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Should I exercise if my muscles are sore, or should I rest?

Grease Lightning
You need to rest. Then, when you are well rested, you can go back to exercising.

you have to work the soreness out. exercise. just not as much as you did before. start slow, build up.

You need to move sore muscles but not over-do. Sore muscles need to be "worked" or they will stiffen up so do both in "moderation".

rest- soreness is a sigh that you have over done your exercise or reached your max for that workout

High on Life!!!
My trainer always tells me to keep going.

It depends on how sore your muscles are. If it is mild soreness, then moderate or light exercise can help to Loosen you up and work out the sore spots. If you have really overdone it and your muscles are extremely sore, put on some Ben Gay and lay off exercise for a day or so. It is always good to warm-up before exercise with stretching and other low impact movements. If you don't then over-taxing your muscles can result.

I had been wondering that same question. I have been working out my body is so sore. I decided to give my body a rest and I feel a whole lot better.

If you're muscles are sore than you should rest or else you can tear muscle

you should not exercise if your muscles are sore. muscles need some time to get back to normal from daily wear and tear which generally is known as recovery time. it is better to give your muscles some recovery time before you exercise again. DR.MASUD.

matts mom
i would rest those musclesbecause you don't want to overdo it.

beautiful mind
Rest.. rest is important for muscles to release its fatigue acids and building itself up to increase its ability and durability.. this will lead you to more efficient exercise next times..

i know the max days for exercise of any sport are 4.. and 5 if there is a coach to give you schedule for your sleeping pattern and diet.. your whole lifestyle..

rest.it's damaged or stressed in some way and using it athletically is only going to cause more problems.

rest is better

You should give yourself a little rest and drink a lot of water. Your muscles with be especially sore after your first few workouts after having done for a while. After you are beginning to feel better you should get back to working out but vary your workout. Say Monday you do upper body then Tuesday you do lower body .. Wednesday you rest. Thursday upper body Friday lower body ... Saturday rest - or however your days work best, with cardio every day. Make sure you rest when your body is really hurting it is telling you, you need to rest .. Enjoy!

REST. Exercise increases the toxic lactic acid in muscles and that`s why one feels soreness.Rest,fomentation and massage removes the lactic acid and relieves soreness.

Hamidollah F

Rest definitely.

mostly muscles beome sore due to excercise after long time or first time espceially if u start a new excercise or body building, so dont worry, it happens due to stretching of muscles and carry on your exercise and it will go slowly.

Like everyone else has been saying REST REST REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rest but then go back to it but make sure u strech

rest is best your muscle won't do the hustle...Taking time
out is what Im talking about...peace.

rest so that you dont end up pulling a muscle, then that will hurt a lot worse

rest ice were there is pain

Æ’allen Ă¥ngel

REST! muscles need rest to build to their full potential especially after a hard workout. give it a couple days. then you can work that group again.

Rest, rest, and rest some more. Sore muscles are your body's way of telling you its tired and needs a break.

P.S.: A common myth is to keep working when your muscles are sore because it will help work them harder. This is false and needs to be changed fast, befroe many people are hurt. Serious injury can result from too much exercise.

rest, if you keep using sore muscles their gonna get ALOT worse

Soar muscles are a sign of over-exercision. If you've never worked out,or have'nt in a long time,then this is what happens. You should always "cool down",after a workout. Slowly do mild upper and lower body stretches. Working out 3 days a week for 30 mins,is good enough.

Julie F
I would let my muscles rest for a day or two. Try working your upper body one day and your lower the next. Alternate between the areas to allow rest for your muscles.

Rest. Your muscles don't grow when you're working out. they actually grow when you rest after working out. if you work out when they're sore, you're just doing damage.

Definitely rest. Give yourself two or three days to rest.

In the meantime, eat a small quantity of lean protein and a larger quantity of low-glycemic index carbohydrates.

The amino acids you will derive from the lean protein will aid in rebuilding the damaged muscle, but the healthy carbs will flood your muscles with glycogen, which is the best way to repair sore muscles.

Brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread (do not eat wheat bread), steel cut oats are good examples of low glycemic index carbohydrates that will aid and speed up your muscle recovery.

Remember, exercise is catabolic, which means it cause your muscles to break down and become smaller.

Rest and proper balanced nutrition is anabolic, which means it supports muscle growth.

Combine the two and you are on your way to a great physique and superior health.

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