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 Over weight???

 Im 13yrs old im 5'1'' and I weigh 140lbs all my friends were bikinis except me how do i lose 40lbs ?
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im 5'1 and weigh 140lbs
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pj's peaches
What are some exercises i can do at home without any equipment...I'm poor!!!!!!!!!!!?

people will tell you to do sit ups but trust me those don't work well. try doing crunches or bycicles.

Just go to google and search different excersices.

theres alot of things to do at home, you can make up a dance routine, jog, sit ups, jump rope & push ups ETC.

sit ups. stomach crunches. jumping jacks.
theres a ton. look it up on google.

situps and go running thatis the best workout cuz everybdy wants to loose weight especially in the belly area and running will work ur whole body out. good luckk.

I have several workout videos that I have bought for a $1. I found them at the Dollar Tree or Walmart (on the $1 DVD rack near the checkout). You can also google for cardio workouts at home.

Lola P
try running or do the basics like push-ups and jumping jacks and those things and i it desnt work try ou forlike basketball or something.Hope this helps=]

ItachiThacker, GOD of weasels
hello dollies (sit ups without arms and only counts if you go all the way down and a little foward on the way up)
sports without equipment
i'm poor too
run around neighbor hood
walk or bike or scooter to local store(pick up a gatorade while your at it)
how fat are you? o_0
dance the night away!
no seriously disco, you'll lose like 4 pounds after one song
and if your wacthing football(equipment:chips dip and a drink
*chip,then dip,eat,then sip,and repeat*
could always tie a payday to your head and chase after it (make sure it's just barely within catching distance)

Gina D
-sit ups

running up and down stairs if you have them
or walking around your house or whatever you live in

Step up & down on the bottom step of your stairs.(like a stepper execiser)Try sitting on a normal dining chair but don't actually put your bottom on it-hold the position then stand back up again(repeat)it's a bit like squats & is good for the thighs.Good luck.

yoga and pilates, running in place, sit ups/crunches, jumping jacks, leg lifts. Good luck

lol i know how you feel! here are some exercises you can do:
-jog, in place or outside
-run up/down stairs
-jump rope, or skip
-jumping jacks
-stretch your arms out and rotate them, small or wide circles, clockwise & counter
Fist against bicep press: Pretend you are curling a weight, and take your other hand and press it into your curling hand with a fist. Try to continue the curl, but apply maximum pressure with your fist as though you are trying to push through it. Press as hard as you can for about ten seconds, and repeat until it feels as though you “maxed out.”
Push-ups:you can do pushups, one handed, hands close together, or a plyometric push-up (an explosive push so your hands go off the ground), and plyometric with an added clap while in midair.
Abdominal flex: Sit or stand, and flex your abs for about 8 seconds with as much force as you can stand. The flex works best after you inhale or just before exhaling.
Speed bag arm rotation: spin your fists around each other, as if you are punching a speed bag used for boxing. Pretend you are in a Rocky movie or Cinderella Man lol
Military drop: I don’t know if it has an official name. Start out standing up. Squat down, fall into plank (push-up) position by kicking your legs out, jump back up on your feet and into the starting position.
Squats: Bend down with knees bent, back straight, knees stay behind toes.
Go up/down stairs. Requires stairs.

michael k
i totally understand honey dancing good, jogging, moving is exercising

Jogging is good
so is sit up's
a healthy diet can help and not so much sitting on the computer all day.
try and get to a pool as often as you can and swim laps.
also dancing is good and any sports with your family eg. cricket or soccer. all you need is a bat and a ball or you could use a plank of wood~!!! :)

Get a video. Second hand at charity shop even. Also jogging is free once you buy the shoes.
Bouncing on a trampoline is good for losing weight.

Lie on a flat surface and lift body up and down - Abdomen
Sit and Stand - Thighs and back
Pretend to sit in Air - Lower abdomen

i'm wondering to---excercises that will help loose weight, and fast!

push up,sit ups running squats all kinds

Walking is a great exercise. Jogging is also free. Lots of people make weights out of household objects. Soup cans (full), detergent containers (full)...etc.

tai chi, yoga, calisthenics, there s plenty that don't need equipment. In fact i d say that the best kinds of exersises need very little or none.

push ups do the most for you.upper body strength and cals burned.

I am a runner and dont use alot of equipment. Ok you can do sprints, go to a wall inside or out and jump up and touch the wall with one and then repeate with other hand for about 2 min rotations, sit ups, pushups, (sit ups dont help loose weight), for the sprints spread out pylons or something of a marker for 100m and put them at 2 m itervals and go 2 walk back then 40 and so on then when you get to 100m walk back then do 80 then 60 and once at 20 walk back then do 40 and do 3-4 times you can alos go for runs or go biking.

I hope this helps

♥Special Red Girl™
I have some fitness DVD's I can donate to you @ no cost. I mean like Cardio Salsa, Pilates, Dance, Tae Bo.

Prison Mike
You could try stealing VHS players.. I got a workout back in the day lugging all those things around. Too bad I went to prison for it.

Maybe you could jog to WORK so you aren't poor anymore.

dance!!!! Just put on my music and dance!! =)

Jump-rope, check-out exercise video's from library, do callisthenics's

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