscuits at work. ...

Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix,high fiber snack crackers.

Golden Smile
Unsalted Almonds
Cut up fruit or raw vegetables
Sugar Free candy

Try cutting back on the sugar and the carbs.

See these websites for other ideas

First off, if you go to the supermarket you can get heaps of nuts like pisatchios, as well as these REALLY nice crunchy nuts, they're like in a can with a plastic lid, and they have this crispy shell around it.

1) nuts with sultanas.
2) a small container with chopped up fruit (I never used to like fruit, but you'd be surprised how much better it tastes if you chop it into smaller pieces and combine it, eg pear and apple, or pineapple, peach and watermelon!
3)Plain crackers
4) Carrot and Celery sticks, maybe a bit of dip to go with it, a great snack!
5)sugar-free lollies
6)fruit juice (can work as both a drink and a substitute for a snack)
7) frogurt (frozen yoghurt, or any type of yoghurt really)
8)A banana ^-^

Good luck :)

I make my own sushi rolls and take that to work to snack on..(if you want to make it "extra good" for you use brown rice instead of white..) also a tin of tuna with a handfull of pretzels is great, popcorn... shredded chicken combined with grated carrot & cucumber wrapped in lettuce leaves is yumm too.. cup of soups..
dried peas rolled in curry powder..also for something sweet make a bannana smoothie and pour it into ice trays to make little smoothie ice blocks, keep them in the fridge at work and whenever you get hungry pop one in your mouth..(they take a few minutes to dissolve so you don't have as much, so you probably will have 4 cubes in 15 mins and by then usually the munchies would have subsided..) anyway hope this gave you some different ideas to play about with :)

I would stay *away* from dried fruit because of the sugar/KJ content. I mean, those dried apricots are v.nice, but you can kinda forget that each piece is an Apricot but with concentrated sugar. Those "healthy" fruit bars are anything but, with heaps of sugar (or its substitutes). Go for Celery and carrots (with some hummus if you wish), may be some yogurt (which will be more filling since its protein), together with a good variety of fruit. Make sure to have a water bottle with you and drink heaps!

hope this helps!


I use a mix of fruit and nuts

Almonds, cashews, dried chopped apricots, apple, sultanas, crystallised Ginger, banana chips, dried cranberries and a small pack of smarties, mix well and put into a sealed container.

This mix is great when bush walking or other outdoor sport, and a healthy alternative for kids lunch box.

Mountain Bear
Fruits are good, but what most people do not tell you is that if you eat just a fruit, that your Glucose will rise, then suddenly drop and you'll be hungry again within an hour or less.

This is my own mix, having been hypoglycemic for years and now diabetic and I have a friend who uses their at work now and says it keeps her from snacking continuously.

You purchase a peanut butter without additives. You take out 1/4th of the peanut butter from the container and find another container for it. Then with the remaining peanut better in the jar, you add to this half honey and half ground flax seed, in the amount of what was taken out. You mix it all together in a bowl, then put it back in the container to take to work, with a spoon. It taste great, but one spoonful when hundry will satisfy your need for a pick me up energy boost and will be long lasting. Just eat one spoonful when hundry, give it about ten minutes to work and you'll see you are no longer hundry. WHY? Honey gives you the quick energy boost as it's absorbed into your system quickly, then peanut butter gives you a good protein, which will stabalize your Glucose and keep it from falling back down from the Honey, then the flax seeds, ground, are a complex carb that will keep giving you energy to burn. I'm telling you this works fast and tastes great! In case you want to know where to get Flax Seed, ground, most health stroes sell it for less then a dollar per pound. It's also a great source of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids which the heart and brain need.

People snack because they are looking for vitamins. You can take this in a bottle to work with you. 2 tbls. apple cider vinegar in a glass/bottle of water. Has 93 vitamins and minerals. You will feel full and not hungry. Makes hair and nails grow too. Gets rid of dandrull. Cures acne.

Carrot sticks, Celery sticks, other fruits like bananas and oranges.

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