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im 13 and my friends have started smoking, they smoke at lunchtime at the field at school i gave in and had a few puffs but now i feel really bad, my friends have turned really popular and i do?nt know how to act because i want to fit in

what should i do

Don't do it! Popularity is not worth risking your health!! I know you're 13 and you probably feel like you've got your whole life ahead of you and nothing can hurt you, but it can. Smoking takes years off of your life and makes you age faster. Your friends may be popular now, but what's going to happen when they get into their 20's? They will be addicted to cigarettes and looking like they're in their 30's already. Seriously don't do it, there are no benefits to it, only bad.

do NOT start smoking be your own person even if it means not being popular, go so something else at lunchtime (you must have some other close friends?)

trust me in later life they wont be as popular with ugly teeth and skin.

my best friend started smoking at 12/13ish and i joined in just because she did and it seemed like we was being 'hard' and grown-up, she some how convinced me it relieved my stress but then i stopped because i wanted to be healthly and she sooned cleared off with someone else who smoked(got in with the wrong crowd).
plus she has really yellow teeth now and it was only 4 years ago!

[email protected]
don't smoke I regret even starting! It's not worth it in the long run just to be popular! It's kills 1,000,000's of people and it is so hard to quit! Be strong and say NO!

Stephanie R
cigarettes are sooo stupid!
and they now cost almost $5 a pack!
im sure later on in life theyll be thinking how stupid they were and how cool you are for not doing. dont do it kid. its not worth it.
it doesnt taste good, its not good for you etc.
my dad startin smokin when he was 11 hes almost 40 now and hes been coughing up pieces of his lungs and blood. on top of that his teeth are really yellow but he brushes everyday. he cant run or walk up the stairs to fast with out weezing. his nails are yellow. his hair is falling out.
all that from smoking cigarettes!

I started smoking in 6th grade and now im in 9th.
I smoke ciggs and weed.
Man it's a trip.

But now I can't run a block without gasping for air.
And in school I have bad withdrawls.

Fitness Guru
Don't ever start smoking, you could become addicted after your first cigarette... and it'll scar you for life. Simple enough.

you should never pretend to be something your not.
so if you don't like smoking and your friends do they cannot force you to smoke it has to be 100% your decision.
and its good to maybe try it so you know what its like and now youve learnt from that that you dont want ot do it again.
they should respect your decision and not mind that you dont want to do it with them.
Im sure you can still be just as much there friend with or without putting your health at risk?
certainly do not do it because you want to "fit in"
its the sillyest reaosn to smoke and you might get your self in trouble.

just act normal with them.
they will soon realise they are making a big mistake smoking and you`ll soon be the cool one knowing its not cool to smoke that young and some people might only do it to look older and think they are looking cool.
just act normal with them as if they never started smoking.
Good Luck x

DO NOT do what other people do for popularity
I'm 14 okay and just think when there all old and lonely cause they have lung cancer, bad teeth, bad breath and hair loss you can be all happy and nice (:

dont fit in with that.
thats bad.
find some other friends who are not a bad influence.
seriously, you dont want to get into that stuff.
it has bad consequences.
you will lead your life into a bad habit of it and could possibly get lung cancer later in life.
find another group of friends who like the stuff you do and have the same intrests as you and who are not bad influences.

As someone who has smoked for the past 8 years - started when I was young - my advice would be - "It's NOT worth it".

Popularity, while nice at the time, is not something that you will even care about when you're 30, 40, or 50.

However, getting addicted to smoking could, and probably will affect you at those ages - sickness, death.

My advice - if they are truly your friends, they should respect the fact that you've chosen not to litter your lungs with smoke.

If they hassle you, as hard as it may be, just remember that you're being the stronger, better person - and there's always new friends out there who won't make you feel bad for not doing something stupid.

You Know You Love Me
A lot of people will think that you are cool because you can say no and hold your grounds. Like me I would rather be friends with somebody that can stick up for themselves. Be strong. Your little friends are way too young to be smoking. Where do hey get the pack from?

Don't smoke. It is so terrible. It may seem cool now but later you will lose thousands of dollars. And if they ask you to do it, just say that you don't feel like it and just don't think that smoking is all that fun or interesting. To just fit in, be yourself.

stick man
Don't start. Just to be popular. In a few more years that popularity will not matter and you will have smoking as an annoying habbit that you will be stuck with, so don't start. Oh yeah, if you work for the IRS, the smokers circle outside the front door is the company rumor mill. Sometimes it is accurate, but other times it got the info wrong and just spread panic. So don't smoke. For help in resisting peer pressure listen to ttb.org. It will help you find what you really want in life regardless of what others think.

don't smoke if you start now you'll get into trouble with your parents, it's bad 4 your health, and very addictive. Who cares if your friends become popular for doing it, they may be popular but they aren't smart if they are smoking.

In my experience, if you have friends who refuse to like you because you won't smoke..aren't friends.

All during my high school years, I had tons of friends who smoked. While I was asked a few times to try - I never did. They got the hint and quit asking. In fact, whenever I was around they'd be kind enough to even blow the smoke somewhere that wouldn't make me inhale it. None of these friends of mine ever excluded and always accepted me.

If you don't like smoking (and you shouldnt because it does so much damage....but I'm sure you hear that enough from those awful anti-smoking commercials.) then simply don't do it. If they are your friends, they wont change around you.

Besides, once you've graduated - popularity won't mean a thing.

Don't smoke. Do you like money? Clean teeth? Independance? Do you want a long life? well you can kiss them all goodbye if you get hooked. And you will if smoke enough. Smoking ruins lives in more ways than just getting cancer at 50. People can die as soon as 25. And socially, and money-wise it is crushing. Don't smoke.

Answer This!
Dont start, smoking is a disgusting habit, and sure they might be "cool" now, but when they are 17 and loose breath walking up a flight of stairs, they wont be so cool, and when they prematurely age and die of lung cancer at 30, wont be so cool then.

cleo the pussycat
please dont start, im sorry i did now im addicted.

i understand the pressure u feel, but just think if u dont smoke your cool by refusing it

you are an idiot if you start smoking.
and to me guys that smoke is a really big turn off.

so please dont.

if your so called friends are gunna damage your lungs just to become popular.? then theirs no point to it.yeaa you wanna fit in and everything.but your life comes first.dont screw everything up just for a couple puffs of weed. whats the point? inhale,exhale then you get the taste of cancer?.


if they are pushing you into doing things then they are deffiently not the right people to hang out with.
im 17- and i have literally never done any of that stuff
when i was 13 i changed friends a billion times. and i just ended up with the right friends- the ones who stay out of trouble and wouldent you know it my old friends are drinkers and party every weekend. it will take some time- but you can find the right friends that will stay true to you.

dont smoke because thats why their gonna be the ones with health problems so theres nothing really cool about that. find new friends that dont do that.

Brandon P
nooo dont do what eveyone else does!!! thats soooo wrong!!!


if they are really your friends...then wouldn't make you

ditch them. smoking is a bad habit. it cost lots of money, and causes cancer... dont ever do it again.

Smoking is for retards. It's hugely expensive, doesn't make you feel good and makes you and your breath smell like crap. Let them smoke if they want to but that doesn't mean you have to do it too. If they're your friends, they won't push it on you.

Don't smoke....Please Please Please don't smoke.

Just wait....They won't be so "cool" later in life.

Pick me for best answer!!
You don't want to fit in with these walking cancer givers. Get new friends because the ones you have will probably end up influencing you into other wrong things.

Don't do it!!!! You will get addicted to it and hate the fact that you ever started. Be your own person, even if it means not being "popular".

It's a geeky answer, but really if you *have* to smoke to impress someone then they're not worth impressing. And really, waaaaaaaaaaaay to many people started smoking for that reason and ended up sick or dead because of it in the long run. There's not a smoker alive who wouldn't quit (or go back and never start) if they could so do your future self a favor and don't start.

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