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Devin H
Need A good routine?
Hey ive been hitting the gym for a while now and my routine is getting repetitive and old and im not getting the ripped results i want...does anyone know a good routine for fast results or a website with good routines?

if your routine is getting repetitive, then that explains how you're not getting your desired results. you have to vary your exercies so that your muscles are stimulated. have different workouts each day for a different portion of your body. make sure your workout is pretty evenly spread meaning you're working equally on all parts of your body. if you want your upper torso to get bigger/ripped, then you have to make sure you work on your legs too to make sure your body is proportioned. also, supplementing your days with protein is also very helpful.

hope this helps. good luck!

Jenness Steele
I dated a body builder for about a year and he was always reading health and fitness magazine. Also he had every book Arnold ever wrote about body building. Good luck. Maybe talk to one of the trainers thats in your gym. They can show you the proper way to do all the new stuff you want and they might be able to help you do more weight if you are looking to get huge.

My Evil Twin
Wake up. Shower. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Watch TV. Exercise for 20 minutes. Eat lunch. Watch more TV. Exercise 20 minutes. Eat dinner. Watch more TV. Jog for 20 minutes. Shower. Go to bed.

Far more than I'm willing to do, but hey...

talk to a fitness trainer at your gym


I've heard you need to change
to a different method to get the abs
you want. If you keep doing the same
excerise nothing happens because
your body gets used to it.
So talk with a trainer, also
I heard if you increase the weight
and do the excerise very slow tha
makes your muscles work even
harder. Then when your done have
a protein shake it helps rebuild the


If I were you, I would get a personal trainer at the gym. You can tell that person more about your current routine, diet, and goals, and they can make tailored recommendations for you. I think that will be a lot more effective than a Y!A answer or generic Web site :-)

Here you can get over 50 workouts and step-by-step instructions on how to do over 40 exercises: http://www.maxworkouts.com

Try Men's Health and Men's Fitness Magazines. They have at least a new workout every month. There good workouts for both amatuers and muscle-heads. They also have lots of online support.

Ashraf E
eat alot of Celery.... proved to be negative calories

why don't you try outside the gym now, maybe just walk around your house or go to beach or hiking? I know how gym will make you feel dry after a while, then change an environment

John G
Pushups are a great part of your routine. The website below will help you get from 0 to 100 pushups in 6 weeks.

congratulations on your hard work. I suggest that you 'shake up' your routines you may need to weak up your mussels with a non routine

Amanda B
Buy some Havoc and some sessions with a trainer, explain your problem and devise a plan where you can visit with them every few months to take you to another level.

Does your gym offer classes like Yoga, Pilates or Cycle?, Maybe you can try those. Also you can rent or purchase some DVD's. I tried this DVD called "Zumba" (dance) and its a fusion of Latin and International music that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. It barely feels like working out because you are dancing the whole time. Hope this helps. best of luck to you!

I think it would depend on what you are looking to do. Do you want to stay lean and ripped? Or get bigger and ripped? Keep in mind that you can do more reps and sets with lighter weight to stay lean and define the muscles you have. Or you can use heavier weight and do less sets and reps to bulk up. But this means heavier, like almost too heavy.

I would also say to try doing some of the circuit training. This is where you do one set of one exercise, move right into another exercise, and a third one, then repeat back to the first and do this three times.
You could even be very strict with yourself and use a stop watch to make sure you only give yourself 30 seconds rest between each set.

I bet you are doing a great job, you just need a pick me up. I bet you have people checking you out at the gym!

Thanks for reading!

You asked for a website:

Try: http://www.mangoboss.com/TigerWoodsWorkout

Change the amount of weight you are lifting for about four weeks. My guess is you are lifting weights that allow you to do 3 sets with about 13 reps. Up the weight to about 80% of your maximum to the point where you can only do 6-9 reps. Do 6-9 reps of this heavier weight, and then wait at least 2 minutes between sets. Do 3 sets, waiting 2-3 minutes between sets each time. If you do this, don't do your whole body every time...focus on muscle groups...do legs one day, biceps and back another day, and chest, shoulders, triceps the third day. Do this for about 4 weeks, and then go back to less weight, doing 13 reps/3 sets for four weeks...keep alternating.

Also, to gain muscle mass, you need to make sure you are eating enough and getting enough protein and calories. Try doing a protein shake after every work out. Drink it within 20 minutes or so from when you stop the work out.

Make a list of all the exercises you can do and then also establish what they are for. Best way to get ripped is to use muscle confusion. Do some of the same exercises untill you dont feel its not affective then beggin doing another exercise and keep doing it this will make it so ur body doesnt get use to jus one exercise

Munda oz
you might want to check these websites and decide for yourself how good those routines are.

go to workout programs section and there are few programs in the sticky threads..

also got.

Fabricio M

peace <3 =]
Sounds like you have hit a workout plateau. This just means you are in need of challenging your body more now. Taking it to the next level. This means, run further, do more reps, try a different exercise. Repeating the same workout over time; your body will come accustomed to it and it will be as easy as breathing. This is NOT good; obviously because your body isn't getting the results you want.

Jimmy C
It depends what muscles you are trying to build up. For core, i do planks, crunchers, and i use a stability ball and do sit-ups on those. For uper-body and lower body try benching, squats, or cleans AKA: The Big Three. I have only been doing those for about 5 months and i went from scrawny to chiselled. Max out the weight on those and do less reps with more weight. Also eat a lot of peanut butter or other sources of protein right after a work-out and right before you go to bed.

Well to start your only supposed to have the same routine for 2 weeks and then switch it up.Because once your body gets used to the routine which takes 2 weeks it starts to lose the effect it has on the body.So your supposed to cardio for 2 weeks then legs and arms the next week.Switching it every 2 weeks.

Try the Wii Fit, I've heard it's more exciting cause then you are playing games

Jesse M
you should exercies 30 minutes a day.you might also want to watch you calorie in take


theres a great website

its so good!!!

well done on the gym motivation, keep up the good work hottie!!

have you tried working with a personal trainer? Just try new machines at the gym and change it up

Once every two or three month shock your muscles by doing a Century routine. 100 reps on all muscles. Ok, here's the tricky part. Say you can only get to 57. You have 43 left, count to 43 and try to knock those 43 out. If you get 20 more done count to 23, so on and so on. It will push past any plateau's.

After doing a century routine start a routine like something like you were on if it was working for you before. But take a week off to give you body a rest (trust me you will need it)

Hi! I agree with AngelaSD... depending on what you're wanting to accomplish will determine WHAT you do. You have to do some type of cardio for your overall health. When I was lifting all the time, I LOOKED great, but couldn't walk across the street without getting winded!

Don't know you're actual routine - but switch what you do and what days... one for upper body... another day for lower body... and always STRETCH! Another thing you can do is alter your diet. That will change your metabolism and help you with looking "more cut" depending on what you eat. But don't skip meals! Lots of little meals are better than one or two big one!

Hope that helped! Good luck!

Dave W
Believe it or not, recent studies suggest that those who sleep at least 7-8 hrs a day, lose weight better than those who sleep more or less than the average.

You body needs sleep to prepare to lose weight.
Here's what my reference says:
>>Sleep loss appears to do two things:

Makes you feel hungry even if you are full. Sleep loss has been shown to affect the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, individuals who lose sleep may continue to feel hungry despite adequate food intake.

Increases fat storage. Sleep loss may interfere with the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates, which leads to high levels of blood sugar. Excess blood sugar promotes the overproduction of insulin, which can lead to the storage of body fat and insulin resistance, a critical step into the development of diabetes. <<

So, first get lots of sleep, eat less, and exercise more.
Exercise at least 20 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week.
Eat lots of fiber, and protein, less fats, less carbs, and especially avoid sugars, except what are in fruit.

Hope this helps, it's no secret; all the weight loss books and other programs do not work as well as common sense approach.

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