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People diet so much trying to be more happy with themselves. Is it really worth it? Opinions?

If they have been advised to diet by their doctor because of some condition they have yes. But if it's just to lose weight, forget it cause then u r just depriving ur body of things that u like. What more ppl need to do is exercise regulary, drink lots of water, eat fruits and whatever else they like. Dieting is to restrictive and from the looks of it, it doesn't work cause ppl never stick to it. So find time to exercise and trust me, u'll lose weight and u'll enjoy it.

no, if its because you don't like who you are, but if its fpr health reasons, that's another story

I think it is worth it because, all these fatty foods are good, but eventually you can die from the fat, and junk that in that type of food. For instants, if a man ate 3 single cheeseuburgers from McDonalds for lunch everyday for 3 months, all that fat out of the meat and cheese would back fire causes obesity. Obestity isn't the #1 killer(or #2 or #3) but it is still a killer... Many people think that food is good for them because of the taste. So when people diet they diet because of health issuse, body figure, oor health. Their are many different reasons why people diet.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. it is not worth it at all.

not always just to be happier but it can also be for health issues. it is worth it for a better quality of life-more energy, less stress, etc

Yes it is. A lot of people out there were once very overweight and had to lose weight either for a health reason or because they dont feel confident etc etc. When those people eventually get to their required weight, the feeling for them, they cannot explain. They are proud of themselves, they feel confident, they are happier and have succeeded!

Society nowadays shoves us all in this direction, the minute you are born its that way. I don't think any diet is worth it. I really want to lose weight. But will I go over the top for it no. Enjoy live as it is and yeah a healthy attitude with good nutrition and excercise is the best way but not available for everybody. Look at people who are what they are because of an illness. There is no one solution that serves all. That would be wonderfull. Everybody is individually made and needs are differnt. I am on diet for life so I know its not all easy, but for my health I try hard. Sometimes ads are frustrating and holidays like Christmas and Easter too. Accepting and endurance is the hardest part of all diets. Crazy isn't it people diet to make themselves happier, me I would be happier if I didn't have to diet.

well I think dieting is unhealthy just not eating lots of junk food exersising will do the trink and only eat till your full DO NOT overstuff ur self and you do not hav 2 skip any meals but try 2 eat just 3 meals a day

If your are really fat, then yes (if you want to live any longer)If not, then restricting your diet to heathier things isn't a vice.

Diet for Health and prevention!!!!!!!

I don't think dieting is wise...enjoy everything but in moderation. We all tend to overeat at times and maybe increased exercise is our answer. Better food choices can't hurt either but these diets are a short term answer for physical happiness...what about enjoying ourself more instead of running to the food? Have fun..smile lots..laugh more and love lots...starting with yourself:)

Some people need to diet to be happy, others find happiness through other means.

If you are truly doing it for yourself, and your health, then Yes - change your eating habits (NO diets!) .. weight watchers!! but in the long run - your BEST friends and your spouse DO love you NO matter what.. mine do! no matter when i was tiny or preggers! If you can get to the happy weight/size you want - I think you will be happy..

crystal & benjamin
yes it is very worth it


Depends on how they're feeling before diet.

NO! it isn't befor a hundred years ago and refrigeration the ideal figure was plump, and even farther back in time during the ice age the ideal figure was obese, well tastes change with time and the ideals today are too skinny and unhealthy, i just try to ignore the hype and love myself for who i am

actually people who are 100 pounds overweight are not that weight by being a big glutton, but from something called yo-yo dieting, people go on a diet, starve there body of an important nutrient, and there body breaks down important tissues to get the nutrient it needs, and break down muscle too, once the person goes back to a normal diet they have lost muscle and their body is sending out famine signals to store all energy as fat, they gain weight back faster than they lost it and some more extra, maybe people should think about the real reasons people are obese, befor jumping to the conclusion that an overweight person is just lazy, your ignorance is disgusting

Not for that reason. But if you want to lose weight to be healthier, that is fine. (And most people are happy when they are healthier.) If you believe in God, you have a responsibility to take good care of what has been given to you, just like your parents wouldn't give you a car until you proved you could take care of your bike and ride it safely.

I'm fat, I'm happy, and I'm not even going to diet!

Mr. Falaffalshtick
no, although this made sound kinda corny, everyone is unique and special in their own way. you being happy with you is important. besides why not enjoy life, f'rinstance the other day as opposed to having a bowl of cereal, i had two waffles, orange juice, tea, apples w/brown sugar and cinammon and some cookies to boot. it's your life!

Maybe so

no it is not worth it. as a matter of fact the more you diet the more you will be dissatified with your life. I don't diet and have never dieted. i am 182 lbs and I am happy with my self. i excersize eat sensibly and enjoy who i am because god made me that way!

I don't think it is. I eat what I want, when I want, however I want, & sort of exersize & take a multi-Vitamin every day & I am very happy w/myself. Sure, I could probably lose 5 lbs, but I'm not worried to much about that right now, it's winter, every one gains 5 lbs. in the winter, come summer, I probably will end up losing those 5 extra lbs. So, my point is, do what ever makes ya happy when it comes to eating, ya only live once,& if your worried about what it'll do to ya, take a walk or do somekind of yard work, what ever gets ya movin' for 10 min will be fine. Have a great day!

yea bc u look better and u feel better...if ur fat u prolly feel like crap and have really low self esteem...when ur skinny u feel better and have a lot more self esteem and confidence

People diet so much due to pressure (especially young girls). It may be worth it to some people, because they may have a health issue, due to weight. I tend to diet off and on, even though I'm a tiny girl (blame it on society). Dieting is excellent when done right, and with the proper excercise. Eating disorders are definetly not worth it. We're all beautiful in our on unique way.

Being thin is not the ticket to happiness. Being healthy is important, but there's so much more that makes you what you are.

Don't ever let dieting interfere with living a full life. Nobody should obsess about their weight. (fat or thin)

wow. tons of answers. mine will seem so small. Here's my story...

I have always been a lightweight girl. I was a size 0 in highschool, and a size 3-4 most of my life. It wasn't until recently (last 7 yrs, or so) that I started gaining weight. I was a size 10 for a while, and felt HUGE, although I really wasn't. I had a baby 9 months ago, and due to dislocating my knee, I was unable to excersise and get the extra weight off. I've kept it on. I feel monsterously enormous. Although inside I still feel like the same person, always perky and in a good mood... on the outside people started treating me SO much differently!! I was shocked at how by putting on weight people ignored me and treated me rudely. It isn't in my imagination. It's been an odd experiment, actually, one that I hadn't planned on.

Not only am I going to get most of this weight off just to be healthy, but because society as a whole is really making me feel uncomfortable, including my family. They don't say things outright to me, but its the things they don't say anymore that make me upset, like, " you have such a nice figure... or.. I wish I could pull that outfit off like you do- you look so nice!". They no longer say those type of things to me. The only person through this weight gain that has stood by my side and not said or not NOT said anything mean has been my boyfriend. If it weren't for him, I would really be in a funk!! I can see why large women ( it's never the men that are shunned) would get depressed and feel helpless after a while. Fortunately for me, I believe this weight will come off of me fairly easy. I have never had to deal with the struggle of weight gain and diets all my life. I'm not sure I'd be such a confident person today if I had had that life.

So yes... I believe it IS really worth it. This is from a girl who has seen both sides, and can't wait to get back on the lighter side.

Jennifer Grissett
just be happy with your self

Jinx U
Good health is definitely worth dieting. If improved self-image can be attained by an individual through dieting - safely! - then, yes, I'd say that is worth it.

On the flip side, though, I don't think that all people can improve their self-image by dieting, sometimes not even if they're successful in their dieting. Many times, the problem with their self-image lies somewhere else...media influence, an eating disorder, pressure from family or peers... Dieting won't make those things go away.

.45 Peacemaker
If you stress over any part of your life you loose enjoyment the whether it's your weight or job.

The important thing is to step back and take a look at your life.

Having unrealistic goals about weightloss will make person get down on themselves. If you can diet and exercise with out getting down on yourself it's worth it. If not then it's not

You know, I am one of those people who tend to diet off and on with no change, and NO it is not worth it. The reality is we are all beautifull in our own way, whether it is as a skinny size 2 or a plump size 18 or more. The only benefit that can come from diet is the feeling and knowledge of being healthier.(Depending on the diet)

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