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What's a way to build cardio stamina without machines or running?
i can't afford a gym right now and i have really bad knees so my doctor said i can't run even though i really want to. i have about 4 months to see some huge improvement because i'm trying out for a sport in college and you have to be really fit.

In a situation as yours first step for you is to
set up an appointment with your doctor and
discuss this with him. You need him to tell you
if getting into this sport is a good idea and what
kind of exercises are safe for your health and
how you can monitor your condition to be sure
that you are not overdoing it. Relax don't try to press yourself too fast or you could have a
medical problem. So step one call your local doctor and make sure he understands the whole situation and get good advice as to what your health will allow you to do.
You need to discuss the advice you received from the persons on this answer desk with the doctor and see what is ok for you. Good Luck.

Jazz Lady
Swimming/water aerobics is the easiest on your joints and it works pretty much every muscle in your body.

I also highly suggest swing dancing! Most cities have swing dance associations with regular swing dances. Believe it or not swing dancing will improve stamina, grace, flexability, reaction time, and other fun stuff. It also boosts self-confidence. Don't be afraid to go to a swing dance alone. Swing dancers are usually friendly. I usually go to dances alone, and I've made several friends.

If you're in the southeast this site might be a good place to start looking: http://www.aseda.org

Magic One
Okay... Swimming would be ideal, but since you say you can't afford a gym, then walking is the next best thing. Lower impact for your knee, but check with your doctor first. If you need rehab for the knee, your insurance company might pay for a gym membership as therapy. I know several members at my local YMCA who have that arrangement with their health insurer..

Bike. Its low impact so it will be easy on your knees. I have had both knee's ACLs repaired. I can't run either, but I bike.

You can buy a pedometer for less than $10.00, it measures how many steps you take each day. You want to take at least 5,000 a day. You want to walk as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, as a matter of fact during breaks at work, or at home walk up and down the stairs for about 10-20 minutes. Park further away from your destination and walk.
I also have a bad knee, but the more you walk the easier it gets. Especially in the beginning if you rub in some Aspercreame or BenGay, or absorbine Jr. it helps. Good luck.

Walking. Anything that's intense, but within reason.

Try doing as many pushups as you can a day.

I reccomend you buy yourself a bullworker. It's quite cheap and it can give you a good cardio workout if you use it in what they call an isotonic manner. That is with quick repetitive pushes and pulls. It is a fantastic workout tool that can also be used to build muscle all over your body without straining any of your joints.

Reebok aerobics step training. It's the best thing you can do anywhere, anytime! All you have to have is; a wooden box (18in.x12in.x4in.) & music. You step up on the box & step off the box in time with your music! It's fun, cheap & you can do it in your own home. You keep it up for 45 minutes, that keeps your heart rate up for enough time to get the best work out. Have a friend over & it is more fun! Hope you enjoy this! I use to teach it a few years ago. A very good way to lose weight too......Good luck!! Have a very Merry Christmas.

You could try cycling, if you dont have a bike, you could ask around and see if someone will lend you one for a bit, you could even rent one if it wasn't too expensive.

I don't have much money either, but I found a tread mill on Amazon.com for $120. that gives me a real work out, I mean real,,this machine has no motor so you have to make it move on your own and believe me 15 to 20 minutes and your heart rate is really pumping and your sweating, believe me, if somehow you can scrape up the money you'll be really happy with this, I don't know why anyone would want to spend a bunch of money for those machines with a motor and a bunch of whistles and bells, I have had this machine now for about three months and I've lost weight, my stomach is flatter and I feel much better, or by the way it is the edge 500, go look and also look at the reviews, get it , you ll Be Glad you did..

Swimming is a good one. I have arthritis in just about every weight bearing joint and I too cannot run but swimming excersises the joints and of course the heart and lungs, it is fun - especially if you do it with some one or have some aim.

Try it and see.

I do not know where you come from but in the UK many doctors now offer swimming as a form of therapy and can get you in for free on prescription.

Happy Christmas and here's hoping for a Fit 2007

Bicycling is really good therapy. It reinforces the muscles around your knees and stretches your tendons. Focus on low gears to get the best cardio and low impact exercise. More resistance will not help your heart rate or your knees. However be careful of where you ride . I have switched to a nice inexpensive stationary bike myself. GOOD HEALTH to you.

George U
Utilizing you're lower body in dynamic motion is the key here, I often train my clients using their legs doing outer crescent kicks and inner crescent kicks. I do 4 sets of ten for each form. I then have them do side leg kicks, somewhat of a martial art kick @ 4sets of ten. I follow this up with front leg kicks not bending the knee. There are a variety of conditioning techniques that I use that get around the knees, this depends on the severity of your condition.

Start walking 2 miles a day ad a comfortable speed. After three days, start walking faster or add on another 1/2 mile. You should walk at least for 20 minutes to get your heart working hard.

i don't know how bad your knees are but you could try step aerobics and if that can't be done try using an inexpensive machine similar to the total gym.you could also try squat thrusts that we all learned in gym class

This may sound silly to you, but why don't you check out some of the Richard Simmons' videos? All his videos are low impact and he even has one called 'Country Cardio'. Obviously, you seem very young and strong, but give it a chance. His videos may really be able to help you, especially with your current physical limitations.

Good luck!


i would say your best bet is getting into bike rides.

you dont have to get an expensive road bike, but maybe a comfortable mountain bike would suit you well. they usually cost anywhere from $80-500.

you won't get any of the shock on your knees from running, but you will still get a good sweat going after a good 5-20 mile ride.

The best thing I can think of is one of those little trampolines (about 48 inches diameter) that you , hopefully, can find. They were popular a few years back. Running in place is not a good idea if you have bad knees. A trampoline is not nearly as hard on knees as running/jogging. It will still tone muscles in calf/thigh/gluts, so you're building muscle strength.

Swimming is really good. If you dont have acces to a pool than ride a bike!

there is a exercise ...I am not sure what its called but you lie on your back and raise your legs over your head and pedal like your on a bike..your legs have the largest muscles and you will need to get them going to get your cardio up to improve your stamina ..do a search on the web on body weight exercises. good luck..

Has your doctor told you about Z-Coil shoes? They were made by a guy who has been running for years and was having knee problems. I used them to start walking a lot - I always hated running. But they felt so good I started running. They take virtually all the impact out of it. Take a look at them at zcoil.com

If you can't run, I'd get the shoes and walk, walk, walk. I saw a lot of cardio improvement and muscle building walking for hours around here where we have a lot of hills. And it only took a few months for noticeable improvement.

you can do aerobics which is a form of cardio when you feel the intensity of the workout, workout even harder and more intense for about a mniute, then go back to the level you were before the minute of intensity. the will raise your metabolism and cardio stamina. a fter a week you will not feel it. you will feel great

Walk two miles a day at a rate of 20 minutes per mile. Stop at the half way point and rest for ten minutes. listen to your favorite music and cheerfully greet people on route. Exercise your arms as you walk and side-step left then right for ten steps each during the walk.Take a bottle of water with you if it is hot out.You will feel good when you finish !

Walking (try walking 5 miles), Yoga --this one is really good!

Walking - start out at 15-20 minutes every day for the first week, then add 5 minutes each following week. Ideally, you want to get up to 45 min to an hour (or 10,000 steps) of walking daily. By then you'll probably have enough stamina to enhance it (ad ankle weights or take it up to jogging) Good luck.

Swimming works your whole body. Since you use your legs to propel you through the water, it counts as aerobic exercise. If you have access to the pool, this is a great way to get some aerobic exercise in, and it is very low impact. It burns tons of calories. Also, riding a bicycle is great, and also very low impact for your knees. That's how my dad keeps fit. He's 51, and in better shape than most 30 year olds.

adam f
I would say swimming, a lot of swimming, but why are you trying out for a sport if your knees are so bad?


do you have access to a pool ? you could swim it has no impact to the knees

[email protected]
i was going to say swimming but you have lots of that already, if you have no access to a pool, then a $20 to $50 in a few videos and a mat for yoga will do wonders. Some of it stress relief and flexiblity, some of it is aerobic and will really get your heart rate up while toning, strenghting and stretching yoru entire body, especially your core. The core muscles are esential for any sport. Plus any good yoga program will have variations for different fitness levels.
Also I had great success with the Beach Body program Power 90. You can start at your comfort level and will progress rapidly, plus there is additional support availble. Just press play!

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