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Should you lose belly fat before building muscle?
I have at least 25 pound to lose around my mid section and I don't want to build muscle under the fat. Should I lose the fat first then build the muscle?
Additional Details
Thanks for all the constructive answers. The reason I ask the questions is not because I don''t want to do the work I just don't want to build up muscle under fat and look fatter.

Anywho I appreciate all the ACTUAL answers.

The best explanation that I can think of is to increase your own bodys metabalism. If you eat only a few very filling meals and sometimes go without eating, your body will not like it very much and will try to store fat for survival. Therefore I encourage you to eat light meals and to snack healthy stuff during the day (like carrots, yoghurt, salad etc..) your body will be used to breaking down the food and will not try to store the fat (which really is energy to prevent starvation).

I have always heard that yes you do need to lose belly fat before building muscle and then I found t-tapp. I just want to tell the whole world about my secret. I was with a trainer for 9 months and even though I lost a ton of weight I still had the belly. It is just so hard for me to loose weight there. So I bought this DVD my DOCTOR recommended called t-tapp. Within 7 days I lost 2 inches off my abdominal area. I also lost an Itch off my hips and waist. The last time I lost inches it took me 5 months not 7 days. Needless to say I am addicted to t-tapp. I encourage you to check out the website and try the freebie exercises. You can try before you buy. It is amazing :) Good luck.

Yes because if u get xtra muscle before losing weight, it the muscle will be under the fat u didn't lose & it will make u look like u gained weight instead of muscle

u r welcome

The body is not desingned to BURN fat and then BUILD muscle because of the body's composition. Therefore the best thing to do is focus on building muscle because that will also burn fat at the same time.

Also doing Cardio (running) will burn most fat however you will lose muscle as well but your body will be more toned. Cycling, Swimming and Rowing are also good fat burners.

I also recommend abdominal curls, crunches, leg raises and leg kicks for your abs that can be worked at least 4 to 5 times a week without the muscle being over worked.

(Friendly FYI)...There is a myth that sitting in a Sauna foe a few hours will burn fat but the truth is it takes physcial perfomance i.e. cardio vascular to burn fat.

yes because that is going to build huskness.

first of all you when you work out you don't build muscle under the fat. When you work out you lose fat and gain muscles at the same time. but it depends on what method of exercise you do.

I think they kind of go hand in hand. Keep up a healthy diet and cut out sugar and you'll drop weight rather fast. Use your exercise regime to tone up.

Good Luck!

Yes. lose the mid section first like you say, then to build, BURN
before you BUILD.(the muscles) my stepfather taught me that.
(burn before you build)

peggy d
I suggest diet and exercise, they go hand in hand. sometimes it is just a matter of a slight change in your eating habits to shed a few pounds, I have always thought weight watchers has an excellent way of eating and its not really a diet. just eating less and better choice of foods!

but definitely do both modify your eating habits and go to the gym at least 3 times a week and you will look and feel better.

Take care and Good Luck!

I would say, don't worry about that. As you do exercises to build muscle, the fat will burn off. Muscle burns fat like mad, using them I mean, after you build them.

Building the muscle will also shrink you by inches fast, no matter what the scale actually reads.

I would just be a bit careful the exercises are Gentle, not to much at first, or the wrong kind.
Swimming is really good. It burns calories and belly fat without stressing the lower back with impact as bad.

Jogging would be one of the worst, as the stomach could bounce alittle, and ouch! That can really hurt, and the lower back too, cause it can pull on those muscles.

Walking works amazingly well. And gets you where you're going without gas money!

my husband has lifted weights for years but never lost his belly. We just found out he has high blood sugar along with high cholesterol and sugar gets stored in the belly. He was advised to look carefully at his carbs and when he started on a new life style eating choice of 12 servings of carbs a day (15g of any carb is a carb choice), he lost inches around his belly faster than he lost weight. Making sure your diet has plenty of fiber is also reccomended because it helps regulate the digestive system. Weight lifting and regular diets never touched his belly. He does take Metformin (doctor prescribed) which helps the body process the sugars and cholesterol better but the carbs were the secret to his 20 year belly bump! If you are in your 40's or have had that belly for years, make sure you get checked by your doctor. Sugar numbers are found in routine blood work.

You will build muscle as you lose fat and more muscle will burn more fat.
Easy way to lose weight- read the packaging on everything you eat. Know what a serving is of everything you eat. A bottle of Pepsi will tell you that it has 100 calories per serving. It will also tell you that there's 4 servings in a bottle (liter). so that bottle is really 400 calories, or about a fifth of a normal person's daily intake.
I had a heart attack on June first of '06 and had to lose weight. I was 285 and 6'3". I didn't look obese, but not as good as I used to either. I gave up soda, and drank Propel fitness water instead. I switched to an almost all vegan diet, eating things like BocaBurgers, Garden burgers, and all kinds of vegan stuff from Morning Star farms. (Their BBQ riblets ROCK!) I eat salads about as often as I did before. On special occasions I have Birthday cake, or Thanks giving turkey, Christmas ham, etc.
but go back to the vegan as soon as I can. I still have a beer now and then. I have lost 30 pounds since June'06 and will continue to lose untill I get to 225, what I weighed when I got out of the Marine Corps.
Eat right, increase your activity a little, and avoid the obvious evil food as best you can. Don't allow it to become torturous, have a treat occaisionally, just don't go overboard.
Don't worry about inadvertantly building muscle. Muscle looks way better that fat, is healthier and burns fat itself. So, once you get in shape, it should be a little easier to stay in shape.
Good luck!

no do it at the same time

As you are bldg. muscle you will lose inchs not weight, because muscle weighs more than fat.

muscles help you ,burning calories and fat in your body
check my profile for web sites with ideas in workout and fitness

You don't want to sag either and that will happen if go on a diet and don't strengthen your muscles.

Actually, building muscle will aid your goal to banish that belly. Muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The ball-park figure is you burn 50 extra calories per day for every extra pound of muscle you have. So I would advise you to go ahead and start your muscle-building regimen. Bear in mind, however, you're not going to lose that belly unless you get your diet in order and do some walking and/or cardio in addition to your strength training. Best schedule is strength training every other day and cardio every other day, but give yourself one day off per week where you do nothing except walking. Same goes for diet -- eat a clean diet six days a week but allow yourself one day a week where you can have whatever you want (just don't gorge yourself). Check out the Mens Health website at http://www.menshealth.com, click on the "Discussions" link, and check out the bulletin boards they have on diet, fitness, and exercise. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about what to eat, what to avoid, best workouts (and worst), how to work out, etc. Good luck!

starting over
Building muscle will help you lose fat.

Start working out and the fat will go away.

Your body will do as it will regardless of how you try to manipulate it. Most dont realize there is no such thing as a spot workout. You need to work all your body. maybe a 45 min cardiovascular and then dead weights to toning and building. Your body will use up stored fat before it builds muscle.

Contrary to popular belief and from my experience (I lost 20 pounds), one can't really pick or choose what part of the body fat loss will occur from first. Just keep doing your cardiovascular and muscle building exercises simultaneously and you'll achieve the nice toned physique you want. Good luck :)

That's gonna happen simultaneously. You lose fat by doing cardio but when you build muscle, you increase your body's ability to burn fat. Here's what I do and it works great- I alternate, doing my fat burning workout one day and taking the next day do to arms and abs, then do my cardio the next day, then I work my lower body, then cardio, then arms/abs, and so on. When you work out (strength train) you tear up muscle, in a sense, and so it needs a day to rest and repair. Also, stretch throughly to lengthen and strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. I actually just use about a half an hour a day, doing a five minute stretch/warm up, twenty minute workout, and five minute cool down/stretch. I use mostly videos (bellytwins.com has good, fun belly dance workout so it's not the same boring thing) or salsa dance videos are fun, if you like that, too. I really suggest doing the alternating, I think you'll see better results (I know I have then when I did just strength or just cardio). Good luck!

You can do it simultaneously with diet & excersise.

add high protein foods and fiber to your diet and lots of water as you build muscle you will lose the fat and your body uses protein for energy so if u are exercising and not taking in enough protein you body will burn your muscle make fat and use that for energy so lots of protein the belly will go away.

Building muscle will help you burn the fat. Start with both weight work AND cardio right away. At first do a little more cardio for the first couple weeks, then even it out. The muscle you build will burn more calories when you're at rest, so if you watch your diet, your fat will get "eaten" up by your own metabolism.

Trying for Big in Boise
Nope. Work on the muscle. Weight lifting will boost your metabolism and that in turn will help to burn the fat. Throw in some cardio but don't overdo it.

Keep in mind the long lenghth of time it took to add that 25 lbs. Give yourself a bit of time to see it fall off. Don't expect miracles but be aggressive. Give yourself at least one day a week to indulge in garbage food or else you'll feel cheated and backslide too often.

Good luck.

I am on a diet now where I have already lost almost 30 pounds. I actually do both at the same time. By eating a diet low in sugar and fat, but high in protein, I lose fat and replace it with muscle, which is actually more healthy. If you try to lose the fat without building muscle, you will actually lose muscle mass along with the fat, making you more likely to gain the weight back.

Do both at the same time. Build muscle and lose the fat. Do cardio and crunches and situps.

Eat a good diet and exercise.
The more muscle you have and the higher the muscle tone, the more calories you will burn at rest.

That means your basal metabolism will go up and you will naturally burn more calories and it will be easier to lose the fat.

In other words, Start to build muscle and the fat will come off more easily. The muscle will not trap the fat in place.

David B
if your diet is correct then building muscle will burn fat.

No. Muscle BURNS fat. You need to build muscle there so it will get rid of the fat.

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