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im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?

cheri <3
No you are not. You are in a healthy range with your BMI.


go there and calculate it. it says your bmi is 24.2 which is within healthy range but close to overweight.

I personally dont think so but according to a site I went to, you are bordering your "healthy" weight maximum by 4lbs. You can go and check the site out yourself. Just a reminder, live life, have fun, dont sweat the small stuff unless it limits your time having fun and living life. Good luck!


Binh D
Okay, now PLEASE DON'T get offended by what I'm about to say......the name of this diet sounds really awful and I in no way mean to offend you - but you should try this online diet called the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet (also known as the "Lose 9 pounds in 11 days diet”). I told you it had a terrible name. Of course you're not an idiot! That's just the name of the diet.

I know some people who are losing a LOT of weight on it. You don't buy special supplements or special food, you choose the foods you like from a list on the website, then it creates an 11 day diet for you using only those foods you’ve chosen. You eat regular food, 4 meals a day...then get a 3 day period where you eat whatever you want....then the program creates a different 11 day diet for you.

My girlfriend got hers on Ebay for a really cheap price (like $5) - they are selling the diet memberships there, but my boss paid like $40 on the diet’s website. I’d do the Ebay thing if I were you. Just go to Ebay and search “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”.

This table will show you your ideal weight

maby a little, if your happy with you then good! If not change what makes you unhappy!

well i'm 15 and i weigh 125 and i'm totally skinny. so i'm guessin ur not really overweight....u prolly either have muscle or ur just a normal weighted teen, with just the right amount fat in you.

Weird question.....

That sounds overweight, but it all depends on how you wear it too. Do you have rolls? If so, silly question!!


Molly L
Your BMI is 24.2
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy Weight For Most Adults
According to medical experts, your weight falls into the healthy range, it represents the lowest level of risk for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. To further reduce your risk, focus on healthy eating with a menu that is low in saturated fat, and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as staying active for life.* Congratulations to you if you have recently reduced your weight to this level; staying committed to your healthy lifestyle will help you maintain both your weight and your well-being.

Still for fifteen your a little overweight so you should exersize more and eat healthier.

The rule of thumb is 100 pounds if you are 5 feet even and 5 pounds fro every inch over that, so you should be 130 pounds. If you are big-boned you add 10%, so you could range up to 143 pounds and still be ideal. Maybe a little trimming but not much. You are definitely not fat.

no i weighed the same as you when i was 15 and now im 17 and i still weigh 150 and im the exact same height

youll probably grow into it like I did, dont worry about it

You dont sounds like your that bad. I would say you are overwight. I dont think you are overwight. I went to this website and typed in your height and weight and is said your BMI is 24.2. Your BMI is a normal weight. So you are fine. If you want to double check that is the website


are you a boy if so 130 140 is okay if your a girl 120 130 but you sound fine

Type BMI into google and use that.

Heather P
yes but only by alittle bit....
if you wan to check it you can go to google and check your bmi

Only by about 10-15 lbs. You're really not overweight. No worries!!

Yes you are. By about 30 lbs. Eat less food.

That is overweight unless its muscle.

You are at a healthy weight, but you are quite close to being overweight. ( I found this out from a BMI calculator) Maybe exercise a bit more and eat healthy foods...Just make sure you are being healthy in general.

Doglover D
no you are not overweight but if you are concerned you maybe should go to a gym but mostly it is probaly muscel

Your less than 1% of what is reccommended for most americans, but 59% of americans don't pass this test, but your not overwieght, not at all really.

Funny monkey
alot people are overweight but thats ok you should be worried when you become obese

Philip K
Not yet! Yore only 15 so your body is still growing! My BMI (body mass index) says I'm overweight but I'm not OTT fat! just a little untoned!! Exercise and eatright! Chances are now what u have is just puppy fat and it will disappear as you grow! But If u eat fast food and sit around all the time you'll end up like jabba!! Good luck

nope. i think your fine. but if if u are not sure go to your fam doctor and get a check up done. they usually check your wight so ask if you have a good weight and everything.

Nurse Betty
Your a baby ohmigod!! don't worry about these things. Just eat right and stay active and you'll be just fine )

Depends on your BMI

no, your BMI is 24.2, that is normal. the range though is

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

so you may be at risk.

Jimmy B
no unless that 150 pounds is all fat and your huge. if your all muscle and way 150 pound (muscle ways more than fat) its completely different

look up BMI on the net

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Just a little, you should lose 15lbs to be a healthy weight for your age.

You're young so it should be easy, just add some more exercises and eat healthy

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