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♥ Miss Buggsy ♥
My weight. Help please?
I am:
14 years old
5' 8"
Medium frame.

What should I weigh?

color me blue
Well dear, according to the standard weight chart for women its small frame 114-127
medium frame 124-138
Large frame 134-151

650 pounds!

it riley depends on your muscle build but if your between 119 and 165 then don't worry if you are worrying then you can always see your doctor and he can help you out
don't stress out about it OK have a gr8 day

2004 draft pick
it dosent matter as long as your body is purportioned right . Cause i can see 1 girl weigh like 130 and look really fat then i can see 1 with the same weight and look really good. & 5-8 is pretty tall for a girl so dont worry.

Ice Blue
Your height is about 173cm so 173 - 110 = about 63kg

I'm the same height and also am medium framed. when i was your age, i weighed between 125 and 130 and my doc considered me under weight. I'm now over 30 with a 17 month old child and I maintain my weight between 135 and 140. my doc thinks i should be about 145. i don't watch what i eat, but i exercise daily.

it actually depends on how you are built if you have big bones probrably about 135 or 140 if you have small bones you should weight about 120 hope your fine with your figure because everyone it built differently

Alex M
Around 130-135

120-145 is healthy for your body type

eat 3days every day healthy dont over due it no junk food only once a week

Rick R
It isnt really about how much you weigh. It is more of how proportionate you are for your height. You are tall for your age. Eat healthy and exercise, this will help you feel better.


125-155 would be even better

I googled the phrase "childrens bmi" that will give you several calculators to let you know if you are in a healthy weight range, by age.

HEre is always a good general rule to use
If you are 5 feet then you should weight 100 pounds
then for every inch taller its five pounds
so your ideal weight should be 140 but if your over or under by a couple pounds its not a problem cuz it all depends on your bone sturcture and if your a little muscular or not

between 130 and 145, your tall

5' 8" is fairly tall....136-150. Eat healthy and exercise regularly....your weight is just a number. Besides, those "weight guidelines" don't take into account muscle and other factors.

Here's a chart, but it's for women 25+

A Girl
go to this site, and you'll find out: http://www.am-i-fat.com/body_mass_index.html ..type in all the details and everything.

jay b

Perfect..... If you feel good.

at 14 and 5 foot 8 I would say about 130-140 would be good

I would say around 140 to 150, but dont worry about it too much. You're fine just the way you are.

UYEN| <3
I don't know honestly because everyone has naturally thin or naturally obese bodies so.... I think that you should go to this BMI calculator and it will tell you if you are healthy or not as there is no BEST WEIGHT for anyone. The link is in my sources box.

This chart is for older people (25 through 59) I would talk to your pediatrician for exact goal weights as you are still growing and it doesn't always happen evenly.


Best of luck!


around 130 to 140

jon p
someone oh your height and frame should be within 130 and 155. that would be considered healthy but many things could be taken into consideration like muscle and fat someone would weigh more with muscle than with fat

♥Shortstuff ♥
This is a great question for your doctor.

Zacrie S
between 130 and 145 becasue of your height.

Hi There...

What is your current weight?

That might help....It also depends on your bone structure and build, and they way your body carries the weight. The charts that are out there, are only used as a guideline.

Check with your dr. to see if your within limits for your age.

Don't worry about it. As long as your frame doesn't look too big then you'll be alright. I would hate for someone to tell you that you should weigh 135 lbs and you don't. That would just lead to low self esteem which leads to anorexia which leads to health problems. As long as you aren't tired after going up 2 flights of stairs then you're good.

Hi, you should weigh about 140 Pounds, This would calculate your BMI to be 21. Thats just a rough guide.

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