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My mom always says im fat!!!!!!!?
im 14 weigh 72 lbs and am 5'1'' my mom says if i keep eating i will be the fattest kid and will be so obese now i have to convince myself to eat a granola bar for dinner cuz i dont want to eat anymore
Additional Details
my mom isnt fat she is really skinny and she used to b a model

Catherine I
OMG girl!!!! You are really thin- you need to eat more. Try to eat a variety of food though(dairy, vegetables, you know what I'm talkin about). An average person at 5'1 should weigh at least 105-115 pounds. And don't worry- YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!

YOUR 619 GHURL!!! GO BOLTS 09!!!
girl do not let your mom get to you cuz apparantly she don't kno what the hekZ shes talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Jake N
72lbs is extremely underweight for your height. dont let your mother get to you if anything you should gain 20 pounds. some people like your mother in this case are just plain wrong about what they do sometimes. just ignore it and be yourself dont let your mother pressure you to stop eating.

That's not fat.....yo momma

Danni P
shes being sarcaastic!

Joann G
Wow unless thats a typo your mom has some serious issues. 72 pounds! I am 5' 1'' too and according to the doctor I am supposed to weigh between 115 and 135 to be considered healthy. You are anorexic. Eat a sandwich a big one. My sister had issues with that in high school she was 85 and 5' and she screwed up her health. She didn't have periods for a long time and she might not ever be able to have kids. Besides your mom is supposed to love you even if you weighed 272 pounds.

unknown caller
172 or 72? cause 72 your underweight and 172 your overweight. 72 ignore your mom shes just concerned and prob just joking around cause your too skinny. and 172 i think you shouldnt change what you eat. but how many times you eat. cause im 15 and i weih 95 lbs im healthy but i dont eat that healthy. i eat salads and fruit and stuff but i dont eat breakfast and lunch. i eat dinner and deserts i eat snacks to. but im fine. but seriously if your only 72 go see a doctor

Consuela B
tell your mom how she is affecting you. you obvously have a very fast metabolism otherwise you would be heavier. my mom used to say the same about me and i told her how it made me feel and she backed off. i know it can be hard but try. the next time she says a comment that makes you feel this way, reply: " mom, that really hurts me. i'm 72 pounds at 5"1 thats below normal. i know you want me to healthy,but you're making me want to stop eating." i hope things will get better for you, it did for me:)

Hey M
wow your so freaking fat!
i cant believe anyone actually belives you.
haa are you kdding me?
you dont weigh 72 pounds and you know it stop pretending.

cold grey Ash
You are not fat by any means, and your mom should shut her fat mouth. I'm sorry, but no mom should discourage any teenage girl from eating. IF you had a weight problem, she should encourage you to eat more healthy and to exercise - but you DON"T - maybe she just wants you to be more healthy and isn't saying it the right way?

I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

[email protected]
Well I think you should say that you are offended by that statement. And also if you wanna work out you could do some pushups every day
I dont think that if you are 14 and 72 lb you dont seem fat

I'm a teen and I know for a fact you're not fat. You might be a little under weight. At 72 lbs you must be a stick. Don't listen to your mom because it sounds like you're in the early stages of anerexia nervosa.

your mum can screw off, b/c 72 pounds for 5'1" is too skinny.
im the same age, and height as you and weigh more but im called skinny.
so tell her it hurts your feelings and to stop or something.
b/c shes SOOOO wronge.

holy frik you have to frkn kidding me

OMG! You're not fat at all!

You need to eat more... that's not healthy. You're ... underweight. Seriously, if you're mom thinks you're fat that's messed up. I'm younger than you and I am almost as tall as you and I weigh more and even I'M a little underweight.

If you are having problems eating you need medical attention...

Good luck and GAIN SOME WEIGHT. :]

Wow, and i thought my mom was a ***** sometimes!

Dani S
Oh MY GOSH. U are SKINNYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Girl, i wish i was like you! I know this is bad to say, but DONT LISTEN TO HER.. u r skinny in my book! Dont be worried! Go eat a triple cheesebuger and a large fry!! Hahaha. ur not fat!!!!!

John R
Your mom is a b*tch. That is not fat and in fact you need to gain a little weight.

Don't become anorexic to please a dumb b*tch like that.

Your mother has a problem. You are not over weight, and 14 year old girls are supposed to eat a lot because you are growing. If you are hungry, you should eat. Just make sure you are eating healthy food and not just junk. Have lots of fruits and veggies handy for when you feel hungry, that way you wont gain any weight.

Again, its your mom who has the problem. Do not feel guilty for eating.

You can't be fat if you weigh 72 pounds.

Ashley V
omg if you are 72 pounds you must be a friggen stick don't listen to your mom everyone thinks you have to be super skinny to be pretty but you really don't a little chunk is good it means your healthy i personnaly think really skinny girls are gross no one wants to touch bones. you;'re fine girl eat a cheeseburger :]

yeah i dont think this is a REAL question
but if it is....YOURE NOT FAT!!!! 72 lbs?!!!

Your not fat, your mom just has a distortion.

Peter T
eat or u'll be anorexic!!!! screw ur mother....

according to several BMI charts i've seen, they say you are underweight

Omg. Your mother is a horrible person. Maybe she's just kidding with you? But no, you are absolutely underweight and need medical attention possibly to try and put weight on.

okay, if your 14 and 72 pounds, you are way too skinny. a healthy weight for that age and height is around 100 lbs.

dont hate me cause im honest!
no u are not fat! U should weigh like 110!

you need to eat a regular dinner. ignore your mother on this, it sounds like she has some weight issues of her own and is trying to control your weight instead. you sound perfectly healthy. just eat healthy, drink juice and water and ignore her hateful comments.

your mom is a <unt with an eating disorder-not to mention a creepy way of relating to her daughter. My advice is to finds someone else to talk to about body issues and becoming a young lady.

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