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Non greasy meat free low carb breakfast ideas pleeeaaase!?
I absolutely hate big fry ups in the mornings, I have a low budget so can't afford a variety of ingredients, does anyone have any idea what I could have, I have tried ground almonds as porridge which is totally great, but the almonds are too expensive to maintain every day, need it to be as low in carbs as possible. Cheap. Easy to make LOL! Meat free, and egg free if possible, asking for the world arnt I LOL!
Additional Details
I do eat meats, but just can't face eggs or greasy meats first thing in the morning, I like a lot of these breakkie ideas thanks!

Natural yoghurt with honey, museli or fruit.

Apples to Apples
How about light yogurt . It does have about 20 carbs, but it is so good for you!


Rice crispies

yana n
maybe porridge?

Beans on toast! A great start to the day!

I love fresh fruit and yogurt, low or no fat yogurt for breakfast. It really isn't all that expensive if you are only feeding yourself.
To add to the porridge have you tried raisins? I find that the flavor is totally awesome and this is not nearly as expensive as the almonds.
How about something simple like Cinnamon toast, all you add to your toast is Cinnamon and a bit of sugar, very little butter or margarine, I use the Healthy Attitude, Omega-3 margarine as I also have to have low fat. Hope one of these suggestions works for you.

Ok, porridge is fab start-the-day food. And wonderfully cheap!
Fortunately, my rabble like it, so we eat it often for brekkie and ring the changes.
Throw in a few dates (take the stones out first!) when you start to cook the porridge and a sprinkle of Cinnamon. By the time the porridge is done, the dates have gone all toffee-ish and yummy.

Variations with Cinnamon: any dried fruit like sultanas, raisins etc.

Chopped dried apricots with chopped mango and runny honey. Mangoes are from greengrocer and not expensive: (we're getting 4 for £1 at the mo). The apricots go in at the start; the mango as just before you serve it, with a dollop of honey on top.

Chopped stem Ginger with honey's great as well.

Try Holland & Barrett for big good value bags of ready-stoned (pitted) dates, apricots and stem Ginger plus lots more.

Dylan m
usually people on the carb free diet are big on eating meat ( usually carb free means high in protein ) But you want No carbs and No meat or eggs... which makes for kind of a dilemma.

If the animal thing is your concern you could go with cage free chicken eggs, they are of a farming method that is found to be a little more humane.

As far as food goes... carb free means basically No fruit,, No grains. now that we've eliminated almost everything.. No meat leaves you with nothing really.

corn ? thats about all I can think off that has no real nutritional value popcorn maybe...other than that solid veggies I guess... maybe a carrot stick for breakfast

If you're ok with nuts, you can try adding veggies to your porridge - some salt and butter. Check out what's on the same level as your low-carb food alternatives

I recommend cereals in the morning... Yum!lol

try koko krunch, fitness Or corn flakes...

they are very low in calories and absolutely, 0% carbohydrates...

Try a tofu scramble. You can use a non-stick pan, and add mushrooms or tomatoes.


* 1/2 yellow Onion, diced
* 1/2 green bell pepper, diced
* 1 block tofu, drained and pressed
* 2 tbsp oil or margarine
* 1 tsp Garlic powder
* 1 tsp Onion powder
* 1/2 tsp dried Parsley
* 1 tbsp Soy sauce
* 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
* 1/2 tsp Turmeric (optional)

Slice the tofu into approximately one inch cubes. Then, using either your hands or a fork, crumble it slightly.

Sautee Onion, pepper and crumbled tofu in oil for 3-5 minutes, stirring often. Add remaining ingredients, reduce heat to medium and allow to cook 5-7 more minutes, stirring frequently and adding more oil if needed.

in Switzerland, it is known as Bircher Muesli, named after the man who introduced it into schools...and it is what I eat every day when I wake up! soak your seeds, nuts, and grains (raw oatmeal, not instant) overnight in cold water....in the morning just add yoghurt, fresh fruit, and honey....for easier bowel movements, add prunes or linseed....oats don´t break down so well in your digestive track if consumed raw, so it is better to soak overnight....most important! DO NOT COOK!!! this kills and destroys the vital nutrients which your body needs!....of course, you can also just stick to raw, fresh fruits for breakfast....

try going to the market, and getting a big bag of fruits oranges, apples, grapes, few strawberries put them in a bowel and eat that for breakfast it would be so good for you.


you could have the cheapist thing i can think of how about gratefuit cut one in half and eat that.


you could get any kind of fruits like strawberries put them in a blender with some milk and youve got a lovely smoothie

professor smart
Eat a banana and a fruit juice because you don't need to have a huge breakfast and breakfasts are meant to be giving energy so these two things give you good enough and also eat dates after your tea or coffe as it has iron and is good for your health but I don't know whether where you live,dates are expensive or not.

You ARE asking for the world! Protein is important in a low carb diet! You may find some recipes you like from the South Beach Diet, but most call for eggs. If you can be a little flexible, try Canadian bacon (lower in fat) and egg substitutes. Also try some of the lower fat cheeses. Steel cut oats are high in fiber, which can compensate for the carbs it contains. Good luck!

Emily E
i never thouht i'd say this but the veggie patties are pretty good. kinda pricey but great for you. eggs are one of the best low carb meals. but i would maybe check out a low carb website or look in an atkins cookbook for recipes.

string cheese

Special K ?

Why not add different ingredients to your porridge? for instance you can add fruit - be it fresh or dried!. Or why not try a fruit salad. It is healthy, nutritious, and will help towards your 5 a day!!

♥My Obsession Is You♥
try weetaflakes there the new thing from weetabix instead of porridge sort of thing there wholegrain wheat flakes like cereal. erm.... how about a pot of yogurt with your favourite fruit. why don't you buy cheap cereal for the moment and save up some money then buy all sorts of ingredients to make whatever you fancy? just throwing out ideas lol.


Cat Loves LIN 300!
If you don't eat animal products, then the whole low carb thing really isn't for you. I guess you could try a big bowl of yogurt, if you're not turning your nose up at dairy along with meat and eggs. Be careful eating this way; it's really easy to not give your body the fuel it needs and get really sick. The best thing to do would be to go to the doctor or a licensed dietitian for advice.

You could eat the newspaper.

unfortuatley there really isn't that many options...following the atkins no carb diet is extreme but in your case there maybe a few ideas in here that you can follow?

How about tinned fruit with natural low fat yogurt?

I usually go with a grapefruit (with a bit of sugar) and maybe a piece of toast when I don't feel like pork products and eggs.

Though in the mornings during the work week, I drink a cup of Stash Green Tea while I'm driving in, and I bring an apple, an orange, and a granola bar (preferably nature valley or the reeses kind) to work, then I proceed to drink way too much coffee.


Miggisant M
Fruit salad

No carbs? No meet? No fat? Basically, you've excluded all 3 foodgroups from your diet. You need to make some compromise. What do you want to eat? Lettuce leaf? Basically that is your only option left if you don't want meat, carbs or fat. Eat fruit (but that may be full of carbs) or veg (but you'll be in serious trouble within days). You need a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

G's Random Thoughts
ok I think a lot of people answering have no idea what low carb is from half the suggestions - so remember the rules yourself, since you probally know them, if not go to atkins site and review.

I like a few pecans with sharp cheese. Somethimes I buy a package of breakfast bars, or a box of chocolate shakes (low carb of course) I dont really like the LC yogurt.

The only really inventive thing I do is occasionally make a chocolate cheescake using splenda instead of sugar and a bit of pure (no sugar) chocolate. Baked cheescake - a thin layer of choped pecans on bottom for crust. Ingredinets - Whipped egg whites(~4), softened whipped cream cheese(one pacakge), Chocolate(2 spoons), Splenda(?1/2 to 1 cup I think - I taste), nuts. I just altered a regular recipie, and never make it twice the same. Great to have a slice for breakfast.

Also like splenda with cream cheese and macadamia nut mix. Can blend with sf jello for a good treat. Which reminds me sugar free jello is always a good freebie and not $$$

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