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Poll: what is worse being Anorexic or being Obese?
what is worse and why?

being anoriexic because you would have bad teeth and you know what they say if your fat your allso jolly!!!!!!!

Overruled by Confusion
Obese is absolutely worse. thats just me though...

I assume that when you say "anorexic" you mean having anorexia nervosa. The term anorexic in and of itself just means not eating. If you had a stomach flu for a few days and were too sick to your stomach to eat, a doc may say you are anorexic but that does not mean you have the eating disorder. Likewise, you can be obese (meets criteria of over 30% BMI) without being perceived as having morbid obesity.

Neither anorexia nervosa or morbid obesity are healthy conditions. The morbidity for both is significant though I think generally speaking, morbidity from anorexia nervosa is more acute whereas the mordibity from obesity tends to accumulate over years. If you are obese and you lose weight, your risk of illness goes down significantly. People with anorexia nervosa who recover do have less of a chance of dying than when they are sick but many times, the damage that is done, such as osteoperosis, can be irreversible or long term. Furthermore, Anorexia nervosa has the highest morbidity of any psychiatric illness. It is extremely serious, very difficult to treat and often has a history of relapse and recurrency associated with it. Obesity has different causes but many can be treated with the right intervention and since the eating patterns are not based on near delusional beliefs about body image, people are much more likely to attempt to take steps to improve the situation or be motivated for help that individuals with anorexia nervosa.

Perhaps they are equal and are just different symptoms of the same illness.

Jordy D
well when your obese you can suffer from many heart issues and issues with other organs however the same will also happen when your anorexic your organs will begin to shut down because there not getting any energy and nutrients and all the other stuff that is included in food.
but slightly obese people tend to live longer. unless your really really really obese.

Beat This Babe
I am anorexic myself, and yeah it is really hard and yeah I have been to hospital, but now that im recovering I am a changed person. I have never been so healthy in all my life! And to the person that said they would rather be anorexic coz you would save money on food and look good in a supermodel way, that is a horrible thing to say!

of course anorexic cuz u will not feel like eatin even wen the most tasty delicacies are placed b4 u!!!wen u r obese u CAN control it.......if u make an effort.........anorexia can also b controlled but u hv to spend more money on that...................
* Serve food when the patient is hungry. A microwave oven often helps.
* Have the patient eat small meals every one to two hours, or time meals corresponding to when the patient feels best (typically early in the day).
* If only a little food is consumed by the patient, it should ideally be high in protein and calories. Avoid empty calories (i.e. foods without protein and nutrients).
* Add extra calories and protein to foods with the use of butter, skim milk powder, commercially prepared protein powder, honey, or brown sugar.
* Try to tempt the patient with tiny portions on small plates.
* Serve food in an attractive manner.
* Food is more likely to be eaten if it is served at frequent intervals unrelated to standard meal times.
* Avoid strong aromas if the patient finds them bothersome.
* Avoid liquids with meals to decrease problems of early satiety
* A small alcoholic drink of the patient's choice may help unless contraindicated.
* Consider flavors, consistency and quantity of food when preparing meals.
* Encourage eating with friends or family members; a meal in a social setting may help the patient to eat.
* Stimulate appetite with light exercise.
* Treat any underlying cause and, if a particular drug appears to be the cause, modify drug regimen.
* Have the patient take medications with high-calories fluids, i.e. commercial liquid supplements unless medication necessitates an empty stomach.THESE R SUM TIPS 4 U IN CASE U R ANOREXIC

I would have thought they are as bad as each other. They both kill and are both supposadly socially unacceptable in this day and age.

Nick the Great
It depends on the level of obesity that you refer to.

The MORBIDLY OBESE are at about the same level with regard to health risk.

Statistics show that there are more obese people (medically reported cases) than there are anorexic and in school age children it IS ALARMING how many fall into the obese category. I believe at last count the school systems have reported that childhood obesity is at approx. 30 to 35 percent nationwide.

This falls directly onto the parents as far as to the blame and in the large portion of these cases, it has been found that at least one of the parents is more than a little overweight. Usually the mother, (why?.... They don't have all the answers to that one yet).

There is still a lot of research going on.

Blue Raven
They are both really bad.

They are both unhealthy and not very good for you but i think people who are obese get taken the mick out of more.

Caleb F
I don't think either is more harmful than the other. Both cause heart failure to happen in extreme cases. Anorexia may give a slightly higher high whilst doing it as starving your body causes chemical changes in the brain making it a bit more insidious.

Obesity can result in more harmful emotions though. Being that fat makes others say cruel and crude things to and about the person.

So I still belong to the camp where neither is "worse", they both are horrendous.

they are both bad...

well good question, anorexia nervosa carries more risks than being obese but only just! obesity can bring heart problems, breathing problems, blood problems, liver problems, cancers, where as theres just one big one for anorexia - malnutrition...you'd die quicker if you starved yourself than over eat....malnutrition would cause a slow death where the body would be shutting different sections down so that it can save energy for the more important sections (it would stop the liver- liver failure, in order to keep the heart going that little bit longer

Lancs girl
Both are bad, but being obese is more manageable, whereas being very very underweight is more dangerous. Depends how far you go with either.


They are both really bad. I think anorexia would be worse. Unless you get incredibly obese, the effects of obesity are mostly reversible.
Anorexia, on the other hand, can cause some serious lifetime problems. If you are anorexic through puberty, your body can simply stop developing.
Calcium deficiency can be caused by anorexia - it can lead to severe causes of osteoporosis, and once you reach a certain age (~25-30) the damage is irreversible.
Millions of children die everyday due to Vitamin A deficiency, which is caused by poor diet.

domme me
anorexia is a psychological condition

obesity is not necessarily a mental condition - it may be the result of poor nutrition or poor lifestyle - even if it is the end result of a psychological condition (ie, depression) it can be overcome more easily than anorexia

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but people have some really weird ideas about anorexia and obesity.
Anorexia Nervosa is a serious psychological condition, unlike some of the suggestions in the answers above, you cant just 'eat a bit and become normal' It is a serious psychological obsession with food.

obesity is usually characterised by images of 'morbidly obese' people ---- in fact, a BMI of 30 is all that is needed to make someone 'obese'

just for reference, a male who is 5' 8" (173 cms) and who is 14st 4 lb (200 lb) is - by definition - 'obese'

When you have low body fat, you are very susceptible to diseases and viruses and have a low immune system.

I would rather be fat than be sick all the time. But both are very horrible, and being obese is not good either.

they are both harmful & degrading to the same extent

Definitely being anorexic will endanger your life much faster than being obese. The chronic conditions that result from obesity may develop over time and become serious health issues, while anorexia poses a much quicker threat. The loss of body fat and imbalances in electolytes that occur in anorexia makes a person vulnerable to multi-system organ failure and cardiac arrythmias.

blah blah
anorexic because it can deplete ur body

Aimee Babes <3*
i think that anorexic is worse because when your anorexic you think your fat and desperately dont want to eat. At least when your obese you can loose weight knowing that you are fat.

Mr. T
I think those two words are self explanitory and they are equally as bad as each other. What's wrong with staying healthy?

Melting Media EAC
Anorexics tend to develop the disorder at a young age, and die younger.

I think being anorexic is worse. When an obese person loses weight, they are usually the picture of health. When an anorexic person gains weight, they don't just snap back to normal. A lot of them have hardly any bone mass and hormonal abnormalities. They can never forget the condition they once had.

Kerryanne B
Being anorexic, It is much harder for an anorexic person to put on weight than it is for an obese person to loose weight.

Being anorexic is psycological aswell as physical, where as being obese is just physical.

So yeah .. Anorexic definetly.

Anorexic is worse...Because you are not getting enough nutrients for your body..,at all.When your obese, at least your getting nutrients

Anorexia, with anorexia you have to lie to everyone, hurt the people around you and you think everyone is out to make you gain weight.

proud walker
Whichever you are I'd say. It's how it feels from the inside that counts, not how it looks from the outside.

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