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Sugar substitutes...are they bad for you?
what's the deal with sugar substitutes?

are they REALLY that bad for your body? if so, what can they do to your body? can they cause death, cancer, or diabeties, disease, etc.? (like bad things that happen to your body...)

or is all this just hype?

what makes sugar substitutes so "bad"?

and if sugar substitues are "bad" for you, then are they worse than real sugar?

if there are "bad" sugar substitutes, are there "good" sugar substitutes as well? if so, please specify! thanks!

sorry for asking so many questions.
it may just be better to tell me all you know about sugar substitutes LOL

but please try to answer everything i have asked lol. if u can't then that's okay.

thanks in advance!
Additional Details
oh yeah...there are sugar substitutes in Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi One, and other diet drinks, so does that make these drinks bad for you since sugar substitutes are "bad"?

what i mean is: are drinks with sugar substitutes worse than the drinks with all the calories and sugar in them?

ant t
There is a boat load of aspartame in sugar/fat free yogurt. No one ever complains about that. All things in moderation. Having said that, I will tell you that cola type drinks like diet Pepsi and Diet Coke make some people feel sick or give them head aches. So don't over do.

Tiffany S

Sir Muscles Von BulkyBum
I read a study that said that when your body is hit with something sweet like sugar, it gets ready for a calorie load. But with the sugar substitutes, it's not getting that expecting calorie load so it just starts hording calories as if you were starving or something. I thought it was interesting.
Personally, I try to avoid the artificial sweeteners because they tend to give me headaches. I'd rather just eat something plain and unsweetened than to end up with some gross heachache. Sugar isn't bad for you if you eat it in moderation. And remember, sugar will actually spark your appetite when you first eat it (linking back to that calorie load) and will make you hungry for more food. Avoid it if you can, especially if you're not even hungry for it in the first place.

There are crackpot theories that some artificial sugars make your live swell and other things like that, which aren't serious at all the begin with. The truthful answer is that they are not bad for you.

Splenda, for example, is made from sugar, they just use a couple chemical processes to alter its molecular form a little, thats it. Nothing serious. I never have real sugar, I always use splenda, or another common substitute.

If they were really that bad for you, they wouldn't be sold in markets.

Elmer Fudd

stevia is a natural sweetner,made from fruit it is a healthy alternative to sugar.
saccharin,aspartame,nutrasweet,splenda etc, are cancer causing,hormone disrupting toxic chemicals. rats and flies wont even touch it- if something is so horrible that a rat or fly won't consume it ,then humans have no business consuming it.
also coke and diet coke are horrible for you- check out killercoke.com

They are terrible for you. Simply put, they contribute heavily to the 26% of ALL Americans that now suffer from diabetes type II and precursor diabetes. The hypothalamus gland senses a sweet taste and causes insulin to be produced in the pancreas. This excess insulin wears out the insulin receptor cells in the membranes of all your cells just like sugar does. Additionally the so called diet label is a farce because the artificial sweeteners cause an INCREASE in your appetite, just the opposite of what you want it to do. A very good web site to see is at: www.myaspartameexperiment.com This is a scientific mom that did artificial sweetener experiment on 108 rats at her home for 2.5 years. The results are dramatic and the whole experiment was done without funding from any agendized company, so it is pure science.

I think looking at what happened to the rats in that experiment will answer ALL your questions.

good luck to you

reshmi n
yes they cause problem in ur health so avoid them

My Goodness!!! Now you've made me PARANOID!!! I have 1 Diet Coke a day and I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning with equal in them. It will be hard to stop because I actually think they have an addictive effect to them. If I don't drink a D. Coke for a few days I actually feel kinda sick.

If you have diabetes, it is very important to find a good sweetener which won't damage your health. This must be on everyone's mind, wow 400 answers!

The blue stuff - aspartame - nutrasweet, etc. is a neurotoxin that crosses the blood-brain barrier. (bad) Weird aftertaste and you can't cook with it. It makes my legs cramp. FDA has approved it for 50mg/Kg body weight that would be about 18-19 cans of diet cola a day for someone weighing about 150 pounds. I wouldn't use it.

The pink stuff -- saccharine - Sweet n Low, Sugar Twin, causes cancer in rats (bad). Weird aftertaste. You can cook with it though. FDA has approved for 5 mg/Kg body weight -- about 9-12 packets per day. The fact that it was banned for the cyclamates it contains for causing bladder cancer in laboratory animals, so long, I wouldn't use it. Some claim it's safe.

The yellow stuff --Spenda -- was once advertised as inert and not cause cancer. It is not metaolized and just passes through you except for the chlorine. You can cook with it. No weird aftertaste. The FDA has approved it for 5 mg/Kg body weight, which is the least of all the sweeteners and comes out to 6 cans of diet cola per day. No studies say it causes cancer. It's made by substituting three atoms of chlorine for three hydroxyl groups on the sugar molecule. This change produces a sweetener that has no calories (our enzymes can't use it), yet is 600 times sweeter than sucrose. Chlorine however is not good.. It causes free radical formation -- heart disease, cancer. Because chlorine is so ubiquitous in modern society, as is an epidemic of heart disease and cancer, it may be difficult to tease this effect out unless controlling for it in clinical trials.

Stevia, which you can get in heatlh food stores, etc. has no known side effects. It's made from a member of the chyrsanthemum family. It's ok. I think it has a weird aftertaste. The FDA has not rated it for some reason. It does not cause cancer and you can cook with it.

Acesulfame K (Sunett, Sweet One) has the best rating by the FDA at 15 mg per kg which would be like 30 to 32 cans of diet lemon-lime soda a day. It's ok for cooking. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (do-good nonprofit scientists I trust) does not agree that it is safe. From their website: ... acetoacetamide, a breakdown product, has been shown to affect the Thyroid in rats, rabbits, and dogs. Administration of 1% and 5% acetoacetamide in the diet for three months caused benign Thyroid tumors in rats. The rapid appearance of tumors raises serious questions about the chemical's carcinogenic potency."

There is a new one. Neotame whcih has not products available yet, but watch for it. FDA has approved it for 18 mg a day. You can cook with it. I haven't tasted it.

Sugar has 16 calories per spoonful, but rots your teeth, diminishes your ability to resorb Calcium, is addictive, makes you fat and causes diabetes.

Honey contains about 20 calories per teaspoon, but also at least 15 nutrients whereas sugar and artificial sugars have none. The sweetness of honey allows you to use less than sugar for the same sweetness. Honey enters the bloodstream slowly, 2 calories per minute, while sugar enters quickly at 10 calories per minute, causing blood sugars to fluctuate rapidly and wildly. Baking with honey is good-- it keeps the products moist by pulling water out of the air, and is good for digestion. I think I just talked myself into using small amounts of honey -- I had been using Splenda.

Wishing you all the best!

I'm a 40 year old male. For years, I thought I had arthritis - my knees hurt all the time. To help with keeping my weight down, I took nutrasweet with my coffee (drink a lot of it). I ran out of my seltzer one weekend, and rather than go to the store for more I started drinking my wife's diet soda, sweetened with splenda. My joint pain suddenly became much worse - I had to go down the steps from 2nd to 1st floor in my house BACKWARDS or else couldn't abide the pain.

Somehow made a connection between the splenda and my joint pain, so stopped drinking wife's drinks. Got better in two or three days. Felt so much better I stopped drinking the nutrasweet as well, and about a week later bade farewell to my last joint pain. Six months now and now joint pain...no artificial sweeteners. Gained a pound or two but don't give a toot - feeling so much better.

My advice, avoid any kind of synthetic sweetener. Some people are clearly more susceptible than others - I also have celiac disease and perhaps this makes me more so.

Good luck!

Robert B
I read the first page of answers and nobody mentioned honey or molasses as alternative sweeteners. Both products are natural minimally processed food that are good for you. Everything else is in my opinion dangerous to your health.

MD 20-20 cuzz
I have read that they can cause cancer. Then again so can breathing this smoggy air.

Jenny M
There have been findings that say that sugar substitutes like splenda are linked to cancer.
Although these substitutes are made with sugar, in order to be different from sugar, there is a lot of chemistry involved. Many types of substances are added to "enhance" the flavor even though these new additives may be harmful.
Artificial sweeteners are bad. It's better just to use REAL sugar.

Like everything in life, just try to take everything in modesty. Too much of something is never good.

A good sugar substitute is plant derived, such as Stevia or cane juice. The stuff you find in the pink and blue packets are chemicals designed to taste sweet. The stuff in the yellow packet is chlorinated sugar- does that sound safe?
Ice cream and fruit leather are not sugar substitutes. Depending on how made, they may contain real sugar or a good or bad sugar substitute.

Tina K
Most artificial substitutes are bad for you. I try to stick to the real thing as often as possible. I also by foods with the least amount of ingredients

Ive read a medical article that links prolonged use of sugar substitutes has been linked to MS, Multiple sclerosis.
so i try to stay away from the diet sodas, now i drink Propel fit water, and fuze

Ok I'll just try to explain everything I read about a few weeks ago. Ok sugar substitutes like splenda are bad for you because they are made from chlorocarbon. Thats bad because sugar is carbon and the chloro part of it is chlorine. In nature chlorine never binds with carbon making it unnatural. Since this is unnatural your body can't Digest-It making you taste the sweetness but your body is not absorbing so its 0 calories. Also, its bad because chlorine is bad for you. Hope thats good enough is all I remember from this video. The links below.

Josh -.-.-.-.-.-.-
Yes, the really bad one is aspartame which in in most sugar free things.

Aspartame slows down your metabolism heaps when its in your system, and when it gets broken down it gets broken down into Formaldehyde which can be stored in the breast and cause breast cancer, and it can be stored in the brain, and is corrosive to the brain, meaning you can get holes in your brain and Alzheimer's and stuff like that.

No it isn't just hype =)

The thing that makes them bad is what they do to your body.

Yes, they are far worse than real sugar, sugar only has calories in, it isn't poisonous.

There is one alright sugar substitute, its sucralose, found in splenda. That isn't exactly good for you bu it isn't bad, i has no calories and doesn't kill you.

That's all you wanted to know :)

I have heard that sugar substitutes are harmful because many of them contain aspartame which is pretty much a chemical.
Ingesting any kind of harsh chemical is bad for you.
I've heard the sugar substitutions can cause headaches, stomach aches, even seizures or tumors.

Regular sugar isn't great for you either though. Every time you eat mass amounts of sugar such as in a soda, your poor pancreas goes into over drive. Plus, makes you gain weight like crazy.

So really, neither are good for you!
Drink something like carbonated water or different kinds of tea's.

But its completely up to you in the end.
If you would rather risk damage to your nervous system rather than gain weight from regular sugar!

Yes, sugar substitutes(Aspartame) are bad for you because they are made of Formaldehyde; which is used in laboratories to preserve things from decomposing. Ex. in movies, have you ever seen a severed hand in a jar of liquid? That liquid is Formaldehyde.

Evil J
Sugar substitutes cover a broad range of cancer causing chemicals and foul natural alternatives...

The fact is that regular soft drinks have a sugar substitute in the form of corn syrup. Corn syrup is bad for you, but probably not as bad as aspartame and the other nasty chemicals in so-called "diet" drinks.

Sugar itself is not harmful, but it is high in calories. If you insisted on drinking a sweet beverage, you'd be far better off drinking kool-aid made with cane sugar than drinking sodas (diet or regular). Fruit juice would be better than kool-aid, but is full of natural fruit sugars.

The best thing to drink is water.

Choix du'Jour
Here's the idea, sugar is at least partially organic in the sense that it was refined (albiet heavily) from an actuall plant known as sugar cane. People complain about this refined sugar because it has been stripped of its nutritous juices and minerals, leaving a Cocaine-like powder substance.

Now, artificial sweeteners are derived from a chemical that was made in a lab. Would you seriously be comfortable consuming something that was 100% manmade? Do you think humans were designed to see such substances as "food" or "OMG, FOREIGN SUBSTANCES, EJECT!"

Point being taken, most people are going to recommend (including myself) that you look into other food sweetners like Stevia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia to satisy that sweet tooth that so often gets exploited.

eating all sugar subsitutes are bad for you. my chemistry teacher told me. he said it could even lead to cancer. dont eat too much of it

If you'll read the warning on the box, packet, or can of soda, they all state they have been shown to cause cancer in lab animals; and humans are a type of animal, so there you go.

Even Splenda states it can cause your liver to swell, which is a whole other slew or problems in and of itself.

In the United States, five sugar substitutes have been approved for use. They are saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, neotame, and acesulfame Potassium. All have various health warnings on their labels. This includes Equal, Sweet n' Low, Splenda, Nutra Sweet, etc., etc.

no good try to aVoid them

Albert C
Yes they are. They have cancer causing elements in them.

your best bet is to just limit your intake. Too much of a good thing is infact bad for you.

I wasnt gonna comment until you mentioned soda or pop down at the bottom. I have an uncle that had to have most of his tongue removed because of the aspartame artifical sweetner. it gave him cancer in his tongue.
I would drink to just plain old water and drink something sweet occasionally as a treat

VERY bad. They contain aspertane (sp) which is now proven to cause brain cancer

dr. p
i'll try to help you out here...

let's start with the bad:

sweetners such as equal contain aspartame, which is believed to increase the risk of brain cancer.

sweet-n-low and similar sweeteners contain an ingredient called saccharin, which has been linked to bladder cancer.

in both of these cases, there isn't overwhelming accurate evidence, but it's been enough to cause some concern.

splenda is another popular one, but because the body doesn't recognize, it won't Digest-It, and can actually make you GAIN weight.

fructose is another extract of sugar. because it's natural, it's better for you than equal or sweet n low, but because the liver can't process it as quickly as pure sugar, it converts into triglycerides, increasing your risk of heart disease.

obviously, small amounts of any of these isn't going to seriously hurt you, but a using any for a long period of time can build up and increase your risks.

fortunately, there ARE some better solutions...

my #1 reccomendation would be Stevia. it's a natural herb and is actually sold as a dietary supplement.
#2 would be Xylitol. it's a natural sweetener that's actually produced in our bodies... the downside is that it's not calorie-free, although it does have a much lower calorie content.

hope that shed a little light on your questions...

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