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My husband likes to drink until tipsy/drunk nearly every weekend. Does he have a problem?
He can go without for awhile and will not drink if he has to work. His definition of "relaxing" typically includes drinking and one taste of beer will start him off to drink through the day/night if I don't intercede.

is it interfering with work or family? does he "need" it to relax? can he just put it down? you might think he has a problem but he has to admit it. i used to say the same things to my ex before she divorced me because i couldn't admit i had a problem. been off the booze for 19 years now. good luck

Delora Gloria
Sounds like you have the problem. That is one of the signs of alcoholism, but it is only one. If you continue to intercede (preferably substituting something else he likes) then you may keep him from harm. Keep your influence on the positive side, so that he doesn't resent your intercession. A loving family is an excellent defense against a lot of problems.

I think it would be a problem if it interferes with responsibilities. If he does not do this during the week, I don't see a problem.

Yes he is a binge drinker which is a form of alcoholism. Contact AA for more information.

He does not have a problem but his drinking should watch so it does not happen more often.

Maybe he needs a new hobby. Put his mind else where.

tell him how u feel about his drinking, and how it makes you feel to see him like that every weekend. just don't do it when he is drunk. hope i could help!

Talk to him about it not yahoo. Having a couple of beers once in a while does not make a drunk but all the time yea.
He may have some problems, You may be one of them!!


when i get off work i drink a 6 pack of beer every night been doing it for years its not a problem to anyone my girlfriend doesn't mind i say leave the man be if he only drinks a little on the weekends so what it he dont beat you when he is drunk does he then you should't have a problem with get you some drinks and relaxe to or better yet smoke some herb while he drinks lol

No, he sounds fairly normal although he could be a functional alcoholic. However, it seems he is just enjoying his weekend with a few drinks. If he drives while intoxicated or gets nasty, then I'd think there is a problem. But if he is just sitting home having a few drinks, I don't see anything wrong with that. And you said it's not interfering with his job, so he doesn't seem to be drinking every day or abusing it. He knows when to stop.

My wife hassles me about drinking too. So I quit about three weeks ago. I just enjoy it. I enjoyed smoking, and I quit. I hope I don't have to quit anything else I like. Not to sound chauvinist, but I wish wives/women would let men be men. About 20 years ago men gave up their balls.

You don't have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. Someone that drinks as you describe, has a problem. Because you say, "one taste of beer will start him off to drink through the day/night if I don't intercede."

He is an alcoholic. What would he do if you were not there? He would drink until the beer was gone or he passed out, whichever came first. He needs professional help to quit, but that isn't going to happen in the near future.

What kind of a drunk is he? Does he get abusive in any way?
You need to decide it you are happier with him or without him.
You don't sound unhappy.

yes, he does.

Doesn't sound like a problem to me, it is just recreation. If you are concerned (or don't like to drink), try introducing him to activities involving sobriety -- you and he are a couple, you should not be afraid to involve him in activities you enjoy.

What is your definition of relaxing? Is it stimulating enough that he would enjoy it without alcohol?

Perhaps try going out somewhere -- the theatre (catch an early session and have dinner afterwards), or the zoo, or somewhere else where people may not traditionally drink.

Sounds like he used to have a problem, now he loves the stuff. He only has a problem if he runs out of beer.

I drink everyday to relax so I would say no he does not have a problem and you really shouldn't intercede.

Yup, sounds like a problem

If he's British then thats normal

he might not at the moment..he might be just wanting to have fun before he gets to old.but if u dont watch out there is a chance of becoming an alcoholic.

Only if you have a problem with it.

hell no, a weekend drinker is a good thing. thats what i do. drink on weekends when i dont have to work, stay sober during the week when i do. works for me.

Mary P
he iz addicted

Don K
I feel most everyone that has answered has a problem and it is wanting to control how people live their lifes. Just how does it mean you have a drinking problem because someone wants to have a few beers on the weekend. There is nothing wrong with someone haveing a few beers on a week day.

I have a problem with church people. I think they have a god problem and Maybe I should set them down and talk to them and tell them how much it bothers me and how foolish they look beliveing in a fairytale like a little kid.

I say it is none of your business what he does. You trust him to do right or you leave. Up to you. You don't have the right to control anyone elses life. Try to run your own life if you can.

It is his life and if you don't like it get out. You would be doing him a favor. At some point you will push him away and he will start drinking at the bars and that will be when he meets a woman and you are out for sure then.

If you do not like a person being it male or female living their lifes the way that makes them happy then please leave and let them be. Why would anyone want to live a life of boardom just to make someone else happy. My life comes first and you need to find someone that will be happy with you telling him what to do.

If your asking you know the answer, sorry, I know, I have 2 x husbands that were drinkers.... nothing good ever comes out of a drinker.... My grandfathers was hit and killed by a drunken driver, my cousin was killed also by a drunk driver, drinking has caused alot of problems in my family so I know... Yes sweetie he has a problem....

yes, thats just not natural

emily l
NO he's just a social drinker. I am pretty much the same way. If I crave a margarita after the week or work, I'll have them. I don't do it often and it is not a problem for me. But then again, I know my limit and will generally stop before becoming drunk.

Sounds like a drinking problem to me

No, he just has something of an alcohol reflex in the weekends and only when he's absolutely sure that it won't interfere with his job. So he is showing more than enough control. If on the other hand it bugs you overly plan something to do together where he has to stay off alcohol, for instance because he has to drive back home. Your options are quite infinite there and you know best what he likes, so start planning. Just make sure he enjoys it as much or more than getting his buzz.

Kung Fu Taco
Sounds like he only has a problem when he can't get his drinky-poo.

You think he changes who he is, his tendencies, his preferences simply by going to work?
You think it is nearly every weekend? or could it be every weekend?
Man will not change until he realizes the awful conditions in which he lives and then only when he has a sincere desire to do so.

The changing point for me came when I realized my nervous system was being affected in negative ways. It was then, and with the aid of an AA friend that help me prove to myself that I cannot take just one drink! I will do whatever I have to to get another. Sound familiar?

Mam if he doesn't see any problem he will not change. Problems can come from the law or health failure or an accident or a financial mess or family separations.

It is not easy. I recommend that you attend AL ANON which is for the persons who live with alcoholics. Just go on a test basis and discover if you recognize the traits they will be discussing. Millions have been there before you worldwide so it is nothing new, just new to you.

Blessed be Mrs. Wife ...there is a movie line which just came to my mind
"Get busy living or...Get busy dieing"

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