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Ok, am I to fat?
Ok people, don't be mean about this I am going through my period 2. OK, I am 13 years old 5'6'' or 5'7'' and I weigh 150 pounds. But everyone thinks I look skinnier. Plus I am taller than my parents and most of my other family members. Everyone thinks I am older than I look, random people come up to me and say I look like I am in college but I am really in 8th grade middle school. I eat vegetables and fruits and exersize. But it is mostly all muscule. Do you think I need to drop a few pounds?


PS: please don't say anything mean.

you are not too fat!
you just have an larger size only!
be proud of your self!
you don't have to care about how others look or say about u!!!

im a-25 male with a medium build, about 5'10 and i only got like 15 lbs on you. that is kinda bad :-(

Judas Bag
No, you don't need to drop any weight. You are healthy. Also, you said a lot of the weight was muscle so that could be a reason the scale says more than you look. Don't worry about it!

yes your fat, if you ask stupid questions, your going to get a stupid answer.

Maleah B
Go on a diet if you think you need to lose weight or look up your BMI on your own! Ask a doctor if you are concerned about your weight and they can help you get on a diet/exercise plan that is right for you

Recovering NonAlcoholic Anti-JB)
dont listen to the stupid people you are NOT FAT

If you have a lot of muscle, that sounds like a really good weight.

If I responded based strictly on the infamous BMI (Body Mass Index) then no you are not "too fat." The most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It sounds like you are watching what you eat which is terrific. You should also exercise and avoid smoking. Sadly, we are such a numbers obsessed society, but being healthy is more than a numbers game.

Be well and stay committed to being healthy.

Beautiful -
where are you getting the idea that you need to lose weight if everyone says you look slim???

just keep the way you are

these young years are so important for your body to develop properly .. if you start doing pointless diets then you will damage your body

you sounds fine!

According to the body mass index (the medical way of seeing if you're "fat") you're way fine! I hope this doesn't qualify as mean, but you don't need to worry about this! You're so young, and I'm sure you have a beautiful personality. So try saying "I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Sarah is a work of art!" every time you look in the mirror, instead of wondering if you need to shed a few pounds. Hope I'm not being to nosy, but I know I need that reminder every day! :)

No, I think that if you eat right and keep exercising you will be just fine. Be comfortable with your body. As long as you like your body thats all that matters. You are your worst critic. Dont listen to negative remarks from other people. Just feel good about yourself. I think you are just fine.

On Top Of Ol' Smokey
just do this just go walking everyday drink 8 glass water.

i looked online at a weight chart u should weigh between 140 and 143 pounds. so u are at an ok weight. just keep up the exercise and eating healthy.

I don't think you are fat and your tall problem is normal for some people you are lucky to be tall! Don't worry and don't let this get to you any more that it already is!

jw. how r u fat when u say its all muscle dont wrry bout it. people that really care for u will look on the inside not out

nah just keep excercisin
ur in gud shape

It really depends on your body type and bones. As long as you eat healthy and exercise, you should be okay. Plus, as you get older your body changes, so what your body looks like now at 150lbs. will change as you get older and grow.

matt p
nah you sound pretty healthy just continually workout to stay in shape

Rachel C.
no, ur healthy

if u have a lot of muscels then u should be alright. u r at a prtty good weight so continue being healthy =0)

no being 150 is good if its muscle. dont feel bad about it. your probaly just fealing fat but rwally your not

Ankit C
Acc. to height to weight chart.... u hav healthy body.... but u told that u look older... thats might b b/coz of many factors... like lack of Vitamin A in ur body... and u should drink 11-12 glass of water daily.....

When I was in 8th grade I had your same body type. I don't think you're fat. You will learn that as you go through high school, your body re-proportions. You should gain some height and lose some weight naturally throughout the years. If you're happy with your body, trust me: don't let others tell you what you look like, just be happy with yourself.

no u should just lose a few pounds!

sarah lane
You are completely normal. Do not let ANYONE tell you that you're fat. Besides, you're only thirteen years old. You don't need to worry about your weight right now.

can i see a pic of u? but no ur not fat at all. i think your beautiful. and even if u think ur fat, just remeber that some random guy thinks your beautiful in and out

No your not fat at all

Hi, sounds to me like you are just perfect! I like the fact that you are choosing to eat veggies and fruits and you find time to exercise. Sounds like a smart 8th grade young woman!

okay - lost of thing... bottom to top.

If you ask for opinions... you should expect some mean responses...

next.... send a picture that will give us a better perspective... some people CARRY their weight better than others.

Third at 13, should WEIGHT be such a concern?

It's "too fat" not "to fat" - perhaps you should spend more time taking an English class...

Second to last: at 5'-6.5" - you are by the chart too heavy. That's why the picture would be useful.

Lastly: what do YOU think? Isn't that what's important?

Ok, so everyone carries their weight differently. Depending on your height and where you carry your weight you could look very skinny. If you exercise and eat healthy, then there is a good possibility that muscle is adding to your weight. The most important thing is, are you happy with yourself? If you think that you look good, then why mess with a good thing.

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