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What's the best way to lose weight?
What's the best and safe way for a 15 year-old girl do to lose weight in a short time??

jogging is the only why to lose weight effectively 2km daily. morning or evenning.

Start eating foods that will make you full and have little calories, Lowfat yogurts,Salads,Cereal and list goes on. Exercise of course too. I lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks like that

Cut right down on your calorie intake, while taking care to keep your diet nutritionally balanced. All it needs is willpower!

allen m
Are you really overweight your only 15?

Cut out all sugar, snack foods and fatty fooods. Lower the carbs, such as potatoes and eat extra protein and root vegetables. Add regular exercise on a daily basis-swimming and walking are fine. I dont know what a "short tim" is, but it has to be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix! If you stop buying processed foods it will help immensely-if it isnt fresh and you dont have to prepare it then it is processed. Stick to meat, fish and veg and you won't go far wrong. You ned to do this as a family though-if its in the house she will be tempted. See Gillian McKeithss "You are, what you eat".

gum s
The Best Cardio Exercises Explained

How to Lose weight naturally

Marc L
There are always risks with trying to lose weight fast. So, start with your diet, but don't turn to rabbit food, that will just make you ill.
Exercise when you can. Nothing happens over night, but too many young girls starve themselve to get what they think is a perfect figure. Skin and bone isn't the answer either.
Looking after yourself is the best advise anyone can give.

Big E
Walk everywhere. Walking is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to lose weight. Also roller skating is a fun way to lose weight. Also count your calories, try to stay under 1500 calories a day (that is a good weight loss calorie amount).

sexy cat
go to your doctor first and have her checked over he will put her on a proper diet plus he can make sure that it is nothing medical wrong as to why she is overweight get it done properly as these diets example: Atkins and all other diets can be very bad good luck.

cut down on sugar and white-bread and exercise at least 30 min a day

exercise and watch ur portions...but for a 15 y/o why do u want to lose weight fast?

Emma B
Do the juice diet - book available in wh smiths by jason vale I think??? I lost more than half a stone in a week and it's really healthy - all fruit and veg


and use

appetite supresant to make it easy soo u dont feeel


see below

your only 15 yr ,why u want 2 loose weight?age like u must thingking of studying not by loosing weight,worry about ur school matter not ur weight,

retep g
Healthy balanced diet with regular exercise, walking is a good start. There is a diet i once tried by the British Heart Foundation you lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days but most Doctors do not think this is a good idea so check with your Doctor first.

Amazing Magenta
Do not try and lose it in a short time! The quicker you lose the quicker you regain.

You have not said how much you weigh or your height? Who has said you need to lose weight?

I have tried a few diets the one I find that works is Weight Watchers - it helps with the food and psychology side of losing weight.

Young people (under 16's) get a discounted weekly fee.

Good luck.

Mr Cheese
Seriously, eat a healthy balanced diet. (no snacking).
And exercise regularly. You need to sweat...

Natural Diet, nothing processed, try to eat all fruit and veg portions recommended (5aday) and exercise every day, the weight will drop off but you will lose it in a healthy way. at 15 years old do not experiment with any other methods just stick to simple diet and exercise.
You can do it xx wish you well

Hello!! :o) IF what you're trying to do is lose 5 to 10 pounds before school starts - you should [as the others have said] cut out ALL snack foods and dramatically lower your intake of sugars and fats. [including dairy products] AND become more physically active. Add to that - 8 to 10 regular sized glasses of WATER every day. You'll be going to the bathroom more often [for obvious reasons] but by drinking water - you will decrease any 'puffiness' you might have. [Which will make you LOOK like you have lost more weight then you actually have] But don't make the mistake of eating TOO little. If you eat TOO little - your body will go into 'starvation mode'. That's when your body will hang on to every fat cell that it can and dramatically slow down any attempt you make at losing weight. Take care of yourself - and that includes your body!! Craig!! :o)

you should have p.e class, and combine that with and after school work-out ,try to eat right and you should be burning calories quite well

hi,regular exercise& a calory controlled diet,if you need assistance join weight watchers,walking or swimming daily are highly recommended,even use a daily food journal to monitor your eating habits and how to change them ,slowly is the best way,kind regards,sammy 7

hershey kiss
exercise and eat diet foods no fat!!!!!!!!!!

these are the ways that helped me lot.
runnin' or walkin'
eatin' less sweet things such as cooky
doin' sit-ups
eatin' in the right way ( you should eat slowly or sould eat when u're sitting...)

to eat less i read something in a magazine:
you can use little dishes, it can help u eat less.
MY Friend!

I wish u luck. :)

eat less move more

shropshire lad
eat less,exercise more. it can't fail !!!

the best way is to eat smaller portions and healthy food. If you crash diet it will go back on and you will find you put extra on
I'm sorry but time and exercising and eating well is the only way to guarantee for weight lose.good luck xx

exercise regularly, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, visit the gym etc

There is no easy fix out there. All diets work while you are on them then the weight goes straight back on.

The only guaranteed way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and to exercise. The best advice given to me by a nurse is to take quick walks to get your pulse rate pumping and causes you to sweat, at least 30 minutes a day to a minimum of 5 days a week.

At the age of fifteen probably joining a club would be a good way. Like a local trampolining club or try a martial art (good for self defence too).

Good luck hon!

veito da costa
Do more exercise. Swimmin, cyclin, runnin etc. Cut out junk food. Chips, burgers etc. Eat mor fruit.

Eat a healthy balanced diet, and exercise, the key is really to burn off more calories than you consume!..

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