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punky brewster
Ok new question...how do you slim people stay that way?
thank you to professorc for suggesting this question to get a different angle. for those of you that are slim and toned, how do you stay that way?

♥La BoRicua de CORAZON
well to be serious i eat a lot!! and im skinny
i guess when people have a fast metabilism
they tend to be skinner

some people are just lucky to have a good metabolism..

i'm not insanely slim and trim... but i can eat whatever i want and i'm not huge! :)

There's no need to go into all the 'cheek bone structure' or anything else like that, first start off with knowing what your EXACT weight is and start thinking over what you can do if you believe excersice is to be you main focus, then I would suggest tracking you steps

(with a walking meter, you can get some out of cerial boxes) Set a goal for yourself then try to achieve it and increase it each week, or if your up for the challange of running (if possible where you live) then you can set a goal on how many miles or streets or time you take running. Repeat daily like walking.

I don't know why but my matablisism is still pretty high (I weigh less then 109 ibs and i'm 15) but I don't starve myself, Infact I eat like a pig at times! Each week, I go to my dance team practice where for at least 2 hours we do very aerobic based moves that really help you stretch and to burn off the day's or even the weeks meals!

But speaking of meals it's always good to cut down on certain intakes of sweets that you may be craving, and yes we've all had 'depression hunger' but even at those times it is always wise to try to choose the healthier food choice, such as a bananna, a fresh one along with a small piece of stringed cheese and water or orange juice will satisfy the craving for a little while. Or even crackers and lots of water, i'm not exactly sure how it fills you up but it works!

My mom was once overweight but she got down to normal size by doing things like this and now she's in better shape then ever! So get out and walk/run! Or try joining an aerobics class. Or you could just simply turn on the television watch a fitness program or just dance to music video's on MTV!

Just remember Being active is always the key! Just changing your diet and eating 'weight watchers' or 'Jenny Craig' will not do it, you really have to work for the results! But in the end you'll realize it's well worth it!

i dont know its weird cuz im slim and toned but i wanna get bigger band i eat and eat and eat and nuthin happens

you need to have a healthy diet and keep active, whether it is by going to the gym or running....Any type of exercise is good for your body.

Also, a good question to ask yourself when you are eating is, "am i hungry?" Only ask that when serving yourself second helpings because you have to eat. And excercise is very important. Be proud of who you are, not matter what size.

I stay slim and very toned by exercising EVERY day (1/2 hr on the treadmill, plus Jazzercise 2x a week), portion control, and watching what I eat. I've been super skinny, I've been wicked fat, and I've been slim and muscular for a while now using the above methods. MAKE the time to exercise and remember to drink plenty of water and take vitamins, too. Good luck.

eat healthy foods, (and not a ton of them) , exercise well, and you will stay thin

30 minute excerise 4-5 times a week. eat right.

everything in moderation
i love food, so i eat it (a lot) but i never overindulge
also, i keep my metabloi running fast by eating many smaller meals a day and making a good hour or so workout a priority

It takes alot of self-disapline but it's totally worth it. I just go work out at the gym for at the least an hour and a half every day Then I also watch what I eat. I don't eat alot of junk becuae I always think about if I do then I won't be able to stop and there goes my slim figure. So I think of it as I don't want to gain a pant size just lose or stay the same. When I eat I eat slow so I get full quicker and don't need to eat as much cuz I get full quicker. Once you do it for a week or two it should already be a habit for you and it's not as hard and you feel so Good about your self IT'S GREAT!

Stay healthy.
That means : getting at least 8 hours of sleep, eating 3 meals a day, eating right, and exercising for at least an hour a day.

wondering in michigan
No junk food (ever!!) and bread only once a week (my body type and bread don't get along!!). No pop either! I don't eat after 6pm and IF I have a snack during a movie, it's popcorn. Eat little meals through the day instead of 3 big ones. I don't exercise (but should - I may be slim, but I so need toning!!) so I need to chill on the food intake.

cook at home and dont eat out too often .i eat rice, vegetable, a lot of fruit, non fat meat, tofu, oatmeal, 2% fat milk, drink plenty water, be very active by taking the stairs instead of elevator or walking. I dont like to snack between meals, but if i feel hungry i'll have fruit or yogurt. no chocolate, not chips, no sweet stuff.

I never finish all the food on my plate, drink a lot of water, and I walk a lot.

I exercise and eat small meals all day. I am almost 40 and weigh 120 and 5'2 I still have the same waist as in highschool and have a 15 year old. I eat breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, supper, evening snack. Snacks might be popcorn, dry cereal , fruit, healthy stuff.

Why not try a vegetarian diet - it works for me (and my conscience!) plus the other advice about exercise, etc.
Good Luck!

you should have 30 minutes of excercise and eat alot of fruits and vegetables

I wasn't always. I realised that if I wanted to stay slim and toned I had to keep doing the things that kept me slim and toned so I changed things.
for example
I exercise regularly, exercise used to be incidental to my lifestyle, ie if I was working near my house and could walk or cycle I did, otherwise it was a bit spasmodic. Now exercise is not negotiable, I do it. I'm lucky as I have a swimming pool in the garden and I don't mind the fact that's its still extremely cold at the moment, I still swim in it. But if I can't swim, like in the winter, I do something else, if I don't I get fatter.

I stopped drinking 3 or 4 glasses of wine a night and now have 1 or less. Occasionally I might have more but it's not my habit whereas before it was normal.

I changed my breakfast from toast and butter with marmite to bran flakes and skimmed milk. Again I occasionally have toast but it's not the norm.
I dramatically reduced my cheese intake. I used to eat it every day, and quite a bit of it, now I rarely eat it, and it's in small quantities.

I eat my 5 portions of fruit and veg every day, more most days. Like everything else it has become normal, I have to make a concious choice not to eat vegetables if I want to do without them (I suffer from IBS and sometimes I have to reduce the quantity a bit)

If I'm thirsty, I drink water. If I want a cup of tea or coffee I'll have tea or coffee, or a glass or juice or wine, but what I drink is water. I'll drink it before and after the tea the wine or whatever, If I go into the kitchen I drink some, I drink some before I leave the house and I take some with me.

It must become fundamental to your life, not even second nature, first nature. So that you don't have to spend you time deciding which is the healthy option at the supermarket, because that is the one in your trolley.

Of course you need to know what is and isn't healthy, some people don't. For example one stunning error I made was to choose cheese and biscuits after a meal rather than dessert because I thought it would be less fattening! How wrong was I. But we have a strange perception that if we enjoy something less it will have less calories, that isn't necessarily the case.

You also need to identify what are specific problem areas for you. Why do you over eat, when, with whom, what triggers it? Boredom? Other people eating? certain foods or drinks? Everybody's different.

I couldn't do it on my own, I needed Weight Watchers, but once I'd learnt what I was doing wrong I never looked back. I've maintained a healthy weight for over 5 years now and I know I will never ever go back to what I was.

karen i
exercise, eating to live and having a strong purpose in life. Also don't eat for stress relief.

I do not eat after 8pm and the only real exercise I do is walk..everywhere. I also do not drink any soda...reg or diet.

excercise...eat right...build the metabolism

I don't have a fancy answer that sounds like I know all about good diets and weight ranges. But, here is what I do... it works for me, hopefully it helps you or anyone else! I eat a small breakfast, normal lunch and dinner. I drink plenty of water through out the day, I try to cut out extra snacks and don't drink soda's. Exercise is a good key for me... I prefer walking outside so I have scenery to look at so as to not get bored! It's a great way to get in shape, get rid of stress, spend time with my kids and husband, and enjoy God's creations!

The Ultimate Answer Guaranteed
Most of us have high metabolic rates, which is hereditary. I used to excercise a lot when I was a child. If you can't change your MR you might as well have a healthy deit and excercise.

Well, I guess I could be called slim and tone, with some room for improvement. I stay this way by paying close attention to my body and what it needs. I understand what makes my body tick and what makes it talk. I do not starve myself as this only invokes a yo-yo effect. I do not binge, but I also do not cheat myself of my favorite treats. Moderation with exercise. It is a daily process of viewing my bodies needs. If you slack for a week, chances are that you will pay for it.

Amy H
they work out and after they work out the always eat healthy and. work out regualary. AND PLAY SPORTS IT GETS YOU IN SHAPE i play like 7 sports. haha. IT GETS YOU PUMPED!!

WHOOO HOOO!! -- -- see pumped!

don't try to loose weight too fast. When you do start loosing weight make sure that that is the way you want to eat and live your life for the rest of your life. It is not a matter of loosing weight it is a matter of living a healthier lifestyle. You will never keep it off if you get where you want and go back to your old lifestyle. You will have to make up your mind and take that life changing step. Self discipline.

I watch what I eat-plain and simple. I rarely eat fried foods, I try to watch carb consumption. I eat brown rice vs white rice, whole grain bread vs white bread. I eat a treat if I want to but I don't eat a treat 3 times a day. I would do much better if I worked out on a consistent basis. Number One reason to watch what you eat...this life is not a dress rehearsal. It is the only life you get. Be good to it. Enjoy it. You can always change your life. Love chicken? Grill it, don't fry it. Love the sun? Wear good Sunscreen and get out there. Move! Love this life! It is a wonderful gift. Don't waste it. We may not have tomorrow.

All Me
yoga yoga and more yoga!

well i've always been slim and toned..I've had 3 children, and I'm 5'4 103 lbs, I keep active...i eat well balanced meals...this is not to say I eat junk too, because I do, but I make sure I eat all the healthy stuff too...I keep active, walking up and down stairs, doing house hold chores, playing with the kids..yoga..stuff like that. I'm actualy trying to gain some weight right now, so instead of becomming a bit more lazy, I've just doubled my calorie intake.

Exercise regularly or at least get a fair deal of cardio at the right heart rate. I only eat like 2 meals a day (just because I just don't get hungry that often) and snack a lot, but the snacks are like grapes, nuts, granola bars, skittles..mmmm, but just low calorie snacks between meals that I know I can burn off just doing regular day activities between meals. I stay active and that helps to burn more calories than I take in.

I think as someone mentioned, I think my metabolism is higher than normal. But I didn't know that was hereditary, so thanks to whoever suggested that. Honestly though, I think it's only the males in my family though because the females are a little bit bigger, but I think that's just a general difference between men and women with motherhood and etc.

Someone also said yoga. Yoga definitely keeps you toned. I haven't really had to do weight training because of yoga. I don't want to be very bulky or massive, and yoga asanas adds just the right amount of resistance to keep me toned.

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