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Losing weight.. please help?
okay so what im gonna do to lose weight is- eat nothing but fruits, veggies, water, & yogurt for a week. im also gonna be running around my block for about 20 mins a day & doing a few excersises.

will this work?
thanks :]

Jessica M
Only eating fruit, veggies, yogart and water... is NOT healthy. You need a balanced diet with 30-45 minutes of exercies 3-5 times a week.
Portion control:
3-5 servings of veggies
2 servings of fruit (a banana counts as 2, fruit is healthy, but it's all natural sugar, so don't eat too much of it)
6 servings of carbs (rice, breads, etc. try to eat whole grain)
1 serving or less of dairy
6 oz of lean meat or fish per day (less red meat is best)

This is the portion control my family followed and the two people that did it now weigh less than they did in high school... and they're HEALTHY.

Good luck, hope this helped.

no! you need protein, just eat a little less and walk all over and stuff...

unless you're going to be a vegatarian from here on out, this is a fad diet. no fad dieting please.

Mommy to Georgia Madison! :)
Of course it will. In that week you will probably lose anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds. Or you might only lose 1 pound, depending on your metabolism.

The only problem is: will you actually stick to it? And after that week, will you keep fruits in your diet and keep exercising?

intello bidochon et voyeur
yeah! Sport and well-balanced, low in calories food ! good luck Megan ! (also don't forget lots of men like women "natural" and at ease with their body, that's my case!)

Eat less meat, things with sugar,and drink less pop.

Eat more nutricious things like fruits and vegetable.

Start running or jogging.

and the most important thing is don't eat too much snacks in between your meals. Thats how most people get fat.

and don't stop eating Eat 3 meals a day, espicially breakfast.

To lose weight is not easy , and if you going to do just a week, forget about it .. About eating i think we can eat everything we like but never more than we need ,that is one of the problems because we like how it tastes we eat all we can and of course watching TV.. My advise is get a good breakfast and all you want but , watch what you eat after noon,

The beltsander
No you will die
Hope this helps, the beltsander

Lost In Space
Hi, when i fell in love i stopped sleeping and eating also. And when i lost my babe i lost 15 kg. Just fall in love

Karysia L
I've been dieting too and i tried the whole fuit and veg thing but it didn't last long,i was advised to try a new diet where you eat fatty food for two weeks with no carbs and then eat as much carbs as you want for two days after you've eaten fats for two weeks, then you eat fats for a week then carb up at weekends and carry this on until you lose the weight you want but always do exercise along with it, i do weight training which is a great form of exercise. I know it sounds like a strange diet but try it out.

In the short term it will work but it will come back soon after. The plan you have is fine except you need to throw in some lean meat like turkey, chicken, or fish for the protien. The protien helps to break things down in your body such as fats, and will give you good nurishment at the same time. Just remember weightloss does not come off as soon as you start necessarily. It depends on how heavy you are to begin with. If you are already pretty fit person but just wanna take off something extra it will take a while longer.

use the south beach diet. no carbs no sugar mixed with some excersize and ull look good in a month or so

That is good, but please eat some lean meat, such as chicken or fish.

I've had great results using the weight watchers method. I don't go to the meetings or buy the food (can't afford it) but my friend had a book with all the point values for food, and I started really thinking about what I was putting into my body. Not just a diet, a new way of eating. I've lost 25 pounds in 6 mos.

probably but you will be ill

wendy k
Yes, my daughter is diabetic and can't do many of the "crazy diets". She has lost quite a bit of weight by eating more fruits and veggies (esp fresh w/ no sugar added) and only eating carbs that are high in fiber as well. The yogurt is good for protein. Try Blue Bunny low cal. It has less calories than the "fancier" brands and my daughter loves the taste.

You are on the right track keep it up

At least you're getting food in you --- yes, it will work but don't expect miracles right away because 1. you don't want to lose too fast or you are sure to gain it back, and 2. if you don't lose as much as you think you should, you will give up. Don't give up though --- find non fat fun foods too for "comfort" so you don't have to feel hungry. I'm doing that right now (made a great non-fat spread for Celery and it tastes and looks fattening) --- if you feel like you are depriving yourself too much it's easy to fail. If you want a meal -- check out the Healthy Choice meals - they really are tasty....

Meg: That is a start, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, no magic diet (or pill) is going to help. You'll need to modify your lifestyle to eat less sugar, fat & junk, and get daily exercise (or at least 3-4 times per week). That is the only thinkg that works in the long run, and you will improve your health dramatically in the process. All those diets plans are a scam. Good Luck!

good luck!

help please
its nice start but make sure to take water with you on your jog.

First you do not want to eat only fruits and veggies, fruits have a lot of natural sugar the veggies are good, but you still need to have a balance meal, the best way to loos weight is to have something lite for breakfast that is the most important meal of the day, then something lite for lunch and if you get hungry in between snack on carrot, drink plenty of water. Have a small portion for dinner, like bake chicken, veggies, and a bake potatoes or a small side of rice. good luck and i wish you the best. loose weight to make you feel better about yourself not because someone is telling you, you need to.

Gosh, when will you people learn?? You have to eat. Your body needs fuel. You can't starve yourself. It's not healthy. Read the answers to the thousands of other questions that ask this same exact question.

not if your only going to do it for a week......

make sure your getting your protein and energy aswell

You should try "Maxx Trim" with all natural ingredients.It's extremely effective.Don't listen to people.Try for yourself.Now, they are offering FREE trial.Check it out here:

Try adding 10 minutes to your cardio. Also you can try interval training (i.e. 5 min warm up, 2 minutes at a fast walk, 1 minute at a hard run X 7 and a 4 minute cool down. 1/2 hour of weights (upper body 1 day, lower body the next.)

Add lean chicken and fish or beans to your diet for protein.

This is something you should do for life, not for a week. You will feel and look amazing.

dont deprive ur body from protein and carbs ur body needs it for energy. protein last longer in ur body and u dont want to be skinny fat, u want to be skinny lean. do some light weights as well. its all about making a life style change and moderation. you well feel and look healthier. ur body well appreciate in the long run

Regular exercise and a coreected BMI always helps maintain weight and health.

***____ //_ \\_____***
of course it will keep it up and then when u lost some weight again go ahead with ur diet then u body will get used to loosin weight and u won't get fat if u go on with it for 2 years

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