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Seeing fat people eat at a buffet with there already fat kids makes me want to slap them! How about You???

Additional Details
to all you ppl pissed at me for asking lets remember that fat children grow up to be fat adults and lazy fat parents are only harming there children by letting them be lazy, get no exercise and comfort themselfs with food. Call me what you want-my parents made me and my bros. get off our fat asses and play outside- it's ppl that close thier eyes to the problem who hurt the kids. Remember that next time you sit next to a fat person in a theather or sporting event-chances are they have been raised by fat parents. And if you say your don't make comments about their fat butts under your breathe--your lying through your teeth!!! I may be cruel, but my kid will never be fat, lazy and have no self confidence.

Don't look...they're not hurting you, so leave them alone...

Oh i do to!! I think it is so pathetic that they are fat and the whole family is fat!! It is so discusting

No more than listening to ignorant people talk about ignorant things.

run like whoa
No it doesn't make me want to slap them. They can be at a buffet and eat in moderation. I mean, fat people do need food to survive too, so who's to say they're over eating at a buffet line? I do however want to slap the people that are bringing about lawsuits towards mcdonalds for making them overweight. That right there is slap worthy.

I feel the same way you do. They're too fat to make their own food, too fat to do some grocery shopping, too fat to stand by the stove and make their own dinner.

Are you a doctor?
Are you a certified nutritionist?
Do you have any idea why they are fat?
They could have a Thyroid problem, liver disease, or any number of health concerns which could contribute to their weight.

Point is this--- You do not know why they are fat, you are being rude by presuming it is from over eating.

If you do not like seeing people of different sizes why go to places where you'll see them? You are not so much better than they are that it gives you the right to judge others. I'm sure that family or someone else would like to slap you for being so unkind!

Wow, someone is apparently insecure with themselves so therefore they have to pass judgment on to someone else's life choices. I hope someday you are so obese that the fire department has to tear down the wall of your house just to get to you.

effin drunk
If you're that worried about it, don't go to buffets.

i kno i it makes me really wanna say hey fat azz go loose some dam weighth

I totally agree, then they want sympathy cause they are fat, I'm just like let off the junk food and get off you @ss! I feel sorry for the kids though they don't know any better and it's the parents fault!

Wow...lots of claws came out on this question!!! My two cents...

I wouldn't go so far as slapping anyone over it, but YES, it does bother me. Not to be judgmental though...but think about it...as a country, we as americans have accepted that 7 out of 10 of us are overweight...even obese. We have one of the highest standards of living in the "free world" and we have access to just about any info you could ever want...but yet we can't seem to figure out that we eat too much and exercise too little?! Common excuse number 1: "I just don't have time to exercise." We make time for work...because we HAVE to. We make time to eat...because we HAVE to...but we don't make time to exercise...but in order to avoid the health related issues that come with obesity...WE HAVE TO!!! As far as the kids go...that's just wrong, because they are being set up for failure at an early age and when they become adults they will simply chalk it up to "I've been heavy all my life...since I was a kid." Good habits are easier to maintain if they start early...not when you HAVE TO do it in order to avoid premature mortality.

I'm not a ripped, mountain of muscle myself, but I do ensure that I exercise at least 4 times a week for 40 minutes per session and I'm military...so believe me, I'm definitely pressed for time. And no...my sessions are not on military time...it's my personal time. I work all shifts within a week (Day, Swing, and Mids) but I still make time for exercise because...you guessed it...I HAVE TO!

Wake up America...we are an overweight society and in most cases, we don't have a valid excuse for it.

you are shallow. some people have as much control over there body from being fat as much as other who are so skinny they look like skeletons. i think being in a room with some one like you makes me want to puke

Hey there
hello those children might change! when they hit 16, 17 they will start losing weight and u'll be the fat one. u shouldn't judge cuz first of all it isn't your place to talk bout those ppl u don't even know. they have feelings too. u watch they will suddenly change most of them do anyway its how they are everyone is different. some may lose weight at a certain age and others may not but its surely none of your business!

I suppose you are the picture of beauty and have the perfect figure with no flaws whatsoever except the fact that you are a very ugly person on the inside!!!!!

That is quite disturbing, isn't? I would say a large part of the obesity epidemic we have today. I feel the same way when I watch a chubby kid's mom buy him/her a double cheeseburger and large fries with a milk shake at McDonald's.

I know people say it is a "disease", and maybe that is true psychologically speaking, Most people (I'd dare say 99%) that are overweight have a learned problem. They learn to eat when they are depressed, when they are happy, etc. and it usually comes from the parents. Only a small portion of obesity can be contributed to an actual physical ailment.

The bottom line... Less calories in, less fat. It sounds simple, but can be very difficult, however... It can be done and you can change bad habits. Buffets are OK if you can use them in moderation.

One last comment... It does hurt me and every other working American when this happens because weight related health problems have been constantly increasing. This means higher health care insurance and more government money going to research and "cures".

I think you should mind your own damn business!
Big people have feelings, unlike yourself.

I'm slim, but I probably eat just as much as they do. People's metabolisms react differently!

lol...I find life to be a lot more enjoyable when I mind my own business.

robert p
i bet your fat

No, it doesn't make me want to slap people. I don't hold things like that against anyone.

I'm with JP
How dare you sit there and judge people!

its nonre of your business

how about you spend more time worrying about yourself

Worry about yourself.

Troy S
Some people are just comfortable with who they are. Leave them alone. The whole world doesn't have to be skinny or fit into your standards.

nope,but i would like to s....... you for that.Ignorant skinny person.

No, but I want to slap you for being so judgemental and harsh. Are you so perfect that you talk trash about other people?

Its impolite to watch other people eat.

Food is good! Yum yum.

I think you are being really rude, go do something constructive.

Jimmy Pete
Mind your own damn business you pathetic imbecile!

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