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My daughter Kiera is 12 years old and weighs 295lbs, is that too much??? On a daily basis she will eat...

For Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans and 1 slice of toast.

Snack: At school they are aloud food at break and she takes in: 1 pack of crisps.

Lunch: Her packed lunch contains: Sandwiches(made of 2 slices of white bread), with a cheese filling, a twix, a mars and a packet of crisps.

Snack: After school I take her to MacDonalds where she'll have nuggets and chips or a chicken Burger.

Dinner: For dinner she'll usually have a whole pizza to herself.

Is that too much food???

If I don't give it to her she'll throw a tantrum and I only want whats best for my daughter. I don't think shes overweight but I think she could be heading that way one day.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No offense but you should not bring her to McDonald's everyday. I suggest you give her a salad instead or other healthy alternative

instead of people recommending fad diet sites that won't work (ohh lord I can assure you!)

I'll tell you flat out that she is at an unhealthy weight.
I understand your point of view as my lizard was fat but if i don't feed it it throws a tantrum, making me feel like I neglected my responsibilities as a mother.

Kiera is eating waaaay too much, all of which is junk!

I say go vegan!!!!!!1

Yes, that is way too much food for a twelve year old no matter how much she is growing.

For breakfast you should give her cereal with fruit and a drink with toast.
Snacks should be healthy like an apple or get something from the shop that is a snack-ish food but something with not a lot of fat or sugars.
With lunch you should change it to wholegrain with cheese or whatever good filling.
McDonald's ? Everyday. WOAHH, no way. Try subway or give her cheese twists (Puff pastry infused with cheese and baked) something not to heavy
For dinner, it should only be a light meal as your body doesn't need to be using that much of Kjs at night and a whole pizza is too much.

If she throws tantrums ask her why, this should get her thinking and if you want the best for your daughter allow these absurd eating habits to stop.

I seriously can't believe this but, whatever.
Ok, dude, first of all, 295lbs, when I was 12 i weighed 160 and that was on the end of the overweight category. She's really considered obese, but, giving her healthier foods. For breakfast, I suggest oatmeal and some fruit, it keeps you full for awhile. For a snack, carrots and granola bars, work the best. Lunch should be something like PB&J on wheat, a vegatable(ie. carrots, Celery), and a fruit(ie. apple, grapes), is she want's chips get her the Baked Lays, and a cookie . For an afternoon snack try some crackers and cheese(not the easy squeeze kind) or like some protein. For dinner, pasta is always a good thing, also stuff like fish, steak, some other source of meat, MORE VEGATABLES! (=D), and fruit. Have her drink water, alot of water is good. And at least make her exercise more than or 3 days a week. What's best for your daughter is to be healthy, trust me, I know what its like to be a heavy kid.

i am 12 im a boy i dsont weigh that much i dont eat much at all im a very fussy eater lol

It's obvious that your daughter is overweight, all you have to do is look at her. I hope your posting is just a joke.

Jess L
Yes, your daughter needs some help.

try this :::

for breakfast : 1 small serving of scrambled eggs with little salt, 2 slices of bacon about half actual size, and 2 slices of toast with spreading of choice.

Snack: Celery sticks along with carrots lettace etc. Somthing healty

Lunch: Sandwhich x 1 = wholemeal bread., a twix OR mars not both and an apple or orange.

Snack: Take her to a sushi bar instead.

Dinner: Make somthing yourself, chicken peices (low maranated) with a caeser salad on the side.

And that should be alright.

And a little tip. when she throws a tantrum, throw one back at her, use reverse phycology


she says :::: NO! i won't eat that Its disgusting!

You say:::: * in a calm voice with a bit of attitude like you dont really mind* Oh well, you go hungry. your choice

Good luck

Jess xo

PS. all it takes is a bit of order and a push

YES! A whole pizza! shes like THREE of me ( im 14).
You shouldnt let her eat this much, it will lead to obesity! NO McDonalds. and i noticed there were no fruit and veges!

mohammad omer
you can start by making her skip that hole pizza dinner because when we
eat at dinner we don't move any more we go straight to bed so the food we ate will be all transferred into lipid

Is this a serious question?

WOW my wife is 22 years old 5 foot 9 inches and in first term of pregnancy and she is not that heavy nor does she intake that many calories if your daughter throws a fit remember who the parent is and your obligation to raise her to a age of self dependency not die before 18 before her prom or any other important times in girls-ez life that she will not have

You've got to be the dumbest parent ever. Do your child a favor and call the Department of Social Services.

It's not necessarily too much food because athletes eat much more than your daughter, but they exercise. I think you definitely need to change her diet, though. As a nutrition major, I cringe at your daughter's choice of food.

1. Eliminate the bacon and fried eggs from breakfast. Bacon is not nutritious at all. If she wants eggs, how about hardboiled eggs? Be sure to include a cup of milk or a glass of orange juice as well.

2. During her food break, something such as a piece of fruit or yogurt is much better than crisps that also offer very little nutrition.

3. Change the bread to whole grain. Take note: whole grain and not whole wheat. If you look at the nutrition label, whole wheat contains the same ingredients as white bread. Please do take out the cheese too. Too much cheese can lead to weight gain. Also, slowly eliminate the chocolate. Something such as a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread along with water and a piece of fruit is much better.

4. McDonald's is the culprit to her weight gain. A child should consume about 2000 calories each day with adequate exercise. A single Big Mac itself contains over 1200 calories. So you do the math.

5. An entire pizza is an overload. Look at the nutrition label and calculate how many calories that is. A normal child should not eat an entire pizza. Also, where are her veggies?

You will need to make slow and gradual changes to her diet since it needs to change completely. Incorporate more fruits and veggies into her diet. When grocery shopping, be sure to look at the nutrition label to see how many calories it is. Also take note that the nutrition label is telling you how many calories per serving; you might eat more than a serving in each meal. Also look for the calories from fat. You don't want her arteries to start clogging.

Aside from a change in her diet, she really needs to exercise. If her calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure, then weight gain is inevitable. You only need to consume 3500 calories to gain a pound. You need to run on a treadmill for more than an hour to burn merely several hundred calories. You do the math.

To keep track of your daughter's calorie intake, I suggest a daily food log to see if she's getting her nutrients and exceeding her daily caloric intake. It'll be tough in the beginning and I'm sure she'll exceed her daily amount of calories, but that's normal. After a few months, she should be able to lose some weight. Don't be impatient with weight loss either. It's not easy. Give your daughter encouragement through this time as well.

Don't forget, she needs to exercise! Exercising will make her more hungry, which is fine as long as the food is healthy.

Suggestions for meals:

Breakfast: cereal with skim milk and a piece of fruit
Lunch: salad with chicken breast and bread
Dinner: veggies with pasta

♥мєℓanie♥ ☮ღ☮
My 12 year old son weighs 80 pounds, so what do you think? Throw a tantrum??? Who is the mom here? You need to take control...that is child neglect and abuse to let a 12 year old child get that huge....that's morbidly obese and she will die young of heart disease if you don't do something. Her breakfast should be oatmeal and scrambled eggs, with wheat toast. Her snacks should be veggies or fruit. Her lunch should be a salad with low fat dressing or vinegar/oil or a wheat bread sandwich with turkey or ham, carrot or Celery sticks and an apple. Her dinner should be lean protein like baked/grilled chicken or fish, brown rice and steamed broccoli. You don't think 295 is overweight??? What is wrong with you? That's insane.


Yes! She's horribly overweight. That's disgusting.. Be the f*cking parent and tell her to shut up when she throws a tantrum. You would be doing what best for her by making her eat less portions and healthier foods. Your daughter is going to end up with a lot of problems if you don't nip it in the butt now..

One question though.. How the hell do you not look at a 12 year old that weighs almost 300lbs, 300lbs lady, and not think.. She's overweight!?

sophie d
well you know whats best for your daughter healthy eating i have a 6 year old daughter and i always teach her to eat friut and veg whether she is overweight or not is not the issue its later in life when she carrys on the habit of crisps and chocolate everyday,try giving her packed lunch that has more goodness and only give crisps and sweets as a treat now and then trust me you will regret later on when she is 18 and overweight and has no confidence and hates life all because you didnt teach her the rite way of eating :)

I think she needs a physician and a dietician if she eats that way - education about food = power to change, and make sure she sees you eating healthy nutritious food to set an example for her.

ツ rachiieee
what's 295lbs in kilos?? I'm pretty sure she's over weight and is heading towards having diabetes if you want to do what's good for her then you should most defiantly CUT DOWN on these foods!!!!! this is too much fatty food especially the bacon every morning for breakfast AND the McDonalds every afternoon I'm not trying to be mean but you as her mother can tell her what's right for her and what's not. Tell your daughter if she takes a tantrum that she will get obese and when she's older may not be able to have children of her own or such please do something about this!
also a whole pizza to her self!! and mcdonalds and bacon!! thats too much fatty foods

Tylor Grace
Are you kidding me? You should be ashamed of your parenting style. Your daughter is grossly overweight. She is obese. At 12 most girls weigh under 100 lbs. She is nearly 3 times the average weight for her age.

Cut out the cheese, the candy bars, the McDonalds, and pizza. (I don't know one guy that can finish a whole pizza by himself, it's beyond me that your daughter can do this.)

Right now she is consuming enough calories a day to fuel a whole family.

Please please take her to a nutritionist, and learn about healthy alternatives to the horrible diet you are giving her. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

Do you want her to die? Because right now you are killing your child.

That's terrible. I doubt you are serious, but still...

I hope that she is at least 7 feet tall! feed her all the stuffed Celery, raw broccoli with dip, and veggies that she will eat. Pizza only once a month! Mc Dee's after school?? No way! Unless she is having a salad.
One thick meat-ed sandwich for lunch-- as the weight drops off she'll thank you. It depends on her height
if she can safely carry that much weight, but it is hard
on her heart to eat too much or too little!

THATS WAY TO HEAVY! get her on a diet FAST! or they'r might be serius health problems such as diabetes


don't take her to mcdonalds or burger king
no fast food
i used eat so much unhealthy food
and i was 145 pounds
i stopped eating fast food and pre made food
i ate more fruits,i LOVE fruits
and i ate more veggies.
i lost all that and sooner or later i'm now 111 pounds :3 and i'm 5'2

and if she throws a tantrum,grow some balls,yell back and threaten to smack her around a little bit,she'll back off.

meow! =^.^=
Yes... she's way overweight. She should be less than 200 lbs. Avoid McDonald's... Don't let her have pizza everyday. Find some healthier things that she might like. Find some fruits and vegetables that she likes. She should eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day...

She not "overweight". She's morbidly obese, and she is going to develop terrible health conditions and die at a young age.

You have to love her enough to keep her healthy. No more McPukes, no more pizza. Look into healthy alternatives. They're also less expensive. Her tastes will change as her health improves.

Do it now, or you'll have to suffer the pain of losing your child.

This is a joke, I just know it is.

She is 295 and you're asking if thats too heavy???

Devil, Angel of my heart.
she will die, either quickly from a heart attack, or slowly from diabetes, etc. what the hell is wrong with you? you are either a troll, or an abusive parent.

take her to a doctor, and make sure there is nothing MEDICALLY wrong (besides the obesity). then, she needs to go on a diet ASAP, under the doctor's care.

Joshua V

I hope this is a joke cause if it isn't you ARE KILLING your daughter, see a professional, NOW!

Miss Lucy K
If your concerned about her health and weight, why don't you stop buying her the chocolates and crisps and give her healthy alternatives like yogurt and fruit.

And don't take her to mcdonalds anymore after school , what about subway instead if you must take her to a fastfood place

So what let her throw a tantrum, she'll thank you for it when she's older

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