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Size o? disgusting?
louis redknapp is a doll,when she done that diet on the box last nite she looked ill.girls dont do it 8 10 12 14 even 16 is ok. any other red blooded guys feel the same

barbara b
I saw it too, didn't she just look miserable. and for what to fit in a dress so you could see every vertebrate on her spine..

Hope it does make girls think twice about dieting

Mr Cynical
totally agree. women need some curves , slim is one thing, skinny another

Peachy Girl
Good to know that men don't actually like the skinny ar.se girls!!!

Michelle G
ok,i can't do without my food anyway.

thats makes me feel a whole lot better.... tho a size 12 with some wobbley bits when u see great looking females that are a smaller size constantley it can get to you from time to time.

robert w
makes you look like your a skeleton ewwwuughgghhh

I have some workmates who would be described as a size 0. They can't put on weight and have both tried. They eat chocolate like I wouldn't dare and never gain an ounce. I'm the opposite, I love salad and have probably had more lettuce this week (with even more still in the fridge) than most people eat in a year and yet am currently almost 22 stones.

At least I know what part of my problem is, I have a hormonal condition called PCOS but it doesn't stop the stares and the comments, same as it doesn't stop the stares and the comments with my colleagues.

Can't we start 'judging' a person by who they are not what they look like?

Bom Chicka Wa Wa

I think size 0 in itself is not disgusting as a lot of women are naturally so tiny. BUT what is disgusting is the fact that the fashion and film industry now won't deal with models/actresses unless they are a size 0, forcing many models and celebrities to slim down. Have you also noticed that when celebrities slim down like that they always claim that they are naturally that slim and that they eat like a horse? I don't believe that. If that was the case then how come Terri Hatchet was a curvacious woman in her Superman days? Well, it isn't natural, she is forcing herself to be that size. Now that is disgusting!!! As for Victoria Beckham claiming that she is naturally like that....well, just look at old photos of her when she was in the Spice Girls...now that was NATURAL.

--Lost in this world--
Size 0 is disgusting. I hate it when I see people like that. Its revolting!

Dawn M
I just hope that the fashion industry follows suit. im training to be a teacher and would hate to think of kids in my class starving themselves to be skinny. it can start that early

it was worrying at the end of the programme as she seemed completely hooked on the diet. She just needed to fit into that dress desptie the damage it was doing to her health and family life.

Did not see this, but, extreme dieting is extremely bad, people should not overdo food restriction. having too little body fat is not healthy for anyone. There is a rare condition where a person has no body fat, this is as bad for the individual as being clinically obese.

Yes size zero is a new silly trend and is scary when the teenages and young women want to be the "new" size zero.
Its very unhealthy and supermodels of this size should be banned from the catwalk as its only making the size zero trend fashion and a "must have".
I am a size 8, I am petite but would never lose weight to be a size zero.
As long as your happy and healhty size doesn't matter.
When your health is at risk...............stop........... and do something about it................eat or diet which ever is the cure.

i think size zero is disgusting, so does my bloke. i'll never be it and i never want to be it. my be abit bigger but i'm happy and comfortable with who i am and i think thats the image that should be shown- be happy with yourself

i certainly agree, what is this fascination with size zero , i tried a low calorie diet a few months a go and felt ill and ratty just like louise , i would never recommend it how ever desperate someone is

Well yes id agree with that totally, size zero wasnt a pretty thing to watch, it's just looks wrong.
However my opinion may not count as my blood is sky blue pink with yellow dots.
Apologies for crashing your answer as it was clearly marked for "red blooded guys"

I have always thought Louise is gorgeous! She has curves!!!!! Women with no curves are disguisting! Most blokes hate skinny women, just like most women hate skinny men! Men like to have something to grab hold of in the heat of passion and wouold prefer it not to be a rib!!!

Have a special star dude!!!

I know what you are saying about prefering a real woman, but as a size 14 I feel very insecure after seeing tiny bodied women. It makes me quite upset - even though my boyf reassures me part of me thinks nah he is just saying it cos he loves me.

She did look ill but a size 0 is ill. Harldy anyone is naturally that slim, its disgusting and it really is the wrong image for celebrities to be portraying.

i saw the programme and she looked really ill, im a size 8 but would never diet to become a 0 its not healthy

Emma R
I feel the same.
I think that unless you are naturally a very small person then being size 0 sets a horrible example for young impressionable girls.

Thats not a question. Thats a rant. And yes, she did look disgusting and ill. Everyone appreciates a bit of cushion for the pushin....

yes i think it is disgusting, am a 12, sometimes i get annoyed with my weight when i see skinny celebs but only for a min or two then i remember guys like u & my b/f don't want a skinny 'child like' size girl u want a real woman , :)

What I thought disturbing about the programme was the fact that Lousie was horrified at the photo of herself at size 8. She said it was the first time the public have seen a photo of her that hasn't been retouched. So really she is part of the problem herself letting altered images of herself be used and so giving women an unrealistic view of what thier bodies should be.

Its good to know that most men don't like the skeletal look, it seems to be only the fashion industry.
Good for you for speaking up! it might make girls think twice before embarking on these crazy diets that just make them ill

It's so stupid how women think that every bloke wants a skinny bird. It's so not true. I have mates that like thin women & mates that like bigger women. I would say about 50/50.

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