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i think it did... oer the last two months i was drinking a lot of coke zero... and i started binge eating it was more and more an dnow happens almost every single day... i gained like 1 pounds... my legs look soooo fat now....((((

what should i do??

its like all day im fine but in the evening i often eat untill i get sick(((

my parents dont believe i have a problem, they think im just not responsible and eat too much!!!

what should i do!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Details
i man not one but 15!!!!!!!!!!

exactly. stop drinkin teh coke. go wit sometin new for a while (ice tea, lemonade, ect....) after a while and u think ur ok and u stop binge eatin for a while, go back to it. JUST NO COKE ZERO OR DIET SODAS OR DIET ANYTHING. the "zero" or "diet" part messes wit ur mind. trust me. tht happens to me with other foods.

Listen to your parents. Eat a balanced diet, and also try visiting www.myfoodpyramid.gov to so that you can keep a record on a healthier diet that will also calculate your measurements too!

Samaurai Guy
you gained 1 pound and you look SO fat???? WTF

Yes, I have heard that ingrediants in diet coke and coke zero mess around with your digestive system. Also have you been having normal bowel movements? I recommend stop drinking coke and see if it makes a difference.If it doesnt then dont sress out it is normal for people to fluctuate between weight. If the weight gain is very rapid then i suggest consulting a doctor about. But really just relax a poun cnat do THAT much to your figure. =-)

[email protected][email protected]
seek help...go to google and search :"eating disorder help" i had a friend who also once had an eating disorder... tell your parents to listen to you.

stOp drinklingg coke nd drink water nd walk more den usual;;

Coke Zero has zero calories because it's sweetened with an artificial sweetener. Eating artificial sweetener makes your blood sugar drop dramatically, making you crave more sugar. So, you'll end up eating more if you drink diet sodas or artificially sweetened things. Therefore, you should stop drinking the coke and instead drink water, milk, or 100% juice.

Brianna S
you do have a problem you should go see a pedotrition coke zero didnt make you fat !!!!! lol you made yourself fat

Trade the coke in for flavored water or similar. Stop eating until you get sick, that is not good for you. Find something else to do with your time, like reading, exercising or writing. good luck to you

ed bighead
it's in your head. just show some restraint.

yeah uh it's not coke 0's fault. you are eating a lot of soda and food, stop.

This is reallllyyy serious. Even if your mom doesn't believe you, somehow you need to convince them to get you to the doctor. If they won't do you have a relative or friend's mom or dad that could take you? Many people that have binge eating disorders can't stop themselves with out someone else, but if you want to try on your own, when your going to have that 5th cookie go up to your room and call a friend to distract yourself. The next day stay away from that 5th cookie and that 2nd glass of soda. Stay like that for a couple of days, and take away something else, and do something else like play a family game, or play your Nintendo DS. or what ever until your down to a balanced sized snack.

David H
Diet drinks have been recently shown to make people eat more.

Stick with good old H2O, and maybe some Ice tea.

try drinking gatorade it's tasty and only 25 cal.

stop drinking any soda just water and exercise more. after exercising wait like 30min-1 hour before eating because after exercise and then eat immediately its like waste of time and energy

how can coke cause yuor eating disorder??
there must be some propblem with yourself
if u have high self-esteem, u won't be having an eating disorder no matter how much weight u gained
seek help

stop drinking coke

You gained a pound and now you look "sooooo fat"? Sounds like body dysmorphic disorder (but I could be wrong. I'm not a professional). You're eating and throwng up... sounds like bulimia... :/ You should go to a psychologist. I don't know how coke caused your eating disorder, but you know it's not healthy for you. You should stop drinking soda and really seek professional help.

Chris S
you should not drink anything that uses sugar substitutes. the risk far outweighs the reward.

Jane J
i would suggest talking with your parents. They can help you establish a program, going to a clinic. I would also suggest going to your doctor for some help, as they may be able to provide referrals and truly help you. If this is a serious issue, you must address it soon.

dont drink coke zero, always have a bottled water by yourself, if you can get bored of regular water, get the mixers you put in there like lemonade or iced tea.
dont eat a lot, it could be hard to control yourself, but just have smaller portions, or healthier food like salad and fruits. if you really cant control yourself, have six small meals a day and chew your food 20 times each, it will help you get fuller. and cut your meals into tiny pieces so that you feel your eating a lot and getting fuller

Charlie H.
Try to slowly reduce your intake on Coke. Even though it says Zero, believe it or not, often companies lie to get you to buy their products. Usually in diet drinks, they replace the suger with something else that's even worse then the regulare one. Slowly replace your Coke with something else until you are back to the way you were before. Start by replacing it with Ice Tea, then Orange Juice, then water. If you gained a lot of weight by it, start to excersise daily. Remember that drinking sodas isn't bad as long as you do it in moderation. You'll enjoy it a lot more that way too.

stop drinking the coke if you think it is causing a problem

Cut back on eating and the cokes..............


When you do binge eat, try and make sure there's healthy stuff available--boring as they may seem, carrot/Celery sticks are really good if you need to mindlessly eat, because they're *full* of fiber so they make you feel full.

Also, if it's just in the evenings that you binge, it could be because you're bored... are there things you can do to distract yourself... hobbies, etc? These might help tone down the amount you eat at night.

Michael >
1. if you think coke zero is doing this.. STOP drinking it!

2. See a doctor.

3. Eat more fiber, its filling

4. Force yourself to not eat so much.. take this matter into your own hands...

But def see your doctor. I was thinking maybe it was graves disease at first but if your gaining weight its definately not, but there could be other problems...

*Edit* Oh and definately dont resort to wierd powders and pills that claim to make you lose wait.. Your just going down the wrong avenue that could result in bigger problems...


don't drink diet soda. It makes you crave carbohydrates, which make you gain weight

Scooby Doo
I heard that diet coke can make you more hungry. Seriously. I think it's something that's in the pop.

YOU IDIOTS COKE IS NOT MAKING HER FAT AT ALL!!! Nor does she not need to eat anything healthier. Coke actually ruins your appetite and makes you lose your hunger!!!!!! However, what also happens when you do not eat is that your hunger increases to the point of eating more than you would have ate in balanced meals.

So I am guessing that when the coke wears off, you get really hungry and start eating more than you would usually eat. Therefore, the only solution I can think of is drink coke after you eat your meals.

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