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Just ate and i feel scared?
i just ate a bowl of cereal at 5.55pm!! Im such a pig and i need to know what will burn it off. I calculated it had about 250 caloriesl, so add on 50 to be safe and ive got 300 cals to burn. I'm feeling so awful im scared ill do something bad so i have to exercise it off. Will dancing do it? how long?

It sounds you are so worked up about eating that bowl of cereal, your emotional state is already burning it off!

Why are you so scared? What is it that makes you want to eat a bowlful of cereal and then feel so awful about it? Eating should be joy and fun and it sounds like you are having none of those!

The first thing you must do is STOP feeling like a pig! You need good food: try and put in your fridge and your cupboards good, nutritious, inviting foods like fresh fruit and colourful veg and scrumptious little nuts and seeds. Nibble at them when you feel hungry, but don't just devour them: eat slowly, savour the food, the taste, colour and textures, enjoy the feeling of satisfaction from eating something that is both tasty and good for you.
Drink lots of fresh, cool water, maybe with a squeeze of lemon or a shaving of fresh Ginger. Drink peppermind or Fennel tea (unsweetened) to help with your digestion. Fennel tea can help curb your appetite naturally.

Go for a little walk, laugh a bit, love yourself a bit.

And for goodness' sake stop counting calories!



laura h
Calm down darlin! It's not the end of the world. I think you might be worrying the calories away.

Sean F
Having feelings like this is not right. I think that you need to go and see your doctor before this behaviour escalates in to a full blown eating disorder.

Look in the phone book under your local council and find out support for eating disorders.
Do it now.
The last thing in life you should be worried about is if you had a bowl of cornflakes at 5.55 pm.
Find out if you can have a test for an autistic Spectrum disorder as well. Many women with eating disorders fall under the autistic Spectrum and are missed because it is considered a "male disorder".
You may just be obsessive but to any degree, worrying about eating a bowl of cornflakes at 5.55 is not healthy and not "normal".
Feel scared if you lived in a tribe in Africa and you were watching your babies die in front of you from lack of food.
Put it into perspective.
Eating disorders are a western invention and a luxury at that.
Go see how people with real problems live and then tell us how "scared" you are about eating a bowl of cornflakes at 5.55pm..

Get help..
If you worry about things like this, I wonder what would happen if you ever got a disease or illness

get over it.

A Bloke

anthony m
If you feel scared after eating a bowl of cereal, I can tell you, without the benefit of medical qualifications, that you have an eating disorder, please, please, please contact your G.P.
I am scared for you.

hey hey relax your gonna burn it fast !!!! i eat far away more than that and it goes really fast dont worry !!! well dance if you feel like dancing its fine you dont have to do anything

I dont really understand what you are worried about, 6 isin't that late to eat!

we all have to eat and cereal is actually good for you so dont worry. i can think of worse snacks.

i doubt very much that your the pig you describe yourself to be. Just be yourself and enjoy life and all its little snacks. i do.

You glutton..you will have to do better than that.

Is this a joke? You are scared of eating cereal? Chill out - one bowl of cereal is not going to make any difference.

Chill, it will be ok.... you didn't swallow acid..

This is whats wrong with people these days, be happy with yourself and stop stressing. Not trying to be mean but I think you are over reacting and maybe you should talk to a doctor if eating one bowl of cereal is making you scared, I hope you are getting all your vitamins and eating right. Good Luck to you.

Trina O
Relax... it was just a bowl of cereal! You were probably hungry... drink a bottle of water and go for a jog if you feel like you need to, but don't feel guilty for eating when you are hungry.

Missy K
Unless you're going to be another victim of an eating disorder (and yes overexercise qualifies) or something don't worry. Eating a ton of fast food and eating a single bowl of cereal is completely different. You wouldn't gain weight from one day overeating. A week maybe you'd gain a pound or two but even that's unlikely. Do not exercise right before you go to bed--if you're going to dance or do some other cardio right now you need to make sure you're not going to bed for another 4-5 hours. That way your muscles can have some unwinding time, you'll be able to sleep easier, and you shouldn't run the risk of injury as much. If you plan to sleep soon, do some low-cardio like walking around the neighborhood. Going overboard does nothing aside from destroy the body that you're trying to get to look its best.

Curious kitten!
why don't you just eat less for dinner or just have a piece of fruit?? why are you fretting over this?? to tell you the truth - the qn you just wrote is more scarier than that poor bowl of cereal. take care of yourself.

You are clearly obsessed with your diet and I strongly urge you to get help. Why are you so scared at eating 250 calories? You need calories to live and breath. If you want to eat and then burn off all the calories then you seriously have an eating disorder.
please see your GP for some help.

wow slow down whats the problem, a bowl of cereal isnt going to harm you, you sound obsessed with food and this can lead to major problems with eating dissorders.if you are worried go for a walk for 0 minutes please dont get so upset

laura h
are you on diet? you dont need to wory about burning it off its only a bowl of cereal. if you really do wanna burn it off i know it sounds silly but run up and down the stairs about 4 times that should do it. am sorry but it seems as you are either on a diet or have an eating disorder am not being nasty. its just that you shouldnt be worried about a bowl of cereal.

take a brisk walk for ab out an hour

I don't get the big deal about eating anything at that time of day. yes, dancing will burn it, but you'll have to dance a while. how long depends on your age, height, and weight. here's a calculator that will help you find out. don't worry. as long as the cereal is nutritious, you will be fine. you should know how many calories you are allowed during the day. as long as you don't exceed that amount, it doesn't matter when you eat.

You obviously have other issues that need to be addressed. It's not healthy to worry about such silly things. I would suggest finding a good counselor. Wish you the best of luck.

bee bee
you have an eating disorder go and get help i did

you're scarred... because you ate cereal... you need to get some help. forget burning the calories

Sweetheart i think you have an eating disorder. There is nothing wrong with eating a bowl of cereal and 300 calories is NOTHING!!!! You need to speak to a doctor about your feelings.

What need is some professional mental help. Find a doctor. Don't do this to yourself and then seek attention online for it. It is sick and I am sick of seeing these questions. Yet some lame azz will answer and encourage your behavior.

It sounds like you have a disorder. Don't worry about eating. You were hungry.

angela c
that isn't late enough to even worry about it.

Laney H
Get help babe..u have an eating disorder!!! x

If you ate at 11:30, I could understand. 6 isn't too late to eat anything. Don't freak out... You could probably read a book and burn it off! It's plenty early enough. Chill!

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