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Should i tell...?
ok i need help im 16 and i weigh 70lbs. and im taking diet pills and im bolmia + i think im fat but evrynody says im not. none of my family knows that only my bff knows and i told her not 2 tell any1 and she did not and i thank her for that. but ......... i dont know ...... i'm just really confused and evryday i pass out my mom ask what wrong but i wont tell her ...............


If you don't tell your parents or a doctor what you are doing to yourself and get some help, you could very well be dead before you hit age 18. Bulimia is a DEADLY ILLNESS and you need treatment ASAP if you want to live. Go talk to your mom right now!

YOU PASS OUT???? It you are that skinny then you are definitely NOT FAT!!!!! You need to tell someone, or you could end up injuring yourself. Eat something once in while and enjoy it. Your 16 and you only weigh 70 lbs........................................ am 13 and I weigh what any 13 yr old should weigh- between 100 lbs and 130 lbs, depending on how tall you are. I am tall for my age so I am in the 120s. You need to eat, trust you will feel better anyway.

You need to get some help. Take time to look on the web about what could happen to you. I am not trying to scare you, but you need some support and you need to be under a doctor's care. This is a diease, and it is treatable, but the harm you are causing your body could be prement. Please sit your Mom down and say I am ready to talk. Do it now, and get better, sweetie! God bless..

[email protected]
You should definitely tell, you have a serious illness that needs treatment. Get help kiddo, your life depends on it

I use to be sort of like that--not quite as serious as you seem to be. You probably can't fix this all by yourself--you need a support system and to go to a counselor. If you have a bad body image, you need to figure out what your triggers are--that is, what is making you feel this way. 70lbs is NOT ENOUGH to be healthy. Trust me hun, your body will start cannibalizing itself for nutrients. Just start with baby steps as far as eating more. Definately talk to someone...just getting it off your chest can help, but you need to tell someone besides your friend. Don't view food as the enemy...you need it to survive!!! Please get help bc anorexia and bulemia effect millions of girls and women, and at least 5% of those who suffer from it will die. If you need more insight, contact me.

you need to tell your parents so they can get you the help you need. they won't be mad, thankful that you finally came clean and told them.

you are doing serious damage to yourself and need professional help. this is a disease and you can not cure yourself

Yes, you should tell her. You are telling us and asking us for help. 16 and 70 lbs is not healthy and you definitely NOT FAT-you are TOO THIN-you must retain your health at any cost. If you want to have a family in the future, you need to take care of your health. If your body weight goes below 12% bodyfat, which you probably have, you won't have periods anymore and you are in danger of losing your fertility, along with other health issues. If you are not comfortable talking to your parents yet, why not call a youth hotline or your counselor, or another trusted adult. Please do seek help-you are a valuable human being and you need to take care of your health. I bet there are a lot of people who love you.

You need to tell someone. Not telling people things like that isn't healthy.

you have serious problems

70 lbs!!!!!!yur so underweight gain 30 pounds 4 real my 6 year old sister is about 60

Pie Man
you stupid as hell

Girl you've got issues, BIG ONES! First you say you have a boyfriend for 4 years and you sleep with other guys, then you dated a black guy against your dad's will (not to mention your parents are divorced and you keep going back and forth) and now you are a fu*&^ing bulimic???? What the hell is wrong with you people???? Kids in the rest of the world are dying of hunger and this "stupid13blonde" decides she is not going to eat! ? Why don't you just focus on how you can make your life better when you are 16 instead of going around fu^&*ing everyone and not eating, I think that start learning how to spell is a good start, then get professional help, because girl, you need it and then have a donut or maybe four. Take care girl.

Please tell your mother. You are killing yourself.

You need help. Its okay to see someone who can help. That you will benefit from.

Daron C

♥ღஜწ DAX ღஜწ♥
Im suprised nobody answered this with a page long answer but anyhoo go seek help girl I meen it.


katherine r
There is no easy way to say this but its usually the hard answers which are the ones that work with people with "addictions"........ YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF, IF YOU DONT STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR BODY YOU MAY AS WELL JUMP IN FRONT OF A BUS, BECAUSE ALL YOU'RE DOING IS PROLONGING YOUR BODY'S SUFFERING.
Now i apologise, because i know that will have been extremely hard reading for yourself. Another thing i should say is, your mam will already know what is wrong with you, but will be waiting for you to admit it, because if she has any braing cells she will know if she approaches you, you will deny it.

Hun, you've come this far posting this question on here, you know your not well and something needs to be done or you wouldnt have posted on here, you just need to be brave and strong and understand that no matter who you tell, you need to tell someone to get help, and quick.

Lots of love and hugs

lemme know how you get on,

katherine robbie at hotmail dot com (without spaces and the appropriate symbols!!!)

$ @dR!€L $

wtf... that's not normal!!! missy.... stop taking diet pill!!!!!!!!!!!

You have taken a very good first step. You have admitted you need help. You know that you are experiencing things that aren't normal such as passing out, and only weighing 70 pounds. I would recommend that you tell your parents if only because of the detriment to your body. Your mom is responsible for you and hopefully cares about you. Trust her with this one. It's a secret too big for you to keep. Also, telling your friend but asking her not to tell anybody is placing a huge burden on her. Especially if she cares about you, she is probably hurt that she can't do anything to help.

You need to seek help ASAP. What you are doing is very dangerous and you could be causing lots of damage to your body. Let your mom know what is going on and go see an eating disorder expert. Please take a look at the web-sites I've provided.

It's definitely time to seek counseling. If you are that skinny more than likely your mother already knows there's a problem she just doesn't know how to handle it. The important thing is you have admitted you have a problem even if it is to complete strangers. A counselor can help you resolve the issues of why you feel fat when you are not. It's time to act now or soon you won't have to worry about it. Your mom will have to worry the rest of her life on how to say good-bye.I know I'm being blunt but I don't think there's time to beat around the bush. Please take action on this now. More than likely you have some very good attributes you're not even let shine. Be good to yourself. There's a lot of good things in this world you're not even getting to enjoy.

Not only should you tell but you really need to see a doctor. By you admitting that you have an eating disorder is half the battle. I would lay off the diet pills unless a doctor prescribes them.

im wondering how she doesn't notice how thin u r. anyway u should tell her so u can get treated 4 this and get better.

My 9 year old weighs 70 lbs. My 15 year old weighs 110 and she is a size 0. You are seriously under weight. You have an eating disorder which is very dangerous and could cause you some serious health problems or possibly kill you.

Talk to you mother. Talk to your friends mother. Talk to somebody, but get help quick.

16 years old and 70 pounds!!!! you are definitely NOT FAT!!!!! you need to tell someone unless you can get your problem under control yourself

Okay, so which of your quesitons are real?

I owuld say you have serious problems alright ... but whether the ones you ask about are them .. who knows.

In one of your questions you say you are pregnant with your second child ... but if you weigh only 70 lbs , its doubtful you would be PG because most women stop ovulating when they hit 100 lbs or so depending on height/build.

Also from the way you tell it you would be showing by now ... so your mom would KNOW why you were passing out .... one or the other. Also, if you only weigh 70 lbs, unless you are under 4 foot tall, your mom would definitely know you had a problem.

And as for the black boyfriend (in yest another question), if he is the father of your child/ren, than your dad will know about it, yes?

Got any new stories to come up with?
Or you gonna tie all these together for us?

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