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I'm 13 years old by the way.
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baby gurl~~~
My friend said i am to fat!! and i weigh 95lbs i am 5"0!what do i do??

Additional Details
i am 13 years old and i am a girl

Find new friends then kick them all in the crotch!

Girls go through moody times around this age group. There hormones are changing and they get what I call b***h hormones. If this is the type of person you like to be around I'd say we will be hearing from you often cause she will only get worse.

Consider challenging her in the future she may have issues of her own and feel she can treat you as a punching bag cause you are not speaking back to her. Either you get a backbone or just get a new friend cause you are perfect.

just kick his or her assss and find a new friend i meaan a real friend

Firstly, how old are u? And are u a guy or girl? Cos judging from your weight and height, I think you're really young like a 8 or 9 year old. If you're an adult, I think you're having some eating disorders and should seek help from a doctor. And u should tell your friend to shut up and mind his/her business.

try finding new friends who are fatter than you.... that way you will not look fat.

Your friend is mistaken.
I don't think this sounds like a knowledgable or supportive friend. Please don't listen too closely to this person.

Your BMI (body mass index) is only 18.6, which is actually a little low.
I think 5 feet and only 95 pounds sounds like a slender person. You are probably just perfect.

You are just perfect the way you are! You are probably a little too skinny. If your friend doesn't accept you the way you are, she's not your friend. Women are far too critical of each other. Your friend is probably blaming you for the way that she feels. She's probably not very sure of herself and rather than feel bad herself she blames you for her problems. It's called projection. When she projects her problems onto you because then she doesn't feel so bad.

Smoke some good weed with her and then take her to a bakery...period.

That is healthy. What is more important though, is body fat percentage. Consult with your doctor for what is the right weight for you. You certainly are not fat. as general rule, for a woman, 100lbs at 5'0, and then add 5 pounds per inch, and for men, 160lbs at 5'10 and then add 5 pounds per inch. If you are still a teenager, dont worry, your body is still growing and developing. I would also say that your friend isnt much of a friend.

Just Get Hyphy!!!!

Well for starters porky put a pad lock on the fridge! Stay out of the chinese buffet there pork chop. Get Dr. Phils book. Im sure it can help.

lose 15 pounds.your just too short for your weight. i heard a dctor say that to a patient

Be comfortable with yourself, and try not to be too mean to your friend.

You are fine, and you must live with yourself, so take a deep breath and tell yourself you feel thin, and someone calling you fat is just out of spite or meanness or not thinking.

Enjoy some ice cream, you're pretty light.

Dont lisen to her, do you know most likely she's jealous of you! You dont need someone like that to be your friend. Friends are supposed to be kind and nice. They certainly wouldn't hurt you fellings! Find yourself a new friend. It will be her lose.

nah. i think your friend is jealous because you are not fat! maybe she's the one who's fat. if she's really your friend, she should not say that you are in the first place. don't listen to her. believe me, and believe in yourself. ((:

well according to what you said I dont think your fat but im sorry to say but your kinda well small in height heh! dont take it seriously its just my opinion

Jody SweetG
stop listening to your friend. don't base your self esteem on what other people think....base it on how you feel about yourself

Who dat
Nothing you are hott and perfect. Tell yor friend to BITE you. you friend is a tard

tell your friend to get real. that's well within normal.

Jewish Vegan 4eva
Find a new friend cause my gosh you are no way fat !

You are the perfect weight for your height. If you want to do anything, tell your friend what all these answers have said about it. But otherwise, just ignore her comment. You're just right.

Tell your friend he is an idiot and ask him if theyd rather you be dead?

Personally, even at 5'0'' Id say you could use to gain 5lbs.

well, tell your friend that she is ugly, and you can lose weight. or just simply tell her she is ugly, and could she please get pretty. come on now, don't let others get your goat!

No, don't just suddenly judge your friend by that. Maybe he/she just have different standard. From the health point of view, you're normal, even in the thin side. But if your comparison is the proportion of the supermodels on the runways, yes you're fat. Ideal body image is different for every people. Some like chubby, some like skinny. I'm one of them who likes really skinny one. I'm 5'6" and 115lbs, I had a GF that just 85-90lbs at 5'5", and I think she's hot.

The first thing I would do is ask the doctor what weight I should be. Also ask about exercises to firm and tighten your muscles.
THEN, tell your "friend" what the doctor said. Then ask why they wanted to hurt your feelings. NO friend would say something like that.
Maybe someone is saying the same thing about them, and they don't want to feel so alone.

What do you do? Hmm lets see, first if you are asking about if you look too fat, you should provide a picture so we can comment, second, if you do really weigh that much and you are that tall and your friend says ur too fat, get a rid of it ( it being ur friend )

dont listen to her. I am not even close to being that small nor have a ever been. Your friend is a SICKO, if she things your fat, Dont listen to her/him or anyone eles. Fat or skinny what is important is if your healthy and if you take good care of your body those doesnt mean you have to be a certain weight or someone eles ideal weight, just take care of your health and eat right, workout for yourself,heart, and just to get some outdoors air, but watch for the sun, I cant see how anyone can go out without falling out. DONT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIEND, just be healthy, and tell her to shut her mouth, and if she cant then let her know you how it makes you feel with a strong voice

If you friend said it then you need to reduce your weight or better do away with your friend. Whichever works easier for you.

If you do away with you weight - your friend will keep wanting you to change - so be careful on that one.

get a new friend! who gives her the right to tell people they're fat?

Get a new friend.

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