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Should I blame Burger king or Wendy's for me being fat?
in the news today "Chains refuse to put calories on menus "
Come On...everyone knows what's good and what's bad for him to eat...but we people like to blame others for everything bad we do.

Maybe you should try getting off your fat butt and exercising, instead of blaming a company that....just stop eating so friggin' much you fat disgusting pig.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! it ppls fault for eating there!!! !!!jeeeeez!

Leslie C
Because we learned a long time ago people don't have to take personal responsibility for their actions. It's all about woe is me, and how much money you can get... GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

blame your genes!

ermmmm.... yourself?

i know its has to resist fast food though!

No, blame yourself for eating them. It's not like they forced you to eat their food.

Blame yourself... no one told you to eat it .... its not like their saying oh we're healthy foods... you should know better... so if your fat its noones fault but your own... or if you have a medical condition [but thats different]

It may not be on their menus, but you can get all that info online. And like you said, you know a milkshake probably isnt going to be nutritionally beneficial, especially compared to a salad. If people cared so much they'd skip the fast food and make a freaking meal at home.

Blame urself (metabolism)!

you should blame your hand for feeding it to your face!!

i agree with you its all a big joke..

im gonna sue cuz my hot coffee burned me.. what would she have done if the coffee was cold?

NO...that's called be an irresponsible moron. People should be responsible enough to know that eating too much of this crap will eventually kill you, know that guns aren't the problem it's people, etc..you get the point..but because people rather blame something else for their ills they blame objects. No wonder our country is going down hill.

Haha, I like this. Yeah, as if fat people are suddenly going to say "Whoa! Holy cow! This triple bacon cheese, 1 1/2 lbs burger with blue cheese, fries and seasoned lard stuffed in it with my supersized milk shake made with with 99% Oreo Cookie Double Stuff cream and monster sized bowl of starchy double fried Onion rings and cheesecake are fattening??? What the h*ll! I think I'll go eat a grilled chicken salad and have an apple for desert instead."

Not likely.

The US population of really fat people won't even get dinged if the fast food companies put signs on their wrappers like they have on cigarette packs. You could have signs that read "this will make you fat, and fat people are not attractive to fit people", or "if you eat this, you will cost tax payers a lot of money that they would rather spend on education", or "eating fatty foods negates the popular effects of beer, please eat responsably".

Oooowie, I crack me up!

Sweet and Sassy
No its your fault for buying the stupid food so much and not exercising! Stop stuffiing ur face.

Kandice F
True. But, Americans tend to follow trends and what the others are doing.
Yet, if we want, we can put our health first.
The choice is ours.
But, then again, who hasn't downed a double cheeseburger and 20 or 32 ozs. soft drink with a large order of fries?

I agree that people like to blame something/someone other than themselves for their problems. thats not going to change. people should take responsibility for their choices, food or otherwise.

However, I think that Im a pretty smart and conscious person. I had no idea that I was putting so many calories into my body each day just from going out to eat. I was younger and didnt think about it that much, but some of these places are just horrible. How can you consciously serve a meal thats 1600 calories! One meal! And that's definitely not the worst Ive seen. The restaurant industry needs to take some responsibility in the product they put out there and the education they put out there. And on top of that, knowing that one meal is equal to some people's calorie intake for the day, maybe they should stop selling everything to the impressionable youth. Do you know how many millions of dollars goes into finding out what kids want/desire and how to get them to force their parents to buy it. And last, we as people need to take responsibility to educate ourselves.

How bout we stop being a people of excess and start to open our eyes. and realize what we do impacts the world- as an industry as a whole and as individuals.

Cutie Pie
to answer your question: blame yourself!!!! it dont matter what type of number they put up on the menu's besides the prices like you indicated already we know that eating wendy's, burger king, & mcdonalds all the time cant be good for anybody not even me but i am skinny as hell (with a little thickness)

yes, good job!!

Sounds of Ed's football game
yes! and I am really mad at Nike cuz I wore shoes my WHOLE LIFE and now I do not have callases on my feet. If I'd have only known

Of course not. It's ridiculous. Be responsible for ones own actions..


the only way to get fat is by sitting on your [email protected]* all day and eating junk.

‚ô• Gabbie ‚ô•
blame yourself!! We all know whats going to have ALOT of calories, but some people still get a quarter pounder with cheese, milkshake, fries, dessert and so on. Dont blame anyone but yourself, i mean- you ate it.

guess who??
no blame ur self sorry for bein harsh but its ur fault ur fat try healthyer foods..not tryin to be mean

blame your self you are the one who put the food in your mouth

no one but yourself

Rich Z
Not unless two employees held you down and stuffed the food into your mouth. Otherwise it was your choice.


You should blame yourself for eating that rubbish in the first place

john s
blame your self tubby

Yes. and your laziness too.

Sure because they made you eat it in the first place. Customers these days know that 99% of all fast food is not good for you, so when you eat it you take your own risks. People do stupid things then look for someone to blame for what they did in the first place.

Mr Help
I always blame fate. I mean it actually has the word FAT in it.

You shouldn't blame either company for you being fat, it's your fault because you didn't get enough exercise, didn't drink regularly and never ate healthily. It could also be stress, depression, etc.

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