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hahaha hell yea thats fat
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srry to ruin =P

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Kelsie Lynn
Should i loose any weight?
i am about 5"3-5"4... im 13... my friends think i am only 100 pounds(i didnt tell them that, they say that).. i am really about 130.. i feel light to most people, and some say i am skinny..should i loose any weight?

You aren't as skinny as some girls your age, but you shouldn't lose weight. You might grow it out, and if you don't then you can decide what's right for you once you're a bit older. Wait a couple of years.

You need to find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) and here is a good site to read about weight and nutrition..It sounds like you're just the way you should be...check out http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/weight.html
take care...

Dude D

omg im in the same boat as you
well if you feel tht u dont like ur body then change it
but if ppl say ur skinny then hey wutever ur doin is workin!! lol

Your BMI is 23. You are considered by the "experts" to be overweight, but not obese. At your weight, you are not in danger of any serious risks to your health so I would concentrate on your health rather than weight. Go to Mercola.com to learn what you should be eating for your type.

no idt you should dont listen to people. most people just say things to make you feel bad. and as long as you are happy with yourself, then dont worry about what everybody else says.

Nothing wrong with exercising a little, but its not like your fat.

No - it doesn't sound like you need to lose weight...people carry weight differently and I think that is a healthy weight. Just eat healthy and exercise, not to lose weight, just to keep in shape and toned and you will feel better about it if that's the case...I would say you are fine.

Just. M.

You don't have to worry..130lbs is normal weight for 5-4.
If you're still worried, do exercise once in a while, a little exercise can't hurt, and it makes you feel better!

You can't afford to lose any weight at age 13, while you are still growing. Any excess weight will almost certainly be accommodated as you grow taller. Do eat a healthy diet (plenty of veggies and fruit, and no soda or junk food), and get plenty of exercise, but do that to make yourself feel good and not in order to lose weight. That way you will be forming good habits for the rest of your life. If you look good to your friends, you are doing fine.

I'm the same height and weigh in anywhere from 120 to 130 anything lower than 120 and I'm able to see my ribs and hip bones starting to stick out which tells me I'm too thin. So you're fine not to lose any weight and if you want no more than 10 pounds though to stay in a healthy weight range.

Katie W
No i weigh that much and im 5' 2" and im not over weight nor do i think i need to loose any you are at a perfect weight for your height and why would you even ask this it doesn't sound like any one has called you fat or told you to lose weight !

no its completely normal.

feel good about your wight because its just fine [=

no,just be yourself.

No. Don't! A girl your age should never go on a diet. My sister was in the same position as you and she became anerexic. You do not know how scary that is. You are a absolutely fine weight!

hot me
nope ur good

Ummmm no. You are the perfect weight for your height! And if people think you are 30 pounds less than what you really weigh I say you gain a couple pounds...just kidding :D. But seriously dont grow or shrink and your set =)

Definitely not. I am telling you this as a 14 year old girl who is skinny, and 5"3. Some of your weight has got to be muscle. (Muscle weighs more than fat). Don't feel the need to lose weight. Infact, you are probably very normal.

you're fine. you're healthy. thats a normal weight.


you down?

no not at all I am 15 and i'm about 125-128 pounds and people keep saying I'm skinny so If your 130 pounds u shouldn't loose wait 1 of my best friends is really skinny and she weights 140 pounds so u don't need 2.


look at this bmi chart you are perfect!

im 14 and people think im 100 but im really 120 every one just has different body types.

No because that would be unhealthy.

Josh H
no, thats a perfectly healthy weight


A Forgiven Child of God
Some say you are skinny and you want to lose weight????
Don't listen to anyone.
If you are healthy, and feel good, don't worry about it! Your friends should love you for who you are, not how much you weigh!

usually when people think theyre overweight,
the only reason theyre stressed about it is because theyre scared of what other people think.

your perfectly fine.

Courtney Lee ♥
It might just be muscle.
Muscle wieghs 75% more than body fat.
So you could actually weigh alot
but you're really fit and skinny.
If your friends say no...you probably shouldn't.

No you have no reason to. Sounds like you are just fine.
Make sure you stay physically active and that you eat a healthy diet. Remember that at your age, your body will start to store small amounts of fat as you are going through the major growing time of your life.
Don't start losing weight just because of what you think someone else's ideals are for you.
Take care!

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