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 Am i fat? or just anorexcic?
i am 105 lbs and 5 2' there are skinnier girls in my class and i feel intimidated when i am with them. people joke that i am fat but its made me to beleive that i really am fat and need to diet. ...

 If im 5'8 and 117lbs is that a normal weight?

Additional Details
oh , if it matters how old i am , im 19...

 I am a recovering anorexic. All of a sudden I'm craving junk food like pacakes, ice cream, pizza...?
should I start eating heathier foods or is it okay to eat like this?...

 Have you lost weight?
How did you lose it? What is the best way to lose it?...

 Will i lose weight if i just eat 5 healthy meals a day without exercise?

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5 healthy meals, what i meant was...

Breakfast - 1 wholemeal bread, cheese, lots of fruits,

 What is the best and fastest way to lose weight without dieting or exercise?

 How do I put on weight??
Hi there, im 17 at the moment and im allready 6' 9" (206cm). My problem is that I only weigh 10 and a half stone (67kg) after being hospitalised for a week due to a second pneumothorax. I ...

 I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
or if i eat just one jacket patato with beans a day will i lose wieght?

I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
i weigh 117lbs
i rly need ur help!!!!
Additional Details

 How do I stop eating after I'm full?
I just keep eating after I'm satisfied and I eat untill im stuffed when I feel like im gonna puke. What can I do to keep myself from eating untill I feel sick? P.S. I eat like this at every meal....

 Why is it that fat people never can say NO to junk food?

 Eating. How do you get full faster?

 Will bullimia make me lose weight?
iv begun to make myself throw up after some meals and was wondering if this is likley to make me lose any weight. i eat healthy and excercise but still keep gaining weight, bullimia is the only ...

 What are some exercises i can do at home without any equipment...I'm poor!!!!!!!!!!!?

 How long can I survive without eating?
I'm going on a hunger strike. Actually, I'm just too depressed to eat. How long can I last on water and coffee and what will be some warning signs that I should reallllly eat something?...

 Is it normal that i have a 6 pack and I'm only 13?
I'm a 13 year old boy who has a 6 pack. I take karte, I skateboard, and I'm in track. I have karate and track the same days 3 days a week. and I skateboard almost every singal day. So is it ...

 My husband likes to drink until tipsy/drunk nearly every weekend. Does he have a problem?
He can go without for awhile and will not drink if he has to work. His definition of "relaxing" typically includes drinking and one taste of beer will start him off to drink through the ...

 Fat and desperate...need to lose 25 lbs by Aug. 28th?
Before I get a lot of lectures and "you stupid idiot" comments...hear me out.

What if I work out 6 hours a day (done this before). I can work out 6-9, and then 3 hours in the ...

 Why do Fat people drink....?
Diet Coke?...

 Do I realistically have time to lose 18 pounds before October 1st?
also, any advise would be great!...

 I weight 500 pounds...?
What should I do to lose weight, which method is the best?...

Jimmy D
What's good music to workout to?
I would like to know.

try the benny benassi or you can go on limewire and search up "DDR" and find songs from dance dance revolution which are pretty good

Listen to your own breathing.

Sounds boring, but you will feel extremely relaxed after your workout.

Pop or R&B something that has a good beat.

dance music (it's fast to help you concentrate.)

Roxanne H
Somtinhg that will keep u going .

phil s
death metal it really gets your heart pumping. for example, download a song by "job for a cowboy"

I took a sport psyc. class and a researcher did an experiment and said the 'heavier" music produces the most adrenaline. Which will lead to a longer and more complete workout. The study also showed that workouts to softer music showed much less intensity and people tend to cut corners.

either hip hop or macho man.

let's get physical is a good song.

Lil Weezy
Hip Hop and Rap

harder better faster stronger- daft punk
annd almost any other kindof techno music.

I like rock or metal. But anything with a good beat works or anything sorta funky. If you're more into pop then try Beyonce or Fergie or something.

blah blah!
If you get the Nike+Ipod plug that plugs into ur ipod, and the other part u stick in ur shoe, it calculates how far u run and how long and calories burned and stuff. Well it has running music and mixes on it, so when u plug it into ur ipod, voila! U have great music to run to, i love it. Techno is fun to run to. :]

richard simmons broadway tunes, just kidding... 80's music

soundtrack from Flash Dance

The theme to Rocky I
The theme to Rocky 2 (eye of the tiger)
The Star wars theme
80's 90's dance music
Beethovens 5th symphony
The theme to Swat

Whatever it is that you like!

Fields Boy
Taking Care of Business

POD or Rise Against

My daughter listens to my chemical romance and other rock bands like rise against

fergalitious by fergie...no one can sit still to that so

The old Rocky Theme. Eye of the Tiger. Anything disco.
And why not? BOLERO!

Jonathan R
Numa Numa and DEFINITELY Mr. ROboto

Mira ♥
Just work out to hip hop.


I like to move it move it.

trance or techno dude

I love Rage Against the Machine to listen to......... It pumps me up. Basically whatever music you get hyped listening to..... something that works you up.

cesar g
fast songs i like crazy rock or techno music

Maybe like Trance if they are fast songs.

Dance, trance, hard house.

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