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M.D. Naomi.?
Should fat people be force fed to let them see the ?
error of their ways.?

why is everyone obssessed over fat people is it some sort of fetish, n e way if they werent fat they would jus have some other vice i.e drinking, drugs, smoking e.t.c e.t.c you cant say to me that your perfect, this is just another form of mindless bullying why not find something more usefull to do with your time

your ugly.

wouldnt that just make them fatter?

No, I think they have a difficult time not eating so force feeding would do any good. This is a truly mean question many people believe that people are obese only because they eat too much and don't exercise but there are so many other factors. If dieting really worked and didn't involved starvation of calories then people would have an easier time losing weight. I didn't gain weight until I had my son and went through post partum depression granted I am not obese I still feel big and I don't eat a whole lot. Losing weight is difficult.

First, I don't see how "force feeding" or any type of forcing makes people see "the error of their ways."

Second, "fat" is a relative term. "Fat" does not always come from over-eating.

I think you should see a psychiatrist about your outlook on life and your control issues. What makes you any better than a "fat" person?

If so, should bulimic people be force fed the food they threw up for the past year? And would that be the same punishment for an anorexic or should we just restrict them from food like they do to themselves? Consider counseling.

wow ... thats nice( not)

the body of an adult, yet the mind of a Neanderthal.

see, this is what happens when you give idiots the internet.

No, but it should be made clear to them that they are eating themselves to an early grave and that it's pretty darn selfish of them to inadvertantly drive up health care costs for the rest of us just so they can feed their fat face while making lame excuses for all of their disabilities due to their tonnage.

Spiny Norman
If you saw the news recently you would know that 70% of obesity is genetic and nothing to do with being greedy. Overweight people should be given sympathy and not be bullied. Pleased to say I am only 9stone and don't have the faulty gene.

i agree with shahramk...just shut up. you wouldnt have said that if you werent "skinny".

that is total disrespect! Didn't your mom or dad, no, didn't anyone who cared about you teach you any manners?
No. That's the answer. O.K.!

Some people can't help it. It's the way they were raised. They might be struggling and you never know. Look at it from thier view...

Definatelly not, there is no error of being overweight just society likes to make overweight people feel left out liket here no one. but fet people have feelings to. they just like food so what that is not no crime.

that would be like asking should skinny people be starved to see there errors the answer would be no

its no one except gods desicion to judge

Karma has ways of coming back on you...

Joel T
just go back to using your pointer finger to keep your figure

I bet you're a fatty really. What web site did you get that picture from ?

What? That doesn't even make sense.

your stupid

do you realize how dumb this question is??

You're probably fat.

Daddys Doobe
You're an idiot.

should stupid people be hit in the head with a baseball bat to let them see the error of their ways?

not all fat people are fat because they eat, some actually have medical reasons for it

this is a really rude and ignorant question.
some over weight people cannot help their size.

Rick Astley
What the hell?

val f1 nutter
grow up

you should be hanged.

Shut up.

this is just nasty

regards x kitti x

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